Use Those Fingers, Use That Mouth

When we are young, we don’t think much about the serious stuff. We live life until we are told to go to bed. Even as teens, life is still pretty awesome. Maybe a sad time or two happens, but what the heck, right?

Something happens after the kids grow up and move on with their own lives. First we have to deal with that empty nest syndrome. Does it really exist anymore? Maybe more parents work today to survive then in the days I was young. I felt lost when my kids grew up. I loved being a mom, even through my stupid mistakes. It was hard on me.

I guess God knew it so I was sent down another path of taking care of patients. He was right. It filled my life, soul and heart. First I worked in nursing homes and hospitals. It was okay, but the rules and regulations along with shortage of staff sure didn’t fulfill what I still needed, which was contact on a more personal level. Have you ever sat and really listened to those stories elderly people have to tell?

They are awesome! I took care of a lot of patients but one family will always stick out in my mind. The wife was a school teacher and the husband was a tomato farmer. I learned that the golden rule for children really was, reading, writing and arithmetic. No one gets too far without these three.

I learned about the process of tomatoes from picking them by hand to what they delivered to the table. The stories I listened to were highlights in my day while caring for them. They were the type of family that appreciated each other and life. Their love was true and I must admit, I still miss them dearly.

Next, you start gazing through the obituaries in the newspaper. Actually, you hope you don’t recognize anyone, but you have to check. When you see that first classmate’s death, it throws you for a curve. Wow, they are my age.

Then maybe there is a death or a divorce. Children gone, living alone in that big home. Maybe it’s time to sell the home and downsize into something more suitable. Less steps, less cleaning, maybe no more shoveling the steps or driveway.

You sort of slide into another stage without realizing it. You live in Senior apartments or Senior assisted living places. You make new friends. You share your own battles and the joys of being a mom. You discuss your grown children and grandchildren. You all become quiet as the topic of when the last time you saw one of your kids.

You get excited about your birthday. Not for the fact that you are another year older, but hopefully, the kids will come and visit or maybe you will get a card in the mail. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; a guaranteed day of being thought of. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

Here, where I live, we have as much socializing as possible. It is good for us, although some never attend. It raises the spirit. It takes away the loneliness  and sadness that screams and bounces off the walls. It saves you from having to cook for one.

The only sad thing I have to be aware of at this point is; making friends and watching their health fail. More disappointment, another loved one going to be leaving  our lives. Words of encouragement I give, and prayers that the good Lord doesn’t take another precious thing a way from me. Sounds selfish doesn’t it? Well, when we get to be older, sometimes being selfish is a good thing.

As you, yourself, walk through your own life, make sure to say hello to those you see. Smile, say hello. You may never know how you changed that person’s day. To those grown kids, stop what you are doing. Time is going by so quickly. Text or call your parent (s). Say you were thinking about them.

My Lord, don’t tell me you don’t have time or you are so busy at work!!! There are 168 hours in a week. There are 604,800 seconds in a week and 7 days in a week. Don’t use those same old excuses. We old ones caught on years ago. So hey, make the effort. Without your parents you wouldn’t be married, have kids, have a job. I could go on and on with things you wouldn’t have, if your parents didn’t want a child.


Our Babies, We Loved You So Much

Hello friends. Do you have a topic that you have interest in, that you would like to see in a poem or short story vision?
I am looking for new ideas to write about. Please take note that what I write will be made public to the world. I also will credit your name for idea creation.
Silver Blatt ;Another proud parent Relationship between a parent and adult child. Love, companionship, friendship. When that Parent looks back and doesn’t realize when that relationship changed, yet as all parents know, they are always our babies.
Growing up in a rural area is a good thing if you want to have a good chance of raising kids who appreciate our earth, but for some kids, this isn’t so cool.
This is what happened to Jill and Jason, a set of twins.
As kids; they were taught how to milk a cow, hoe the weeds, clean their rooms and not sass their elders. Life seemed good all around until the twins reached their teen years.
High school introduced Jill and her brother to different cultures.Their lives seemed so much more fun than what they were used to.
The twins parents noticed the changes immediately. Attitudes changed. The parents heard some words they had not heard before. They tried getting their children involved more with church; but the kids bucked at the idea.
Many a night, if you were a fly on the wall, you could see the tears flowing and hear the words being prayed. This set of parents wanted children so bad. They were never fortunate enough to have their own; so they sought out adoption, and that is how Jason and Jill came to live with the Owens family.
It was the twins 18th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Owens had planned a small party of intimate friends and close family. Mom made the cake and together, mom and dad, had colorful envelopes filled with cash birthday gifts.
The party was at 3:00. The clock ticked at 2 and the twins has still not arrived home for their own party. 3 o’clock arrived and went. People were beginning to whisper. Some looked at their watches and wondered if they should leave or stay.
It was almost 4 p.m. when the knock came at the front door. Mr. Owens opened it to see a tall, thin man dressed in a navy blue uniform. On his shirt was a shiny, gold badge, which read police.
He let the cop in and everyone became quiet. All were staring at the officer.” Could we talk in the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Owens?”
The two showed him to a chair at the table. The officer took Mrs. Owens hands in his. “I’m sorry to have to come here on business; but I need to inform you that there was a terrible accident on Route 33. Your son and daughter were killed instantly.”
You could hear a pin drop. Not a word was said. The officer took back his hand and showed himself to the door after asking if he could be of any help. The two shook their heads.
The funeral was planned. Visitation was open. Flowers were delivered. The cars followed one another to the grave site. Everyone softly chatted at the funeral dinner. The rooms emptied. The silence was astounding.
Two weeks later, the parents went to their children’s grave site. So many flowers still sat, but wilting. Dad put his arm around his wife. The two wept. They looked at the tombstone which had been already placed.
It read; Our Babies, We Loved You So Much.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd
Silver Blatt
Photo taken by,
Terry Shepherd
art 2

The Very Special Gifts for my Birthday

This past Friday was my birthday. I won’t admit to my age because my mind isn’t in alignment with the numbers yet. My daughter-in-law took me to  lunch. We went to Pizza Hut. I always have the buffet and try to only have one slice of pizza along with my heaping salad. My daughter came from out of state for my birthday, and my other son had a cook-out and bonfire planned for me.

Going back in time, three years in fact, my brother had a beautiful Peace Lily delivered to his funeral. I have nurtured it for these three years and enjoyed its company too. Where I lived the past year, was a strain on this special plant. The water and lack of natural light took their toll and at the end of the lease; I had to say goodbye to the plant with a couple of falling tears.

I prayed about this. I know, it sounds silly to pray about a plant; but this plant was a surreal connection to my brother. I could see it, not just vision it. I ask God to please replace the plant and I would dedicate it silently to my brother.

For my birthday, only a month after I had to dissolve Al’s plant, I received the same type of plant from my one son and family. It is beautiful and much, much bigger. It came with one big, white lily opened.

Also on my birthday, along with the many well-wishes on Facebook and from my children, I was leaving my door to go to the elevator, and there in the dead center of the long hallway was something that I knew without a doubt, was a birthday wish from my brother. It was three, heads-up, pennies. You know how I know it was from him? Because each penny was aligned perfect in length and width. It was exactly how he lined up his Hot Wheel cars when he was a child. There was no way, I could miss that as I walked. I picked them up and placed them in a special drawer.

This year, I had an extra special blessing and I thank my children and God for my gifts.


pink tree 15three pennies

A Day Off or Should I Have Worked?

Wow, a day off and cleaning is the menu for today. Is this right? Is this normal? lol. I usually tidy up every day, but now with leaving the house for a job, I am forced to stay home part of the day. Oh well, life goes on, right?

I spent all morning scrubbing the bathroom, dusting the house, cleaning the kitchen, placing things back in order, gathering trash for the early pick-up date tomorrow because of July 4th. Recycle bin full, and have to empty that and all is well, smelling good and done.

I was getting the trash gathered when I spotted a big, fat Robin out back. Hurrying to grab my camera before she flew away, I managed to capture her standing proud.

Now shower time and off to the lake to meet my daughter-in-law to capture a bit of new memories of my grandchildren. Next to Walgreens to return an item I didn’t care for. The grocery store for a few, hopefully, items I need. I am bad about adding a few more items to the bucket.

Tomorrow at 7am, I will be heading out the door to the Neurologist appointment I have for 7:30. Whoa, that is early. I think I will stop through a drive-thru afterwards and grab breakfast and then off to work I go.

I am off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What shall I do? I have plans to go to the Moose Friday evening. The rest of the weekend I hope to try out my new camera lens I purchased; that is if it arrives tomorrow as scheduled.

Well folks, that is what I did on my day off. What do you do on your days off? Off to the shower to become sparkle clean once again. By the way, several moons ago, this July 4th, I have birth to a beautiful baby boy, what are some of your better memories of this particular  holiday?

robin 5

Graduation and Birthday Parties

Today, I was invited to a friend of mine’s graduation party for a family member named Kammeron. It was so hot outside, but thankfully there was a nice breeze. When I arrived the grill was being heated up.

Some people had arrived already. A nice, big white tent was set and tables were pretty with white linens and gold and black specks of graduation party caps lay sprinkled across each table.

There was a nice variety of soda laying on ice. I actually wanted to sit right down in that tub to cool off; but was afraid it would not seem proper. lol  I saw young children that I hadn’t seen since they were toddlers. Young adults who the last time I saw were toddlers; so catching up on who is who and who belongs to who was quite entertaining for me.

The party was held at the Masonic Temple. We were fortunate enough to spend some cool-down time inside where there were plenty of white, covered tables with chairs. There was also a separate sitting area with white wicker rockers and settee.

I fell in love with the antique piano and wanted to sit and play but once again reminded myself I was only a guest here. Walking into the room further I came across big spreads of food.

I really wasn’t hungry when I arrived but seeing the hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, rye bread with dips, the cake and bright chunks of watermelon, my mouth began to water.

I took a few photos, which I know you knew I would. I stepped out to smoke a cigarette and saw a helicopter flying overhead. On my way to the party I had captured a fat crow, so after seeing these pieces of my day, enjoying the conversations and sampling most of the foods, I had a wonderful day. I came home to hop in the shower to wash off the heat and humidity from today. Tomorrow I get to, no, have to do laundry. I will most likely take a nap since I cleaned my apartment earlier today, then its off to my granddaughter 1st birthday party.

The guy with the cake is the graduate! Congratulations! In the other cake photos are Kammeron’s family. The little girl is baby Chloe, the birthday girl and the last photo is me as of yesterday, the grandma!!

KammeronKammeron 2Kammeron 3Kammeron 4helicopter 2.JPGhelicopter 3Chloe 2helicopter 4

Today, one of my grandson’s had a birthday. Remember those days when cousins, and family all came over with brightly colored packages and we were so excited we didn’t want to visit; we just wanted to open our gifts?

Today, I still think of my birthday as a special day, and I can get pretty hurt if my children forget; but I don’t get so excited any longer. I guess I look at it as a day closer to being older.

For Caiden, that wasn’t the case. Although it was his birthday, I received fantastic gifts! As soon as I walked into my son’s home, I was welcomed with big smiles from the little blonde grandson.

A  hug came straight from the birthday boy himself. The little granddaughter wanted me to hold her many times, and when I was ready to leave, the oldest grandson told me, ” I want a hug grandma.” These actions warmed my heart better than any cup of hot, steaming cocoa.

Of course, grandma had her camera with her and grandma took some awesome photos, if I say so myself. I didn’t doctor any of my photos. I kept them natural. So let’s celebrate together the birthday party of a cute and adorable 6 year-old with family.

birthdayThe granddaughter that wanted me to hold her. I figured out why. She wanted my ice-cream and cake, and of course, I let her have it. Hey, who needs those extra calories anyways? lol

birthday 2The birthday boy himself!

birthday 4A lot of people say my granddaughter here, looks a lot like me, especially when I was younger.

birthday 5This little one is thinking, ” hey, I want something to open too”!

birthday 9The birthday boy wanted to dress-up in shirt and tie, but shortly after this photo, ditched these clothes for play clothes. Sure glad I captured this moment.

birthday 8Older brother holding baby brother. Aren’t they handsome?

birthday 11This cake is full of bright colors, any boy would love to stick his fingers right in the icing.

I had an awesome time. Sharing with family, I couldn’t help but think often about the family I left behind in KY. I felt a sadness. I wished for more. Dreams come true, but I don’t for see this dream happening. My entire family together, being able to visit often, love on all the kids and remind my grown children how much I love them and how they have made my life worth living; but I can always dream right?

Heather had grilled hot dogs, brats and hamburgers. There were chips galore and many salads. Combined with my family, it was an awesome day!

Al’s Birthday and My Moving

I have been so busy lately, I  have fallen away from blogging. It is always on my mind, but when I write; I don’t need a hundred things rolling around in my head. I am taking the time to let you know that I will be moving this coming Saturday back to Indiana.

If you have moved, then you know what a chore it can be. Add some gait problems and tremors on top, and it takes even longer. I am  about 85% done packing. It is amazing how pictures no longer hanging on the walls makes a house seem so empty. I say a word, and I can almost hear my own echos.

I think that it will be good for me to be moving Saturday. It will keep my mind distracted because Sunday is Alvin’s birthday. I know if I was sitting at home, I would be sad and in tears. He definitely will follow me in my heart back home and I will not forget his birthday, no way.

I will be back next week some time. The other part of packing I don’t like? Unpacking, I don’t even look forward to it.

Well, going to get off of here and go back to loading more boxes. Talk real soon. Hugs.

mammath cave 3

A Piece of Me Will Live On and On

Right before my brother passed away a new grandchild was born. He is so precious. He is smiling now and sometimes laughs out loud. If Al could have seen him I know he would just be smiling so big.

Al was always fascinated by little kids. I always thought he connected with them in his own child-like mind. It makes me smile when I think of Al more and more. I like being able to go back in my memories and re-live all the fun times we had.

Sure there were terrible times. We argued, I cried at times, but we had many days of laughter. I am beginning to see that the old stuff is somehow placed deep away in a dark space in my mind and the sun shines through the good stuff.

Now, once again, I am waiting on being a grandma again today. My daughter-in-law went into the hospital to give birth. It is like being a grandma all over again. We all know this is going to be a little girl and I already know she is going to be beautiful like the rest of my grandchildren. They came from my own handsome children.

If mom were here today she would be one of the first ones wanting to hold the new bundle of joy. She was a busy woman when she was alive but she seemed to make time for family.

Dad would say he didn’t want to hold the baby. Too young, wait until older, but someone would place the newborn in his hands and he would just beam

It saddens me a little to know that I always dreamed of being shown that smile when ever dad was around. It wasn’t that he didn’t love us. He just wasn’t one to show it.  I saw him cry one time over me. I had allowed fear to take over his heart. I was a brat as a teenager I guess. Probably more often than not we all have disappointed our parents.

Al is gone and almost my entire family is gone. Life continues its cycle. New births, and heaven’s doors open upon God’s words. I would give my right arm to have what I had when I was younger, but I cherish all that I have in  my mind today, and it makes me more thankful when the babies arrive, as I know that no matter what, a piece of me will live on and on for ever and ever, even in our hearts.





2 Birthdays Today

Today is my daughter’s birthday.100_0326-1 I won’t tell her age, she might slap me! LOL.

I sent  her gift through the mail since she lives out of my state and also wished her a Happy Birthday over the phone.

Today is also my grandson’s birthday.oct 13 6 I can say his age. He is a big 5!

After their dinner the family came down and he opened his gifts and then had some family fun outside. Here are his photos.

birthday partybirthday party2birthday party 3birthday party 4birthday party 5birthday party 6birthday party 7birthday party 8birthday party 9birthday party 10