Hello Dear Brother

Hello Dear Brother

I ride your scooter, you probably know
I use the walker, like you did bro.
I have a cane as you did too
Sometimes dear brother, I see me in you
You had an illness called MSA
Maybe I have it, some docs say
I have your Parkinson’s, no doubt of that
I tend to fall just like your past
People say this can’t be passed on to me
But my symptoms are very hard to flee
If you hadn’t gone to heaven so soon
We could share these scenes without the doom
I’m going to see your neurologist
The one who gave the song of bliss
He’ll ask me questions that he asked you
I’ll remember your answers that rang so true
I sometimes feel better because I know
You’re walking with me, every step I go
I feel so close to you these days
Because I resemble your MSA ways.
I love you brother, stay near me now
Because it is possible I’ll have to take that vow
To keep strong, and hold onto my faith
Just the way I made you when you paved your way
I’ll ask our God to guide me through
Just like the way I prayed for you.
And if the day comes I have to leave
Keep your promise and save a seat for me.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

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Save A Place For Me

We were close

As children go

I don’t know what happened

We never let it show.


Time flew by

I grew up

We drifted apart

Sipped from different cups.


You got sick

I tried all I could

Wanted to save you

I sweared I could.


You went to heaven

I couldn’t stop you

I fell on my knees

It was all I could do.


I have regrets

Should have spoken

Told you how I felt

Now time is broken.


Time is ticking by

Quiet as all can be

Promise me this one thing

Save a place for me.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Dedicated to; D.S.

In honor of; T.D.S.


The Broken Dream

All his life he could remember wanting to be a policeman. When he was three years old, he got a big, black toy car with a bright, red siren on top. A plastic policeman sat in the driver’s seat. He could picture himself laying on the floor playing with that one car for hours.

As he grew up, his parents took him to visit the police station. The captain gave him a police hat that had a shiny badge on the bill. That was the biggest day of his life that year. He also visited and made many friends at the fire department. He got to practice sliding down the pole. He sat in the big chair of the trucks. His buddies even invited him when there were birthday parties.

When he grew up, yep, you know it, his first job was with the local police department. A brand new rookie, who already felt at home in his clothes and surroundings.

Although his town was once peaceful, life had changed. Bad people had moved in and it was his first day that he got the call to answer a domestic problem down in the bad side of town.

He was the first to arrive. The husband and wife were out on the porch screaming at each other. He tried talking, but no one was listening. He stepped in and prevented the wife from getting bashed across the face.

Another police car pulled up and taking his gun out of his holster, he fired a shot into the air. The goal was to shock the madness on the porch. Instead it spooked the husband. Without hesitation, he reached for the rookie’s gun and pulled it out. He shot him in the heart twice.

Stillness filled the air. The husband dropped the gun. The wife sat on the steps. The last officer to arrive, rushed to handcuff the prisoner. He went to his buddy. ” You loved life. You loved your job. You died doing what inspired you. Gonna miss you buddy.”

“Officer down, officer down. 10-0. Send an ambulance to 1040 Hero Lane.”

Dedicated to all Fallen Officers in America



Say It Isn’t So

Say it isn’t so
This isn’t in the plan
I worked hard my entire life
I did all without a hand.

The doctor said it’s true
The test, he showed to me
I hid my head and heart
Fell down on bended knee.

Oh God, what did you do to me?
Didn’t I do what you asked each day?
How could you let this happen
How could you make me pay?

“My child, I didn’t place hand in this.
This comes from other than me.
I don’t give anything but my love
There is no price to pay.”

“I promise I will stay
I won’t let you walk alone
I will light the path before you
I will shine where you have shone.”

Sometimes bad things really happen
To those we love so dear
We must place our faith in God
Whom we trust and love so dear.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



She danced in her kitchen
While fixing her meal
She did a bow
And stood on heel
She was reliving her past
While she lived in the now
She was smiling so bright
When she looked towards the light
The meal was touched
By hands not seen
She was taken in arms
For which she did lean
She was lifted in air
And whisked out of sight
She didn’t even care
She was living her light.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


The Old Lady in the House on the Hill

Old lady Maude had been brought up much different than most children in her area. Her parents were suspicious of everyone. Dogs and cats weren’t even allowed as pets. The fear was they may become rabid and bite through the full moon nights, and someone wouldn’t wake up.

The odd family lived down a long lane at the edge of town. At night; the curving road would send shivers down your spine, just staring down the long, empty vine. The owners felt like they mattered to no one because people just didn’t seem to understand their views on life. They went about their business and seemed to only exist in the world.

When Maude grew up; she became her parent’s likeness. She lived in the old house her parents had left her. She lived alone within the walls. The spiders and anything that crept through the house on the darkest of nights, became her friends.

She hated people in general; except the one neighbor on her right side. When she would walk to the mailbox, and if he was outside, he would wave and say good day. At first; she ignored him, but after repeated gestures, she did wave and eventually said her first hello.

Maude was in the attic one day and came across some trunks that had been her parents. She opened the hunched lids and found various clothing. She spent the better part of the afternoon trying them on.

She took the best ones and the next day when she went to the mailbox, she was wearing an A-line dress, with a brooch and matching shoes and hat, which had a big, floppy flower dangling off it.

The neighbor was out and instead of doing his usual good day, he stared and said nothing. She noticed, but said nothing, making her way to get the mail. When she was about half-way back to the house, he met her.

He stuck his hand out to shake hers. “I guess we have never been formally introduced. I am Jake and of course you know where I live. It is my pleasure to meet you, and your name is”?

She let a small smile sneak out and said, “Maude”. From that day on, the two kept company at the mailbox, chatting about nothing, and then without thinking she invited him to supper, and he agreed.


It came to be that on Wednesdays and Saturdays, they dined at each others homes. Each gave a guided tour of their homes, and it was a month later, the intimacy followed. Maude had never felt that way in her entire life.

This was love, she just knew it, and she fell hard for him. On the other hand, he had had many relationships in his life. He was what we would call a “gold digger”, and he wanted her gold. Stories had been told that her parents hid money all over their house. They never spent any money on anything other than necessities.  He wanted it, he tasted it, and he would do what ever he had to do, to get his grubby hands on it, even if it meant courting Old Lady Maude.

As the months passed, the invitations passed by, and Maude made her presence known by a knock at his door. It was a blustery day in March. It was Monday evening. He wasn’t expecting her and when she knocked; their was no answer.

After waiting became a problem, she turned the handle and it opened. She walked in and without calling his name, she walked the rooms until she happened upon the door to his bedroom.

There, she heard moans. Raised voices, pleading for more. Maude listened until she could stand no more. She quietly turned the brass door knob and opened it just enough that her eyes could take in the view.

There on the bed was a woman and her man. Her face became hot. Her heart started beating fast and hard. She quietly closed the door and exited the way she had entered. Once back in her home, the words of mistrust came rushing back to her.

Her parents had been right. You could trust no one in life, not even the people you thought would never hurt you. She had to pay him back. She had to get revenge. She thought and thought. She paced the floors.

She thought of the most painful ways to hurt him. Should she make him suffer? Should she make it quick and clean? She went to bed with no supper and continued thinking out her plans.

It was on the next planned date night, he was to have supper at her house. He arrived on time. She smiled at him as she let him in the front door. She led him to the familiar dining room where an already pulled out chair awaited him.


He sat and she began bringing him the planned menu. A bowl of soup, with a trace of arsenic in it. Next came a tender slice of roast beef, with a spice of rat poison sprinkled on top. A salad of greens with just the smallest trace of anti-freeze, mixed in with the salad dressing.

She sat with her plate and watched eagerly as he ate bite by bite. After his plate was cleaned, she saw his face turn pale white, then blood red. She smiled as he grabbed his stomach and then vomit a green, foaming mass onto the floor.

“What? What did you give me? Are you trying to poison me”?

Maude asked him one simple question. “Aren’t you trying to poison me? You with your skilled words and manners. Reeling me in like a fish on a hook. The moment my back is turned, you have your penis in another”.

He tried to stand. He wanted to choke her. How dare she accuse him of such things. Look at how he had wined and dined her. He even bedded the old woman, and this is how she returned his favors?

As he stood, he fell to the floor. White foam dripping from his nose and mouth. He lay there lifeless. Maude checked his breath; there was none. He was dead. She rose and cleared the dishes. She rinsed everything in the hottest of water and washed them in bleach.

After the evidence was erased, she rolled the body onto a rug and drug him out to her back yard. She pulled  him to the edge of the cliff and with a giant push, he went cascading over the edges; bouncing off of rocks on his way down.

The wild animals would eat him alive. She smiled and rubbed  her hands against her clothes as if to erase all fingerprints. She walked back to the house, and took a bath. She knelt at her bed and thanked her parents for showing her the way people were. She promised her parents no one would ever touch the money hidden in the walls. After her prayer, she crawled into bed, covered up and went to sleep without another thought.



Cleaning the Mind

If you have lost a loved one; than you will be able to relate to this post. It is Saturday, and the plans I had made had been cancelled; so I decided to play on the computer. One thing led to another and soon I was looking through old photos I had saved.

These included images I had used here at WordPress, personal photos and documents from several years ago. I started looking at everything, and was amazed at how many sad quotes and sad things I saw on my computer.

It made me sad just looking at these. Al has been gone over two years. I still miss him bad, but I don’t need the images of angels, and death quotes etc. Without thinking further, I cleaned my photos. It took me a couple hours, but after I was finished, I had cleaned my mind of sad things.

I am ready to move on and didn’t even realize it. There are still songs, and coca-cola items and pictures of Al and my parents that can bring me to tears, but I am so much further along in my healing process that a year ago. Christmas is the hardest time for me, so all I have to do now is lean on my family and friends, and I, too, shall get through this holiday.

The painting below, is my latest painting I did last evening.



In the Ghetto

In the Ghetto


In the alley

Late at night

Lays an innocent child.

Crying, hungry, scared.

Mamma tries her best

But life’s not been fair.

Hooked on drugs,

Forced upon her;

She has to give

Up her child.

Crying for

Her past mistakes,

When she wanted

To go to college.

There was no money.

Parents fell into

The trap of poverty.

She tried to earn money;

But he took advantage of her.

“God forgive me of my sins.

I am dying

And I don’t want

My child to see this.

Please let someone

Find him and

Give him a

Home of hope”.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



The Daily Post, One Word Prompt


Mythical is the one word prompt for today.

adjective myth·i·cal \ˈmi-thi-kəl\
Popularity: Bottom 50% of words

Simple Definition of mythical

  • : based on or described in a myth

  • : existing only in the imagination


Is it only in my imagination that I sense you are looking down on me? I swear I sometimes feel your arms around me. One day when I was so down in the dumps, I think you were here.

Wasn’t it you that made the curtains blow while the window was shut? Wasn’t it you that I heard gently laugh at something funny I was watching on television? You remember that time when I passed the candy aisle and I felt a tug or something , pulling me towards the candy you loved best?

I know you are always on my mind, and I believe that you are always watching out for me. Know one ever sees you; but I feel your presence.


The mind is mythical

A game in itself

A hope of something happening

Never sleeping on a shelf.


Sun and Clouds

Shelly sat depressed. In her over stuffed chair she ran her fingers through her unkempt hair. Next door, Hank sat smiling. His wheelchair he had moved at a snail’s pace; but now sitting in the sun shining through his living room window.

Shelly  got her two elementary school children on the bus. Finally, peace and quiet allowed her to focus on herself and to recognize what she didn’t have and what she thought she needed.

Hank had been up for almost two hours. He almost fell trying to slip one leg then another into his pants. He spilled some coffee on his clean shirt, and knew he only had one clean one hanging in his closet. It would be three more days before his home helper would come to tidy up his apartment and do a load of laundry.

Shelly had a nice home. It wasn’t very large. It wasn’t in a top-dollar living area. Her husband had finally left and sought out a woman who wanted to live life. He had tired of trying to boost a soul who refused the help. She covered her eyes and wept.

Hank  watched a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller down the sidewalk. He reflected back to when his own wife did this. Married to Maggie for over fifty years, he had plenty of good memories of his life he had left. He lost his dear wife two years ago. He had sold his small home and had invested into the apartment he resided in now.

Shelly looked at her rut of a life. She had no degrees. She did have a gentle touch when holding a paint brush in her hand; but who cared, no one would be interested in petty paintings.

Hank had eaten, but still seemed hungry. Maybe a snack was the thing that would hold him over until the knock at the door arrived with his lunch. He wheeled his chairs with his weak hands. Hands that had once turned ground over. Hands that had planted one seed at a time to provide food for their pantry on those cold, winter morning.

Shelly knew that she needed to get dressed and take a trip to the grocery store. The cupboards were sparse with food and the freezer almost bare. The more she thought about the trip, the bigger the task seemed. Maybe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids tonight?

Hank locked his brakes on his chair. He struggled to stand at the cupboard. He pulled out some saltine crackers and peanut butter. He had forgotten the knife. He smiled at himself as he recognized his alert mind wasn’t the same as it was a few years ago. He sat back down and unlocked his brakes. Opening the drawer and pulling out the utensil, he began to spread some peanut butter on each cracker.

Shelly tired of looking everywhere and seeing nothing. She got up from her chair and headed towards her bedroom. She stood in the doorway and looked at the empty bed. The floor held a couple loads of dirty laundry. She laid down .

Hank finished his snack and put everything back in its rightful place. He headed back towards his window where he watched life moving. He saw a dog catching a ball his owner was tossing. He watched the birds flying over the park. He heard the sirens. The sound came closer. The EMS pulled up next door. He saw an empty stretcher being taken in. He noticed a body covered with a white sheet being taken out. He thanked God for being given at least this day today. He prayed for the lost.


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