Chapter Thirty-Four

When daddy and that lady got through eating, they both went back to the living room. Daddy sat on a rocker and that woman sat beside him on the floor. The questions started again and the only thing anyone actually learned was that the lady was from the Tri-Lakes area, which wasn’t too far away.

Everyone chatted trying to be polite but I never did see grandma smile. Jane didn’t really say much. She seemed to like to fiddle with her clothes. The two visited with grandma and grandpa about a half an hour then daddy said he needed to get her home to her folks so they wouldn’t worry about her. Grandpa said, ” Well, that’s considerate of you son.”

“Well dad, she’s sort of young so I need to listen to her parents.”

” If you don’t mind me asking,” grandma said, ” Just how young are you?”

” I am fourteen mam,” Jane said and she looked around for other’s reactions.

” Fourteen? Fourteen? For God’s sake son, do you realize you are seventeen, are you crazy?”

” I think I am falling in love mom. She’s a real nice gal. Just give her a chance and take the time to try to get to know her.”

” For God’s sake! I have never heard of such nonsense! I will have to think about this. Does your parents know how old of a kid you are seeing Jane? Grandma asked, ” I would think they would rather tie you to your bed than let you date someone so much older. You best be talking this over with them.”

” Mom, it’s alright. We’ll work everything out. We are in love. Remember when you fell in love mom?” Grandma didn’t say she did or if she didn’t. I couldn’t read her expression except I recognized that there was no smile and that usually meant grandma was upset about something and I think this time she was upset with her son and that lady Jane.

The two decided to leave and after the car left the drive way grandma retorted, ” Kids, I just can’t figure them out. You try to raise them right and they go and do stupid stuff like this. He’s gonna get her in trouble for sure. You can mark my word and everyone will wish this day had not happened.”

Grandpa got up and went over to grandma to try and console her but she didn’t want anything to do with him. Instead she looked at us kids and said, ” Bath and bed time. Let’s get going.”

After baths were done, she put brother and I in our room and said to get into bed, that it was getting late. I think what was really going on was grandma was getting one of her headaches.

She flipped the lights out and I could hear grandma and grandpa still discussing this Jane. I could tell they thought this was a big mistake and grandpa said he would have a talk with their son when he got home.

I heard grandma’s door shut and I heard the TV come on. Grandpa was waiting for the door to open so the talk could begin.

To be continued…