Chapter Twenty-Eight

I don’t know how many times we made that trip to the children’s hospital but I can remember it was a few times. We would go in and be told to sit until our name was called. When the right name was called, grandpa and daddy and brother went through this brown door. Grandma and I sat on our seats.

There wasn’t too much conversation between her and me. When ever I looked her way, she would just smile at me. I never could tell what that smile meant. I would watch people walk this direction and that way. I learned to love to be a people watcher and I still enjoy it today. Maybe that’s what drew my interest to the camera today.

I would look out the giant windows and watch the traffic and there were even people walking on the sidewalks. I wished that I could do that and get a closer look at those pretty flowers. I knew that I was old enough now to not step on those flowers. I don’t know why grandma wouldn’t take me for a walk.

It usually wasn’t a long time until daddy came back through that door and I never saw tears running down his face. I was glad that whatever was happening behind that door didn’t scare or hurt brother. That would make me feel very sad.

Usually after a doctor’s visit, we would stop at a McDonald’s restaurant. Everyone had to go to the restroom and then we would grab a sandwich and a drink. By now, brother and I got a hamburger, a whole one, we didn’t need to share it anymore.

We threw our trash in the trash bin and climbed back in the car. The weather was beginning to change and the trees had hints of yellows and reds in them. Who ever was driving, would turn the heat button and soon the car would be nice and warm.

“What did you think of what that doctor said son? Do you think there’s any truth to it or maybe it’s all hogwash.”

To be continued…