Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Five

When daddy arrived back home, grandpa was waiting for him. They did have a conversation because at times it woke me up and I listened. It didn’t matter what grandpa said to change his son’s mind; daddy had his mind up.”Well son, you have to live your life and live with your mistakes.’ The conversation was over and I went back to sleep.

So life in the present moved on. As you can see, daddy and mama did get together and here we are, brother and I, living now with grandma and grandpa and daddy. I heard the grown-ups talking and learned mama may never come back. I guess she got out of jail and moved far away. Daddy never talked about her.

It was during this time that he had met our new mama. They did get married and we all did move out of grandma’s house and we moved about half an hour away. I missed my mama and I didn’t like the little bit of attention that daddy gave me going to her instead.

This new mama didn’t look like me at all. I had long blonde hair and blue eyes, just like my brother did. This lady had dark hair and dark eyebrows and she wasn’t as friendly as Miss Bea was.

I didn’t like her much. I learned from growing up and seeking counseling that I was jealous of her attention to daddy. She worked most days. Daddy did too. He no longer worked at night time. He got himself a job where he worked during the day.

One thing I did love was her parents. They lived on a farm and granddad treated us kids real good. We had lots of cousins too. On weekends many of us got together and us kids would play all day and into almost dark time.

Daddy helped her parents a lot on their farm and so we spent many free times with grandma in her kitchen. She was the best cook ever. She made great pies and big cookies and brother and I always got to get the first one out of the oven. We even got to lick the beaters too. We sure did love grandma.

Granddad helped brother so much. He taught him about life through the animals on the farm. He had cows, pigs and chickens. I remember him letting brother sit on his lap while he drove the tractor. I could see brother’s face just smiling so big. It made me almost tear up.

To be continued….

{ A note from the author. This book is written from memories of things I learned as I grew up. There is much past in this along with hurt and questions. I am not planning on printing this. This is an item on my bucket list that I want to get out of my head before I leave this earth, so please do expect some errors in different ways of writing and thinking. This book will not be in any way perfect. Thank-you.}

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