Alan Alda and our common ground

God made us each unique.  There is no one else out there like me, or at least I hope not, because I still haven’t figured out who I am and what I am supposed to do here until he takes me home again.

Then why is it that we make such a lime light when something bad happens to us? We talk about it to everyone who will listen. We think about it and ask ourselves why me. We have our own crying parties and then we straighten ourselves back up again; ready to conquer all.

For me, I know my part of Parkinson’s is very common. I don’t know the statistics; but most people say something like, Oh, you have Parkinson’s. I know so and so  who’s father or mother had that too.

When the news came out yesterday that Alan Alda now has confirmed his diagnosis of Parkinson’s; suddenly I was shocked.alan

Why was I shocked? Beats me. I perhaps thought I was the only one in the world with it? Alan Alda said he has  had a good life and that this disease will never define him.

Wow, what an attitude. He is a big, super star and he got Parkinson’s, just like I did. My friends, I don’t know the reasons we get this or that interruption in our lives. I know that God knows and this was in his plan for me.

I will continue to talk to people about my illness because I hope that someone has a tip of how I can live a better day with my symptoms. I will continue to ask for prayers from my Parkinson’s groups.

I will continue to live life as normal as I did before. I probably will still have my very own pity parties because I am human and have weak moments, just like you and Alan Alda.

We are unique, as I stated earlier, but when a bump comes in our path and we stumble over it, we become less unique and find common ground with others seeking comfort and cures.

Writing this makes me sit up a little straighter in my chair. It expands my lungs a little deeper as I take a stronger breath, ready to tackle what is laid in my path.