Our Babies, We Loved You So Much

Hello friends. Do you have a topic that you have interest in, that you would like to see in a poem or short story vision?
I am looking for new ideas to write about. Please take note that what I write will be made public to the world. I also will credit your name for idea creation.
Silver Blatt ;Another proud parent Relationship between a parent and adult child. Love, companionship, friendship. When that Parent looks back and doesn’t realize when that relationship changed, yet as all parents know, they are always our babies.
Growing up in a rural area is a good thing if you want to have a good chance of raising kids who appreciate our earth, but for some kids, this isn’t so cool.
This is what happened to Jill and Jason, a set of twins.
As kids; they were taught how to milk a cow, hoe the weeds, clean their rooms and not sass their elders. Life seemed good all around until the twins reached their teen years.
High school introduced Jill and her brother to different cultures.Their lives seemed so much more fun than what they were used to.
The twins parents noticed the changes immediately. Attitudes changed. The parents heard some words they had not heard before. They tried getting their children involved more with church; but the kids bucked at the idea.
Many a night, if you were a fly on the wall, you could see the tears flowing and hear the words being prayed. This set of parents wanted children so bad. They were never fortunate enough to have their own; so they sought out adoption, and that is how Jason and Jill came to live with the Owens family.
It was the twins 18th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Owens had planned a small party of intimate friends and close family. Mom made the cake and together, mom and dad, had colorful envelopes filled with cash birthday gifts.
The party was at 3:00. The clock ticked at 2 and the twins has still not arrived home for their own party. 3 o’clock arrived and went. People were beginning to whisper. Some looked at their watches and wondered if they should leave or stay.
It was almost 4 p.m. when the knock came at the front door. Mr. Owens opened it to see a tall, thin man dressed in a navy blue uniform. On his shirt was a shiny, gold badge, which read police.
He let the cop in and everyone became quiet. All were staring at the officer.” Could we talk in the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Owens?”
The two showed him to a chair at the table. The officer took Mrs. Owens hands in his. “I’m sorry to have to come here on business; but I need to inform you that there was a terrible accident on Route 33. Your son and daughter were killed instantly.”
You could hear a pin drop. Not a word was said. The officer took back his hand and showed himself to the door after asking if he could be of any help. The two shook their heads.
The funeral was planned. Visitation was open. Flowers were delivered. The cars followed one another to the grave site. Everyone softly chatted at the funeral dinner. The rooms emptied. The silence was astounding.
Two weeks later, the parents went to their children’s grave site. So many flowers still sat, but wilting. Dad put his arm around his wife. The two wept. They looked at the tombstone which had been already placed.
It read; Our Babies, We Loved You So Much.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd
Silver Blatt
Photo taken by,
Terry Shepherd
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After the Storm

Hello friends. Do you have a topic that you have interest in, that you would like to see in a poem or short story vision?
I am looking for new ideas to write about. Please take note that what I write will be made public to the world. I also will credit your name for idea creation
Joseph Arnold wants something written about “After the storm.”
It had been an amazing day. Sally was able to wash some windows, hang her clothes out on the line and sit in her rocker on her front porch.
She loved sitting on the front porch. She watched the deer and birds. She saw the breeze moving the trees. It was as if they were waving at her. She raised her hand; waving back.
The sun was being replaced by clouds which had a tint of gray in them in the late afternoon. Sally decided to bring the clothes in; in case it decided to rain.
Her area needed rain. They hadn’t had much rain this summer in Nebraska. She didn’t much care for it. It kept her indoors when what she really loved, was breathing in the country air.
She grabbed the last few pieces from the line and a blast of wind tore at her skirt. It almost picked it up and whipped it over her head.
She finished quick and walked as fast as she could to reach inside. A storm surely was coming. She shut the windows and then turned her portable radio on.
She heard the announcement for a big thunderstorm coming her way. She collected her lantern and candles. She grabbed some matches.
She walked outdoors and checked the skies. About two miles north, she saw black, violent skies. It scared her and she went back inside and locked the doors. She made sure her cat, Sophie was safe.
The windows began to rattle. Inside, Sally was shaking. She walked over to her couch and carefully got down on her knees. She prayed,”Dear God, a storm is coming. I don’t want to lose what I have. You know dear Lord; I don’t have much of anything, but what’s here in this house. If you can grant me this; please keep me safe. Amen.”
She stood up and brushed her skirt down. She grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch. Walking towards her rocker which sat near the window; she sat down. She covered herself with her blanket and prayed and waited.
The windows were rattling with robust. The door was shaking as if someone was trying to enter. She heard the howling of the winds. It reminded her of a train roaring near by.
She continued to pray. “Dear Lord, keep me safe, keep me safe, if it be thy will.”
Her cat appeared and jumped onto her lap. She covered her up also and the two waited for what seemed hours. Within minutes the storm flew by. Life calmed, winds whispered, windows at peace.
She removed her blanket and the cat jumped down as if she was tired of the visit. She went back to her bed. Sally looked outside, then opened the door.
The fresh smell of rain; she inhaled. Some of her outdoor furniture was overturned. She scanned her land and the areas around her. Everything looked fine. She was safe. God granted her favor throughout and after the storm.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

This morning, the icky feelings started coming back. Slight dizziness, a little more wobbly, and I think as the day goes by, I will have to use my walker.

I am a fighter, but sometimes I have to slow down as this illness progresses. I am going to try to ignore my feelings and continue to ask God for healing, but play it safe and use my good judgement.

I sure wish I knew what made those past three days so totally awesome. I would practice it each day. I have to believe that good days are given as a gift and as a booster to fight harder the next bad day.

When days become tough, I think back to the childhood song I used to see on the Television.

I think I can, I think I can.

For anyone struggling day after day with issues, we must draw strength first from God, then our families and friends, and of course this motivational, cute little song.

You all have a good day. I know I am going to try.


Day Number Two

I headed for day number two of being able to walk pretty good. A little wobble is better than a large wobble in my opinion. Anyways, I picked up my friend who also loves the camera and we headed for the park. We took some photos and I want to share them with you. You can see the rest of my photos on my Facebook page.

Easton 12Easton 14Easton 11easton 15Easton 19Easton 20Easton 22

Put That Crime in a Box

I live in a city in northern Indiana. I am not sure why I am even stating that fact; as it doesn’t seem to really matter. This happens in about any town that has any politicians involved.

There are crimes, and then there are crimes. Get what I mean? Some of the crimes in my opinions are so petty, and being locked up provides certain luxuries that some senior citizens would give their right arm to receive plus the fact it is taking up valuable space for those crimes more serious, and of course, you know who is footing these  bills of three meals and a shower, right?

I am not able to speak on experience. Crap, I am just a pebble on the beach in our town. No one really knows who I am, and with what happens inside the box, I don’t think I would want to be discovered, so I will just remain one of many pebbles.

What gets my goat though worse than anything is crime. Now if I don’t report any changes within ten days to the government, any or all of my benefits can be ripped away for long periods of time, and maybe permanent too. There could also be a threat of jail time, and like I said, I am a nobody, and I did pay into the system for a time, so of course any benefits I receive, weren’t mine in the beginning, right?

Then there is the ones who have a name, have some money sitting under the  mattress and in the bank, and they commit a crime, and suddenly it is not labeled a crime or the guilty get pushed under a new name, a new category, and BINGO, all charges are forgiven or suspended.

I can’t say the crime. I don’t know if I would get in trouble or a knock at my door, so I will just say, it has been on the news, plastered on the internet, so I have to believe that there was truth in what happened at one point.

All I am trying to point out here is this; if you do the crime, I don’t give a hoot what your last name is or how many bundles you got in the bank, pay the price. You are no better than me or any other pebbles in this world.

People, quit giving the bad guys a break. How about giving a break to those of us older people who are fighting to eat every day, pay our rents and utilities, get rides to the doctors, struggle paying those co-pays. Oh shit, I could go on and on at the unbalance in our world, but hey, I am just that pebble, so who is really listening. Oh well, I feel better just getting this off my chest. I will sleep well tonight, will you?


Obviously, people who commit crimes should be punished. Even people who steal socks and ‘Snow White’ videos should probably do time if they have priors, especially serious priors. But the punishment has to fit the crime, and the standard has to be the same for everyone. Matt Taibbi
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/matt_taibbi.html

Each Day We Must be Positive

I wish every day was like today. I had so much energy; I felt like my old self. I rearranged my living room, watered my plants, cleaned the hamster cage and swept. I admit, tonight I have some sore muscles, but I do know what it is from; today.

What is the magic ingredient I added today to be so active? If I only knew, I could cure everyone. I have no idea. I will have to just be thankful for a good day.

Tomorrow after six long months, I go to the dentist for my final fitting of my false teeth on the bottoms. I spent last year doing the same with the uppers. I will be glad it will be finally over.

For three hours tomorrow I will have no bottom teeth, while the dentist makes that final fitting with a much lighter-fitting plate. I should like that. To be quite honest, I hate both of them. The set still feels like I have something too big in my mouth, but my original teeth were bad. Every time I ate, I had to use floss to pick out every fiber of food or I would be in so much pain.

The gums had been receding for some time and the roots were starting to show. I am thankful for no pain any longer. The most embarrassing thing I endure from these babies, is biting into a sandwich. The  uppers begin to slip and I have to form my muscles around them and hold them in place. ( I can’t stand the gummy stuff to hold dentures in, I gag) Pain in my rear, but better than eating liquids the rest of my life.

Friday, I go to my brother’s neurologist and hopefully, I will be told I do not have MSA; just Parkinson’s. The neuro is very smart about MSA and would you believe he examined my brother once and diagnosed him with MSA?

Multiple System Atrophy is a rare disease that is neurological. It breaks all ties during the illness of nerves going from the brain to action. Eventually you end up with a frozen shell, who is very much alive inside. There is no cure. The life span is an average of seven years.

I teach Hospice groups about MSA and I am an advocate for the disease. On my Facebook page, I am very active with caregivers, patients and families. I so wish I could do more, but at this point I don’t know what. I would give my left arm to be able to afford to go to one of the National meetings MSA holds within the U.S., but it takes money to get there and money to spend the night.  My biggest hope ever is to meet a woman is has this disease, but carries herself high and has been a close friend of mine ever since my brother began his journey with MSA. Her name is Bonnie. I want to meet her so bad. She is from Canada, but does make trips here to the U.S.A. Perhaps someday, my dream will become a reality.

My Gift From God

When we wish upon that star

And we think with all our might

We hope that God or angels

Grant our wish tonight.


There is so much to achieve

For me upon this earth

I believe with all my heart

This is my gift since birth.


I am poor as poor can be

But helping others dream

Makes me the richest of all man-kind

I actually burst from inner seams.


A kind word I can lend

A question answered too

Helps others have less fear

It’s what I’m here to do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Yesterday, the tremors finally stopped. I felt like a new woman. It was rough during those times. Walking is very difficult because when my legs tremor, they also become weak.

I read this post on Facebook about a woman who also has Parkinson’s. She had been  in a public place and someone made a comment loud enough for her to her. It was pertaining to her being drunk. Thankfully, she put them in their place.

I have thought that too about myself. How do I look to others? How bad do I sway back and forth? Do I look drunk to others?

No one knows unless you have gait issues, how hard we fight to look and act so called “normal”. For me, I have to concentrate very hard to walk as straight as possible. When in public, I have no choice but to hang on to the cart, or ride the public scooter. If I know I am going some place without special equipment offered; I take my brother’s scooter.

Stores are not thinking about wheelchairs and scooters when they display their clothing and miscellaneous racks. I went to Macy’s. There were several areas my scooter, which is not a big one, could not fit through the small spaces; especially the purse department. I had to get off my scooter if I wanted to look closely at choices offered, or forget looking all together and move on to a different area. I wish businesses would consider a different layout for their racks. Should I let Macy’s know my thoughts?

I don’t get out too often. When I have doctor’s visits, I try to stop at my son’s house. It is a mood lifter for sure. The grandchildren are there, and I can guarantee some good laughs.

I also live a half-hour from my home town and it may not be a big issue to most; but for me, keeping my feet on the gas pedal is something of a chore. This causes me to stay around my own area more or stay at home. I sometimes wonder how much longer I will be able to drive, but I don’t like to think of that.

When we become older, life changes, and most of these changes occur with looks, strength, and the ability to run around like we used to. I like to go to town during the week days. The weekend days are filled to the brim in the stores with people, children running, and plain chaos.

Some things in my life I don’t get as upset over as I did when I was younger. An example would be a spotless home. I used to be a fanatic about it, but no more. Now I give myself a pat on the back, like tonight. No tremors, so I was able to mop the kitchen and bathroom floor and sweep the house. It felt good. You have to grab those good moments and run with them, in case the next day is a set-back.

Life is good when it is good, and it is bad when it is bad. I vote for the good to continue.



One day you look into your mirror

And you reach up and touch your face

You notice dips and drops

Taking up once silky space.


The years, they slip right by us

Most times we just don’t see

Or perhaps we just ignore them

Praying time will stop and seize.


Years of smiles around the lips

Worry lines around the eyes

Hard work has lined its marks

Dark circles from saying goodbyes.


A history we now wear

With pride for what we’ve done

You smile back at yourself

Realizing a new chapter has begun.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


red 2 8

Why So Much Pain?

Why is there so much pain in the world? Everywhere I look someone is hurting. Whether in reality, Facebook, family or friends, pain is brought up often. Pain does more than just hearing words about it.

It affects our own attitude and outlook on our lives. It hurts us deep inside, when we know there are those hurting around us. We can feel helpless. We can stress and worry. It is different when it is our pain. We deal with it the best we can.

When it is the other person, it can take over as I said above. We can see our children suffering from their own mistakes. We can wish they would not have done what they did. When our mates say hurtful things through an argument, this pain can be carried within our hearts for more than a few months.

There is the deliberate pain that others can cause also. When family and friends choose to ignore our existence, this can be a pain bigger than being hit. When we see the wrong and learn that no matter how much talking or giving hugs, doesn’t help, that kind of pain hurts deeply also.

It seems that most pain is caused between two people that love each other, whether it is parent/ child, friend/ friend, it is the deepest.

Pains from injuries, cancers, terminal illness all hurt too, but we can do something about it. We can offer prayers, take food to their home, sit and talk with them, hold their hand. We have so many more options when it is this kind of pain.

The world is a good place to live but there are things that hurt us and we  have to learn which way we are going to deal with it. The last thing I want to say on this topic is I will give a quote used many times. If you read it over and over and let it sink in, it makes very good sense.

So for now, look at the pain you are dealing with. Decide whether it can be fixed, or does it need to be let go. Hugs to everyone. Have a good Saturday evening.


God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


I Will Treasure Today, and Miss Yesterday

I saw a quote fly through my Facebook page yesterday. It hit me hard as I have lost a few good friends. One I had never met in person, but knew well from Facebook. The other I knew.

It tears at my heart when there is a loss in my life. A few years back, I lost my first good friend through Facebook. It made it a reality. instead of just a Facebook. I wept for some time over not being able to s speak to him anymore. He was an awesome guy, who lived in a wheelchair; but  his attitude about life, was better than most walking people’s were.

Then there was another time I had a male friend, Andre, from the Netherlands. He was awesome. His wife and him and I , had shared many phone conversations. Christmas and birthday gifts and cards were exchanged. It was one of the best relationships I thought I would ever experience; but I was wrong. There were more relationships to come. Andre passed away at the age of 86, and I still miss him today.

There is Viveka G. who is one of my dearest friends. A dream to meet her would be so awesome. Ute L. is another friend I have made who stuck by me through thick and thin throughout Al’s illness.  Marilyn G. and her husband came up to meet me and Al. It was the best visit. They are a wonderful, loving couple. These ladies are my blogger friends here at WordPress. Now these  ladies are alive and well, and they better stay that way, or else!! LOL

Another blogger friend I miss so bad is Sandra Callahan. Oh the times we spent talking and writing to each other. My heart still breaks. I lost her friendship last week. Yesterday, I lost another friend, whom I knew in person and here at Facebook. Ruth Bettinger Nichols. She passed away from cancer.

Who ever says you can’t make friends through the Facebook, have never truly been involved with this site. To, these friends, I will miss you. To those who I still chat with, I won’t let you go. I WILL TREASURE TODAY AND MISS YESTERDAY


I hope God enjoys your friendship as much as I did.




sandra callahan


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