Chapter Thirty-Three

One day it happened. Life changed, and my life turned upside down and I couldn’t figure it out until I grew up.

Daddy came home early from work one evening which was very unusual. When he walked through the front door; he had a big smile on his face. That was something I didn’t see much of. He even talked happy. Grandma got up from her chair and went over to give him a hug and when she did that, he opened the door further and a woman walked in.

Grandma stood back a bit and I sat on the edge of my chair and turned this way and that so I could see this woman better. Who was that? I had never seen her before. {For the story’s privacy, I shall call this woman, Jane.} The woman walked a few steps into the living room. With a big grin daddy said, ” Hey you guys, I want you to meet Jane. I met Jane down at the bowling alley a couple months ago.”

Grandma looked at her and gave that smile I so recognized. I could see she wasn’t that happy about this woman standing in her house, so therefore, neither was I. Daddy grabbed Jane’s hand and pulled her behind him saying, “We’re both kinda hungry, mom. Going to the kitchen to grab something to eat.”

Grandma and Jane looked at each other as they passed by but neither woman said a word. Grandpa got up and went straight to the kitchen. He didn’t seem to care if he was interrupting or not. ” So Jane, where you from? Who’s your parents? What kind of work do they do?”

“Dad, not now for God’s sake. I just got her here. Save it for some other time.” His dad turned around and walked back into the living room, shrugging his shoulders to grandma, showing her he had found out nothing.

We could hear them talking in the kitchen and sometimes they both giggled. All of us except brother, got quiet but the thinking was real loud. Guess this time brother was lucky. He missed everything because he was already in bed.

To be continued…