Chapter Twenty-Five

I eventually woke up but I didn’t open my eyes. The three adults were talking so I wanted to listen. They were talking about mama. They sure were saying bad things about her. She was our mama and she wasn’t always the nicest, but was she as bad as they were saying? When I compared her to Miss Bea, I sadly had to agree with the adults and yet it hurt my heart.

“I hope she rots in prison son. She sure deserves it. She took those kids without no one even knowing and kidnapped them through four states. She never even called once.”

” I don’t know if it’s all her fault dad. We had been doing a lot of fighting lately. I was working long and late hours and she got tired of being home with the two kids and I know I was plenty tired and probably not being the best husband.”

“She stole the kids for Christ sakes. Nothing you two did gave her the right to up and take the kids from you. They’re your damn kids too, remember? I haven’t went down to the jail to see her and I have no plans to either. She can just sit there and rot until her court case gets here. I’m sure they will throw the book at her for what she done.”

Daddy didn’t say anything but somehow I could feel the sadness seeping through the front seat to the back where I sat.” Son”, grandma said. ” You are going to have to file for divorce. You have no choice. Those kids need looking after and she has just proven to me she is unfit. You know, I always told you that. She was no good. You took her with her looks only and then you made the big mistake; getting her pregnant and at her age! Only fifteen! My God son, what were you thinking? Well you weren’t thinking, at least not with the right head.”

Daddy didn’t respond to her remark. He knew he had done wrong. I could see that by the quietness in the front seat. Did daddy still love mama? I still loved mama even when she wasn’t the nicest mama. I looked over at my brother. Did he still love mama? Did he even remember her? He looked so much better now a days then he did. I didn’t want to ever see him go backwards to what once was. Remember what I said? He cried a lot and never smiled.

To be continued…