Today, I spent a couple of hours at a local auction. It was an antique auction and I knew it would be a big one and draw a large crowd; which it did. I can’t handle the gigantic crowds anymore. I don’t know if it is because of Al’s illness and death and I am a little off my normal anymore, or maybe I should blame it on getting older.

Anyways, I love antiques. I definitely don’t need anymore. Before moving from Kentucky back to Indiana, I sold so much stuff. Things with really no attachment, but items I really loved. So, I went with the idea that maybe I could pick up a small thing or two. After all, an apartment is not one that can hold a lot of extras.

I love dolls, which I got rid of all of them but found this doll today that no one seemed interested in. I knew it was worth something. The darkened arms and legs with the whiter head made me aware it was an Ideal,Magic Skin doll. It went so cheap, I couldn’t resist it. When I took it to the car, I shook it a little because if I was thinking right; this doll was a crier doll. Guess what? The crier inside it’s body still works. No damages, no fingers or toes missing. I got a real deal.

I also collect Shakers. These are the larger bottles that hold spices. They are getting a little harder to find and I got lucky on these also. I bought a pair of green ones with good lids much cheaper than the antique stores sell them for.

I was happy. When I left, I was smiling and I knew I had got a great bargain today.



A Few Finds Today

In less than an hour I am leaving for a fish fry with some friends. I wanted to hurry and squeeze in a quick post for you to read this evening.

I made myself get out today. Well, I had to go get medicines at the Pharmacy but decided to stay out, to not hurry home to my room. I did pretty good. I got a little panicky but it left

I went to a store I love to visit here in town. Then I dropped in at a new store that just opened up. I enjoyed and took my time looking at all the goodies. Money is something I have to be careful about so I was being choosy too. I didn’t want to go home empty-handed. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because I had taken the giant step to leave the house so I wasn’t coming home without a reward.

I did find a few things. I found an antique oval mirror.DSC00416

Then I discovered a cute, antique photo framed baby.DSC00415

Last, I found this hanging pot holder. I bought it and took it home and made it into a cute little decoration for the home.DSC00414

People say I have a knack for decorating so we shall see if anyone likes this. I placed these items for sale on my antique page and also at buy, sell,  here in Warsaw on my Facebook page.

Well time to get going. I will be ready for bed tonight, I have been on the go so much today. Talk to you soon friends

I Was Not Prepared

I didn’t really blog much about Al over the weekend. There wasn’t a lot to say. I took him out for lunch because he wanted to spend the gift that he received from a blogger. After lunch we went to Wal-Mart and he bought a new car. A 1960 Ford Galaxy Star liner sheriff car. Al’s is made to look like a police car but the same body as this photo.

When we came home he took a nap. He remained fairly quiet the rest of the weekend. He refused to come out to the table for meals, instead eating in his room.

Tonight the truth finally came out, and I can tell you I was not prepared for what he said. His words were, ” I have thought about it for a few days and I want to donate my body. I want the doctors to find out what made me this way so no one else has to suffer like me”.

We talked for over an hour. I came to the conclusion that he is very serious. He wants me to hurry and get the arrangements made so he can die.

I sat close to him and put my arms around him. He started crying and then I cried. We held each other until he fell asleep and then I sneaked out of his room to the safety of my computer.


I Touched My Memories

Yesterday God helped me have help here at home. I wanted to go to a very special auction. An auction that held many memories for me. Years gone by.

When I first walked up to the items listed tears came in my eyes as I missed the dear loved ones who have now passed on.

I was able to go and look over everything. Al was safe with a very nice lady. I had a really good time and although I will never be this close to the property again, I burned everything I saw and did into my memory box. I will miss you both. You were wonderful people.

Here are photos of what I was able to bring home, enjoy and touch when ever I wish.platesvasecandle holderauction bed warmercarnival glassauction blue vaseauction cookbooksauction dishesauction pinsauction silver wareauction stoolauction watch