Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Vague

  1. of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.
    “many patients suffer vague symptoms”
    synonyms: indistinctindefiniteindeterminateunclearill-definedMore
    • thinking or communicating in an unfocused or imprecise way.
      “he had been very vague about his activities”



Esther lived in a community building full of adults. Some walked with walkers. Others had wheelchairs and some were able to walk without assistance.  Everyone seemed for the most part to get along with each other.

The biggest concerns were are sort of like a family living all under one roof. We get to know most personalities and when there is a resident who talks in a vague way or says something totally out of character, we worry.

What can we do? Nothing really. We are only roommates. It would be wonderful if friends and family members came and visited; even once in a while. How easy it would be for those of us to be able to let the family hear of our concerns.

Our hands are tied. We can make a move as far as letting others know or if it is seeming to be serious, we can contact the manager, but in the meantime, we have to sit by and do nothing.

The way I look at it is; the residents are someone’s mother, grandmother, grandfather and friend. You spoke to them before they moved here for various reasons. You can keep in touch with them while living here also.

There, I voiced my opinion. Thank-you for reading.

Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is, luminescent

Luminescent things glow with light. The illuminated screens of your laptop and TV are both luminescent.

And the world could not take anymore. And it began to heat until the grounds bubbled from within. Rockets of water underground burst up as if the knob was turned full force on the hydrant.

And the sin that ravaged through the earth was sucked down into big valleys that opened wide.

And out of the skies, an luminescent light glowed. And all of the people that knew what this represented, knelt down and awaited for their souls to be lifted up unto the heavens.


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Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The word for today is RUSH

Ever heard the saying, What’s the hurry? If you wanted to get there on time, leave early? Well, if not, I sure have.

Nothing bothers me more than being out on the roads and cars are speeding by even faster than my own speeding. lol What’s the hurry? Where ya going? Slow down before you kill someone? Should have left earlier!

United States is always in a rush. Going to work, eating on the run, barely brushing the lips of each other as we speed out the door. Yelling a goodbye to the kids as they run for the school bus.

There are times that we should rush. Rush to get to bed on Saturday nights so we can get up for church on Sunday without complaining. Watching an E.M.S. rush by, possibly carrying one of our loved ones. Firetrucks that speed by, racing to save a family’s home. A woman ready to deliver a baby.

What about the other times and moments? Did you stop and enjoy that first cup of coffee? Did you look outside and see the squirrels chasing each other around the tree trunk? Did you see any new blooms on your flowers? Did you notice if Mrs. Smith is taking her pooch on the routine morning walk?

Slow down my friends. God was in no hurry when he made this earth. God has his plan and knows our entry and exit dates. God knows our mistakes to come and our triumphs. Enjoy each minute, each day. One day it will be too late my friend. One day you will open your eyes for the last time.


Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.


When you were a kid, I bet you had plenty of ideas swimming around in your head.  How many of those ideas became reality? Did you have the kind of parents who let you explore your passions or were your parents the ones who said no more then they said yes.

Now that you are all grown-up, do you ever ponder on their reasoning? I have heard both sides of the coin from parents. Different reasons I heard were, we didn’t have the money. It is just a foolish idea. Yes, I was open to what my child was interested in. How would we feel if we were part of the reason our kids didn’t achieve their dreams?

Do you resent your parents for saying yes or no today? Do you think where you are now is partly responsible for the answers they gave? Let me know your thoughts.



The word for today is Patience

Do you have different levels of patience for different people? Maybe you have more patience with a close friend, or family. What about your level of patience while being put on hold over the phone?

Mine is certainly stretched when waiting for a representative to come on the phone to talk to me, especially if it has to do with the government. I have all the patience in the world if I am going to my doctor for test results. Go ahead, slow that line down. Let those other patients go before me.

I have middle of the road patience for little kids. They are so innocent but I am getting older. Running, yelling, screaming sets me on edge. I don’t have patience for television characters who don’t see the box directly. They are playing the dumb part; I get it, but I would rather snap the TV screen and make them disappear.

I don’t have patience when it comes to finding cures for cancers and other illnesses. I want the cure today, right now.  For God’s sake, I see a new prescription strength medicine on the boob tube at least every two weeks. If we can have new medications every few weeks, can we not then find a cure to those that take lives? Sorry, but I am not going to be the guinea pig for your new product. I could end up with a swollen throat, chest pains, itching, headaches or worse yet, death. What’s wrong with the good old medicines that really work? You know, Vicks on the chest, tea and honey, a shot of whiskey, a towel over the head and leaning over a steamy sink of  hot water?  I realize we want fixed, but sometimes it just can’t be done, because we are waiting for more donations for cures. We need answers, not instant fixes that cause so many side-effects. How do you think we got that Super bug in the hospitals and other medical places? Because we want to put something in our mouth right a way for a quick fix, when most times these generalized illnesses just have to run their course. Let’s stick some of that doctor’s office money into a donation and find more cures. Let’s cure the cancers and rare illnesses. Let’s leave the smaller stuff to fighting itself inside us and our old-fashioned smarts.



Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Incubate

  1. (of a bird) sit on (eggs) in order to keep them warm and bring them to hatching

Can I exchange a bird and an egg for a person and a life? I consider what I did, in a way, incubating.

My mother passed away quite suddenly. She was a God-fearing, loving and kind woman. She helped open a Women’s shelter here in Warsaw. She and my dad used their own funds and bought an old camper. They gutted it and installed everything needed to make funnel cakes. They traveled to the small-town fairs and sold these goodies and donated all the funds, including the monies to purchase ingredients, to the Beaman Home. She helped people and never let on she was helping them.


She never smoked. I heard her swear once and it was only the word, shit. At the age of sixty-two, she had a sudden Anneurysm.


None of us could help her. She passed away.

I also took care of my dad who had Multiple Myeloma and Leukemia with a little bit of Parkinson’s mixed in.



His illness lasted about one year and then he passed. I did all I could, but God wanted him worse.

Then there was my brother. A mentally challenged man who had one heart attack and then Multiple System Atrophy hit him big.

Multiple system atrophy (MSA), also known as Shy–Drager syndrome, is a rare neurodegenerative disorder characterized by tremors, slow movement, muscle rigidity, and postural instability (collectively known as parkinsonism) due to dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, and ataxia.

(It is kind of creepy and a little scary for me to read back that definition of MSA. I too, have a neurological disease. My doctor can’t decide if I have my brother’s illness or not. He says in time he will be able to tell. My diagnosis is; Parkinsonism/Dystonia/Ataxia. You can probably understand my fear.)

When my brother had this terrible illness and on top of all the other stuff he had went through, I decided to incubate any time we had left, which ended up being seven years, the general amount of life time on this particular illness.

I paid close attention, more than my dad I think, to every feeling, need and want he wanted. I spoiled him rotten. I made sure he had the best doctors we could find and afford. I fed him healthy foods. I told him many times how important he was to me and how much I loved having him for a brother.

I was drained and tired and physically in not the best shape when he passed; but I wouldn’t trade a moment. I have beautiful memories of his and my time together. I shed tears still, but not as often. He will be gone from my vision four years, March 24th, 2018. I feel like I incubated and watched over his days and nights until he was ready to be born into God’s hands.

March is Awareness month, and I am still  praying for a cure. Purple is the color that represents Multiple System Atrophy. The guy on the scooter with the big smile? My brother. The banner at the bottom is where you can call if you are in crisis.




Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Wrinkle


There’s a wrinkle in his face. It presses firmly around his eyes, brows and lips. Why would an elderly gentleman have this many markings on his face? Hardship? Stress? I am a photographer. I spend a lot of time in public places looking for the perfect shot on my camera. This gives me many opportunities to look into faces and eyes of people.


Children laughing, running with no cares in the world. Trusting other children and their parents. There are no worries. It gives me a chance to look back on my own childhood and remember those wonderful times of riding my bike, playing with my dolls and eating without counting carbs and calories.popsicle-book-ice-pop-joy


There is a lot of work that goes into planning events here in my apartment building. We have over eighty apartments with lots of personalities. Week after week, I notice faces that always have a smile on their face, a good word to say. There are also faces here and walking on the streets that seem blank or so sad. I wonder what has happened in their life to bring this feature on.

There is so much poverty in our world, so much loneliness. At our age, some choose to live in this retirement community, others are faced with no other place to go. A deep longing to be on a different path is their deep desire. Realizing there most likely will not be that lucky day where life can be much different; causes a deep sadness that sometimes can not be healed.

On the streets more often I ponder on the wrinkles and sad eyes may be caused from a loss of employment, a feeling of having nothing much to fill their day or perhaps they have lost their soul mate and wish more than ever to reach heaven’s doors.heaven-clipart_csp11605916

We, of course, gain wrinkles through our aging process and I know plenty who don’t enjoy growing older. It is a tale-tale sign that we are living our last years. I know I have felt that many times myself, as I can no longer care for other people. I have turned to my photography and writing to still have that hope of making someone feel better about their day.

So, the next time you recognize those deep wrinkles or sad eyes or a frown, say a quick hello. Who knows, that may be the only response they receive that day.





Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is Provoke

stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone.

You are sitting in your living room watching the news. School shooter strikes again! You share a few comments among each other and then go back to watching the news or worse yet; look down at that cell phone, which cuts you off from real socializing.Bizarro-in-heaven-without-cell-phones

You are one of many sitting at the Oval table. A knock at the door, he enters with news. Another school shooting! Whispers and coughing spread rapidly amongst  all of those present. How can we deal with this? What can we do to not upset the apple bucket? We have to be careful what we do and say so we don’t mess with our standing for the next election? We will have to come up with a solution soon.download (1)You are sitting at your office and news comes through the ceiling speakers. Another school shooting. You grab your purse and jacket. You race down the hall and you pull out your cell and call your spouse.

You drive like a maniac to the school your child attends. Police are trying to direct traffic. Yellow barrier markers are holding you back. You quickly speak gibberish, letting them know you are a parent. You wait, hand in hand with your other half. Minutes turn into drive me nuts time. The horse finally gives you the news you so anxiously await for. Your child didn’t make it.nintchdbpict000294810060

You are a teenager that goes to a school somewhere in the United States. You are scared to go back to school because of a recent shooting rampage. You are heart broken that your friend is no longer living. You get mad. You talk to your other friends. You gather together. You form a large bond. You have decided to provoke these mad men who take it upon themselves to make decisions to mess with other people’s lives. You band together and begin your protest. You have courage. You have words to say. You will show everyone that you aren’t going to take this shit anymore!main_1200

Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Captivating

  1. capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.

A delicate, dainty princess with golden locks skipped her way to her favorite place in the forest.download Each day after breakfast her nanny dressed her in her best clothes and allowed her to stay far enough ahead, but still be seen, and the two walked to the forest.

The nanny knew this child had a special spirit. A gentle spirit, a spirit that others wanted to get to know. The animals of the forest would see her coming and signals would be heard while the gathering of friends stood around; waiting for her arrival. When she came upon a soft, wispy, grassy spot, she lay her red checkered cloth down along with a basket.

One by one, she would take out plastic containers filled with treats for her friends. Corn, peanuts, lettuce, all packed by her nanny. The animals gathered closer waiting for her to speak. She had a captivating voice and their visits lasted an hour each day.



The Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The word for today is Wonder.


I wonder why things happen to good people or in fact a lot of people. I wonder why my mother left this earth so early? Did you lose a parent before the age of 63? I wonder why the people who kill innocent people are left to rot in over-crowded prisons. They receive three meals per day, have a clean bed, therapy, exercise equipment, free college training, yet the innocent families left behind suffer for their remaining lives having lost a loved one.

I wonder why our almighty, powerful God doesn’t perform miracles and straighten this earth up. Why do innocent people have to suffer at the hands of those who meddle in things that aren’t worthy. I wonder why some men or women have silver spoons handed to them with three sugar cubes on each spoon, while there are others who work diligently for years, and never seem to get ahead.

I wonder why babies have to pay the price for their drug infested mothers. I wonder why racism still runs rampant among our earth, yet we can whip out new technology phones that sell for $900, and people swoop them right up.

I wonder how it became that people in general quit caring about human life. Home-made drop boxes are now being provided for new mothers who choose to lay with a man and take the chance of becoming pregnant, but refuse responsibility for the action. Now, they can just drop an infant off in the box and don’t even have to give a name.






I wonder what happened to playing kickball, and hide-n-seek, jump rope, and riding bikes. When did it eventually turn to sitting in front of a game system or on a cell phone.  I wonder why so many have left the churches. I wonder how Satan won so many over to his side.

I wonder if anyone believes in God still?


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