Chapter Thirty-Eight

I sat as quiet as a mouse, partly because I was a little scared of the yelling I was hearing and partly because I wanted to hear what this was all about. The front door was opened wide. I could see mother holding on to the screen door, not letting the woman pull it open. She sure wanted to come in.

I heard parts of their conversation though and I may be a little girl but I knew they were talking about me and the other lady was my mama. Mama! Mama! My heart sang out. I started to stand-up and go run to her but something inside me told me to stay put and remain quiet.

“You’re not welcome here mam, now leave and please don’t come back again.”

” I want to see my baby! You can’t stop me from seeing my baby girl!”

“You walked a way from her and she isn’t a baby anymore. She is now five years old. Now please leave.” I saw mother trying to pull the screen door shut but mama was playing tug of war with the door.

” You just wait lady! When she turns sixteen, she’ll be able to tell you that she wants to live with me and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it! You just wait and see! I’ll wait and I’ll be back, the day she turns sixteen.”

“Okay, we shall wait and in the mean time, leave and don’t come back.”

I didn’t realize it at first but I felt wetness and when I touched my chubby cheeks, there were tears streaming down my face. This woman, this mother was keeping me from the person I loved; my mama. I was heart broken. My body didn’t want to move but I forced myself to move. I quietly sneaked back up the stairs and into my room. I raced to my bed and threw myself on it. I covered my entire body up with my covers. I wanted to hide from everyone. I wanted to run a way. I wanted to pay my my new mother back.

To be continued…

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