Why Don’t People Follow the Rules?

Hello my friends. Today was not fun so far. It sleeted overnight and I had to go to the doctor for lab work. It wasn’t fun and I drove like a turtle. I kept thinking, ” you all go around me, I don’t care.”


Afterwards I went to work but there was no work available so I drove back home. I have to go back to the doctor’s this afternoon for my results, hoping the roads will be better. When I came home, someone other than who lives here, had parked in my spot. This is a private area parking and usually when this happens, someone from a business beside me is parking in my spot.


I have to get out of my car and go up several steps and go inside and ask who is parking in my spot. Someone always raises their hand and says they were just going to be a minute. I tell them, it’s private, and for them to park on the street. They usually laugh and ignore me. Today was worse though. The car didn’t belong to the business next door and I had to end up parking in front on the street. A lot longer walk for me and I almost fell twice. I talked to management and they said they would look into it.


Why can’t people follow the rules? Why do they think they are special? Then to pretty much laugh me off. It upsets me because I struggle to walk anyways and on top of ice is worse.


It seems that a lot of people don’t follow the rules. Children killed near me because someone didn’t pay attention to the school bus arm and was on their phone instead. People killing others. People killing school kids.

Using illegal drugs. Buying guns underground. Stealing, cheating. I could go on and on. Why do these people do these things? It’s so frustrating to me. I’m not perfect by far but I try to follow the rules.


This world is suffering. Our government is throwing tantrums. This is a great way to kick off 2019, don’t you think?





One Nation Under God

I decided to reach out and risk slams. I have thought about it off and on and when articles pop back up; it reminds me to speak my mind with grace.

I ran across this article this morning on my Facebook.



The immediate question that arises in me is; why. Why is there a freeze? Why is there doubt? Why is there a why.

This is God’s earth,  his blue marble, his creation, his thought, his plan. We are guests. We are placed here to learn, love one another, help each other and pray for each other. We are here to help bring the non-believers to God; no matter what anyone else chooses to believe; this is my stand and belief. We are here to not be afraid to say thank-you.

We are not here to humiliate others by treating them different because they are not like us, or have the same money as us, or homes and cars. We are not here to take advantage of others by being shady or untruthful, or to make money from those that do not understand.

We are not here to make disrespectful comments to our President, our government. We are not here to force others to be on our side. We are not here to burn flags, beat and kill for pure pleasure or differences of opinions.

We are not here to judge. We have no right. We are not God. God placed those with a different color, a different language, a different culture for a reason.

If you are protesting placing your hand over your heart and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, than why are you here?



I Pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Untied States of America.
And to the republic, for wich it stands, one nation under God.
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America.
And to the republic, for wich it stands, one nation under God.
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
The pledge of allegiancs to the flag, as a pledge to the ideals fo our
The men who fought and died, for the building of the great nation.
It’s a pledge to fullfill our duties and obligations as citizons of the Untied States.
And to uphold the principals of our constitution.
And last but not least, it’s a pledge to maintain the four great feedoms
Cherished by all Americans, freedom of speech, freedom of religion,
Freedom for want, and freedom from fear.
I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America.
And to the religion, for wich it stands, one nation under God.
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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We are to stand together, help each other, look down on no one, love each other as we do ourselves.

There is so much rivalry on our land. There is sadness, depression, anger, hatred. The competition to be better and above others is at an all-time high.

I am proud to be an American. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance when I was a child in school. I remember being allowed to say God in schools. Church was a place to go and be proud of.


I am a better person for being taught to do what is right. I am proud of who I am and where I live.

Don’t you think we need to revert back to where we remember why we are here? Shouldn’t we return to helping our  neighbor? Shouldn’t we go back and remember, God made the land we walk on and we are lucky enough to be able to share a piece of God’s work?

Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The first thing that hit me when I saw the word costume was a covering to hide the truth.






I was thinking this morning listening to the latest updates about the school  shooting in Florida. They are blaming this happening because the teen had a death of a parent. Stating was also heard that the culprit had an unhappy life.


I thought back to when I was a teen. No one shot others because they were unhappy or had deaths in the family. What did my era do when there was sad situations? I remember hangings, suicide talk, going to boys school. Girls got pregnant or ran a way.

I am not saying that any of these words are a reason for anything. I am just trying to imply that teens in my day hurt themselves. They didn’t go out of their way to hurt others so they could feel their pain or get their name in highlights.


The news said we, the citizens, are getting used to this news of school shooting. Well, I can tell you, I am not getting used to it. It causes me great disturbance. It causes me to think about the family life and lack of it in homes today.

Family split is not the reason behind the bad things that happens today, but I do believe the separation of family, is a good lead that continues on to sometimes permanent and mental damage. Drugs, alcohol, lack of being able to discipline, over-crowded schools, leading to lack of need for those who need extra attention all lead to that one thought that ask, Who the hell cares anymore?


I pray harder. I ask God to heal hurting hearts. I pray for God to let all see who he is and how he can help. I am one person and I ask myself, What can I do, just me alone? I don’t have the answers. I think of so many ways to change things but the truth is, only God can put this country back together again, along with a great President and congress working for the people, with the people and by the people.


We have way too many costumes out in the world with colorful masks, guaranteed to hide the real pain. It’s time to change. Come on President Trump! Come on people! Let’s kick some ass and change things!!!

What Is Gentle, but Strong

What is gentle, but strong?
Is it spewing words as swords?
Is it knowing you are right?
Is it proving your point?

Is it knowing you are from
God’s creation, in his eyes
Being confident in his word
Having no doubts…….

Maybe it is your faith
That sets you free
Realizing you can keep quiet
Because you trust in him.

Would our world be better?
Would bickering stop?
Petty arguing and name calling
Would come to a halt?

Being gentle is strong
Firm in belief
Lending a hand
Supporting others.

Give uplifting words
Ask God for guidance
Pray for all others
Being gentle is strong.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



Trust, Faith, Hope and Prayers

I am what some would say,”Addicted to Facebook.” Maybe I am, maybe I am not. Your call on that one. I do know that I read a lot of what streams and I also advocate for Multiple System Atrophy. I also belong to several MSA groups along with Parkinson’s and Ataxia groups. There is so much support from these wonderful people; because we understand each other’s symptoms. It is a great place to go for answers, a shoulder to cry on, a place to vent, and make good friends.


I get so aggravated at the name calling, people thinking that they are the only ones who are correct and swear words. During the streaming process, I ignore some gross stuff, laugh at others, pray for all, and shake my head at the politics.


I hear it everywhere. People where I live discuss it often. There are Veteran’s here who reside and they have very outstanding remarks about our past and present President’s. They chat openly about the wars they were in, and I listen in awe as they bring their memories to life.

A Veteran is a dictionary

With incredible stories

True life history

No stones left unturned

A Veteran is my history friend.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Now, it’s a different story on Facebook. It seems everything goes. Nothing is sacred. I do believe we are all free to our speech. We do live in America. I don’t believe we should bully, block people, unfriend friends over politics.


Isn’t it more important that we gather together in common ground and think positive thoughts for our government and pray for their thoughts and actions? We, the people, can not change so many things in life, but we can come together for the better of our future.


I admit I get nervous. Their is so much talk about big cut backs for government programs. I know for me for instance, I have little funds, I depend on their help for medical expenses. I wish I didn’t have to, but my illness prevents me from doing so much in life.


What I have to do is; pick out information that is important and let the rest race out my other ear. There is  much gossip that spreads from mouth to mouth. What do we really know is truth or lie? I have to trust that our President, Donald Trump, has our best interest at heart, and with all the pushing and shoving he is faced with daily, he will give it his best shot.


Trust, this is what is needed

Hope is what we must carry

Pray is a must

And leave the rest to God.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd