Hi my friends. Remember me telling you my doctor took me off of one of my diabetic medications a couple of days ago? Well, the first day all numbers were alright. The next 2 days  they were too high for comfort.

This morning they were on the high side again. I decided I would go back on the medicine after supper tonight. It just wasn’t working. I don’t know if maybe the doctor could add any less of that pill, since I am cutting it in half already.

This morning I went to the place I have been going for the past couple of weeks with my friend. I had taken my medications at 8am and I was very aware that my sugar would drop too a low point in exactly 4 hours.

It was 11:30am, not 4 hours after I ate. It was lunch time so we all got up to get our plates and I felt my knees giving out. My first big mistake is not letting anyone but my one friend know that I am a diabetic.

I froze in spot, not wanting to make an ass out of myself. I kept telling myself, I am in line, I will get the food, sit back down, eat and all will be alright. I got my food and barely made it back to my seat.

Suddenly the PD tremors kicked up. I know without a doubt I looked like a baby shaking a rattle in both hands. I began to cry, I think I was humiliated by the tremors. Once again, a lady recognized my symptoms and told the director to get me orange juice ASAP.

This time I drank the entire cup plus ate my lunch. My legs and arms were hurting from the hard tremors. I became very tired. I wanted to lay down and sleep immediately. This is usually the way I get after my sugars bottom out.

I couldn’t understand what was going on. For 2 days, my sugar numbers were high enough to consider going back on that pill again, and then boom, I have a sugar low before it was time to actually eat again.

I was thinking about all of this later today when I arrived home. Something was different. My sugars remained low in the evenings every day for the past two weeks; except 2 days. What was I doing different?

Then I knew what it was, but I am not sure if that would make such a big difference. Every day at some point, I have been having low carb yogurt with a nice, big sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

The past 2 days I had not had any. This morning I did have some. Would that cinnamon make that big of difference or is something else going on? Any imput or advice? I haven’t called the doctor back yet, because I just knew he was going to tell me to start taking that pill again.


Diabetes and the Lady Who Saved Me

Today I wanted to sleep in so bad, but my eyes were awake at 7. It makes me so mad because I am so tired. Yesterday I did so much that my legs were tight by early evening. To touch them hurt. After a night’s sleep they are back to normal.

I will feel better when I get a window air-conditioner. With being a diabetic, the heat makes my sugars bottom out. I got up and drank my cup of coffee and played a couple of games on FB. I fixed me a slice of toast, 2 eggs and some vanilla yogurt with sprinkles of cinnamon.

I decided to take my shower since the inside of my apartment was beginning to heat up. After dressing, I gathered my basket of dirty laundry and headed to the laundromat. I started my wash and then about 15 minutes into the wash cycle I started to feel funny.

I looked at the clock and it had only been 3 hours since I had breakfast so I shouldn’t be having any issues with low-sugars. As minutes ticked by I began to feel worse and  my legs and hands began to tremor.

I had taken my diabetic tester with me so I checked it. It was 78. Oh no, I was in trouble. It was my sugars. I had laundry in the washer. I couldn’t leave. I had a candy bar in my purse for such emergencies and hurriedly ate it. 10 minutes later I checked my sugar levels again. The numbers had not begun to rise.

Now I was frightened. There were people in the laundromat; but no one that knew me. I staggered and walked up to the counter. I said, ” I am in trouble. I am a diabetic. I have laundry in the wash and can’t leave to go get something to eat”.

She said, ” my mother was a diabetic. I just lost her a few months ago to this”. She ran to the pop machine and got me a regular Pepsi and handed it to me. I took a big drink, feeling I was going to gag, it was so sweet, but I kept drinking. Her son quickly drove to a drive-thru and brought me back a cheeseburger.

I ate that and within 20 minutes my sugar was back up. I was so scared. I don’t know if it is the constant on the go of putting things away here in the apartment, or the heat, or if my sugars need an adjustment, but something is going on. I thanked that lady and her son over and over for saving my life.

It took a couple of hours for the tired feeling to leave me completely. When I am weak, my Parkinson’s tremors start acting up and that took awhile to get under control. I was glad to be back home, where it was safe. I do know I need that air conditioner.

I am still hanging things on the walls and am down to the spare bedroom. One of these days soon I will be finished unpacking. Maybe I should get one of those Diabetic bracelets so people will have a better idea of what is going on in case I pass out. I do know that I was being watched over by God. He had that lady standing close by who knew what diabetes is.


Wok Supper

I have never owned a Wok nor used one; but I saw one on sale for a good price at the store over the weekend so picked it up. Going to the market on my way home I picked out fresh vegetables I enjoy.

Yellow squash, green peppers, carrots, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, granny smith apples, and a block of cheddar cheese. Along with my spices I cut everything up and placed it in a hot, canola oil. Not quite sure of what to expect, I remained close-by. It wasn’t long at all I had a nice meal and it smelled good. I had some left-over chicken breast that I diced and added to my dish along with some squirts of lemon and lime juice, along with some cubed cheese. I really enjoyed this meal and have enough left for another meal tomorrow. I will definitely use the Wok again, because I like fresh, color, easy, healthy and on top of all that, good.



We all have our little quirks don’t we? Most of the time we don’t realize them until someone points them out, or we are out of our home and we realize we aren’t following our routine.

Some have coffee before that first cigarette. Others let their pets out to potty. Some even check Facebook before their feet hit the ground from the bed. Yes, we all have something that is part of our personality.

My one thing I have issues with is medicine. I was diagnosed with Diabetes about 33 years ago. If anyone is a diabetic, you probably remember the adjustment time. Trial and error of different medications until the doctor is satisfied that at this point this amount of pills and doses are set.

That happened to me too, but I was given too strong of medications for a little over a week. What happened is I would be out running errands or taking a walk and my sugar would bottom out. I remember one time I passed out in front of a store. God was with me because the owner of that store came out to me and asked me if I was a diabetic and when I responded yes he took care of the problem right away. Yes, there are certain signs that others can read when diabetics are getting to an unsafe number.

Ever since that time I have had a phobia about new medications. As long as I am taking something that I have had before, I am real good. If you give me something different I have never tried I can go into a panic attack fairly easy.

I used to have my daughter close by and when I started a new pill she would stay with me for a couple of hours, but for the last several years I haven’t put my big-girl panties on all the way. I get them half-way pulled up and blow it.

I can sometimes cut the pill and make the start this way. Other times I can get the pill up to my lips and feel my body go completely hot and chicken out. I get so mad at myself but no matter how angry I get I don’t get past it.

Now, today I am seeing a brand new doctor for the first time since I have moved to Kentucky. In the back of my mind I am sweating it out. I am wondering if this doctor will be understanding and see things from my view, or if he will literally laugh out loud.

In the past I had a doctor who I frequented for about six months. On one particular visit she informed me that she was dismissing me from her list of patients on the grounds that she gave the instructions and I wasn’t following. Once again the issue was on taking new medications I had not had. She flat-out told me she was the doctor, I was the patient. I didn’t have the badge, she did.

There is not a big choice of doctors in this small town that my medical insurance takes so I am hoping this new doc and I hit it off.


I Really Didn’t Fall off the Earth

I didn’t want you, my friends to think I fell off the earth, I haven’t, but I admit, I haven’t been on the computer too much. I have a tablet I read and play on when I am in bed, but it is very difficult to write a post on it with a smaller keyboard.

I have thought of you so much, but I just haven’t felt well the past few days. I think Parkinson’s has something to do with it and the fact that I have been trying to keep the thermostat down in my house. I am finding out quick that this little house is quite expensive to heat.

The pay-off wasn’t good though. I was freezing. Every piece of my body was freezing. I did learn through the Parkinson’s web sites that being cold is a symptom, so this was easy to understand, but my blood pressure went up too.

At first I was taking my BP too often and I knew I was; but I was worried. It was running high, not  high enough to cause me danger, but much higher than my usual. This in turn caused me to stress more. Finally I made myself just check it in the am and pm. I also made me an appointment for the doctor right after the new year, when my insurance will kick in.

I learned that if our bodies get too cold along with my age the cold bothers us more and therefore our BP goes up. So I gave in and turned the thermostat up a little but will turn it down at bedtime and keep it low through the day, using my electric fireplace, then back up over the supper hour.

I already feel better. I still have a dull headache around the temple but I feel better emotionally after talking to the nurse at my new doctor that I wasn’t in a danger zone. I feel even better than that knowing I now have an appointment.

I am not interested in getting a neurologist for my Parkinson’s. I know too much about it after my dad, his mom and her sister and my brother Al, all had it. I can get an official diagnosis on paper but what good will it do me? I already know about all the PD medications and the big side-effects. I know there is no cure too. Unless my new doctor strongly advises me I won’t deal with a specialist at this point.

But the doctor can help me get new prescriptions for my blood pressure and check it instead of me doing it. He can also check my sugars, so it will feel good to be back in a doctor’s care.

When I moved to Kentucky, my health insurance was no good here. I think I told you that already. I am on straight Medicare right now, so going to a new doctor will be quite expensive for the first visit, so I wanted to wait until Jan 1, plus I had enough refills of my medications to get me to that point of my appointment.

So, I jabbered enough. Time to take a shower, turn the heat back down and climb into my bed layered with lots of blankets. I will talk to you all very soon. Love and hugsindex