FWF With Kellie; Focus on the Good


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Stop. Close your eyes and think of the first thing that makes you want to smile.

Now, stay focused on that alone and write.



Memories of your face

Your smile, your eyes

When we chatted

Sipping coffee


Talking about the day.


Memories of feeling

Life was good

Right and complete

Happy,you were

In my life

Then and forever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




#FWF Free Write Friday; Trust



I didn’t have it

I lost it all

When he took my heart

And broke it against the wall


Hush little girl

Don’t say a word

This won’t hurt at all

Nothing will be heard


I swear I will get you

You stupid _____

I don’t know why I married you

You give my finger the itch


Abuse comes in many forms

Age is not a number

The fear I give to you

Will be alive in slumber


Years go by and we grow old

Our bodies turn to rust

The only thing that remains the same

Is the constant lack of trust.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


#FWF Free Write Friday; Quote Prompt


“We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall.” — Louise Erdrich, Tracks


We started dying before the snow

And like the snow, we continued to fall

The relationship I had counted on for years to come

Had stopped when I stood by in the shadows

My heart beat faster, my breathing quickened

As I watched her replacing my lips

And tears began to fall and I tasted salt

Blinking because I wanted to watch it all

He is ripping my heart into bits of a puzzle

As I see him caressing her hair

What had I done to cause him to turn

The words on his lips that used to be mine

I knew in my heart as the snow began and then stopped

The virgin flakes transferred from mine to her

She was willing to give the one thing I could not

And as I watched them kneel and then lay one on one

My hands bled into the other

For what he desired he was fulfilling this moment

As I stood in the shadows and the snow once again began to fall.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





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#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt


free-write-friday-kellie-elmorebearBig like my Daddy

Warm like Mommy’s arms

Soft like Grandma’s lap

I look at you and I feel love

I feel safe when I’m with you.

Will you be my friend?

In times I want to cry?

When I feel so all alone?

When I think no one understands?

Will you play with me

Will you follow me where I go?

Will you be my best friend?

For today I do not feel good

Mommy and Daddy are in heaven

And I feel all alone

Please say you’ll stay

You remind me so much

Of how good life used to be

Today, I need a friend.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



#FWF Free Write Friday; Gratitude


Memories of yesterdays

Wishing I could go back

Laughter and chatter

Kids racing outside

Daddy’s snoring

Mommy’s gossip

My head laying peacefully

In Grandma’s lap

Belly full yet more dessert

Today I didn’t hear no

Oh what I wouldn’t give

To see Grandma sitting right there

In her comfy recliner

Daddy laying on the couch

Aunts doing dishes

A table full of food

Candles lit in the middle

All holding hands saying grace

Tears come to my eyes

As I go back in time

And remember those days

Of freedom and loving

Now many years later

I have my own children

Forming new memories

But I can’t help but to mingle

Intertwine the old with the new

A complete life of me and my family.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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#FWF Free Write Friday; The Circle of Life



I’d like you to consider the changing seasons and circle of life as your prompt this week. I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts. Should make for some great discussions so be sure to read each others work.

father-son-dogI have actually thought of the circle of life lately as I have been informed two more grand babies are coming next year. This brings a smile to my face as I, myself gave birth to three awesome and beautiful babies.

My whole goal in life was to be the best mommy ever. I wanted to teach them that life was about trust and love. I wanted them to learn that life is not always about candy and magic; that there were going to be plenty of bumps in the road.

I thrilled at watching the very first tooth come in, then crawling and walking. Oh I so enjoyed each of these stages. Watching them learn to feed themselves, their first cake to enjoy all on their own.

I laugh now as I remember the mess on their tiny faces as they crammed that birthday cake into their mouth with those chubby fingers. Their first photos I had taken, the potty training days.

The day I cried as I took them into their first day of school and worried if the teacher would care about them as much as I did.

There was so much teaching and learning along the way. Politeness, bad behavior, good behavior, manners, no swearing, respecting your parents. Helping with homework, oh boy, those were some trying times for sure, but they did it.

Christmas Day remembering how they squealed in delight at opening their gifts. Teaching them to share by spending some of their own money on a gift for someone else.

My heart beams as I look back into my memories. I wanted to let them know it is alright to grow up; to learn to make their own decisions. Graduation, relationships, babies, living life.

Now I am a senior citizen and I am proud of my grown children. They turned out awesome in my eyes. No, they are not perfect but a mother over looks so many things out of love. After all I made some pretty big mistakes too while growing up.

My circle of life, my children, my grandchildren. I have done what I wanted. I accomplished what I set out to do. The best thing I see today is my circle has evolved like an embryo. My kids are now living their own circle. They are slowly filling in the shape with what I have taught them as children.

A parents love is never done. It blossoms from the moment we set eyes on you as you enter into the world. When I lie down in my own grave, I will smile as you will be the only thing on my mind. The circle of life is now complete. Terry Shepherd

#FWF Free Write Friday; Beautiful People


Tell me about a beautiful person you know…

I know of some beautiful people whom I have never met. I just feel it, I see the consistency of their words post after post.

There are also beautiful people who I will never meet. Those that are deceased. People who did amazing things in their lives. Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Abe Lincoln, so many that are beautiful.

But there is one beautiful person that I have known over 35 years. I have met her and spent numerous times with her. This beautiful person shows great character. Her belief in God is very strong. Her heart is big enough to hold many people in it.

She has suffered from personal disappointment like all of us have. She has wept like you and me. What amazes me is her strength. She gets kicked down and yet climbs back on that horse determined to move forward.

I love her very much and can not imagine my life without my best friend Lez. Thank-you girlfriend for walking into my life so many years ago.kids sledding

#FWF Free Write Friday


fear the nightFear the Night

Fear the night

No one in sight

Heart is beating

I am breathing

Eyes so big

Quivering lips

Waiting for you

To say I do

Silence echos

All to mellow

Standing there

Yet no where

Voices hushed

My face is blushed

As I realize

The tears in my eyes

That you have backed down

You are not clowning around

You have changed your mind

I am no longer blind

You don’t want to marry me

This I can now clearly see.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt


Sitting around the fire the great warrior smoked his pipe. Looking up to the skies he mouthed thanks to his God for allowing him to live. Blood dripping on his back, rough patches on his hands, made his tribe fear him with great respect.

Black Hawk was the chief over his kingdom. He fought the demons that entered his brother’s minds at night. He led his warriors to win many battles. He wore many ropes around his neck of trophies he had taken.

Dark skinned, muscular, a strong jaw line gave great character to his looks. Women adorned themselves in bright paints to only hope to catch his eye. Although he was under the law of marriage he bed many women who had trouble baring a child.

He had led his people to this barren land, far a way from others. He built pits and pulled rocks to form a pool. He took great pride in his title as chief. He taught the young males how to fight. He showed them how to sharpen their arrows and how to bring meat to the table.

He led each male to manhood, marking them  his property. The females he taught to wash the clothing and how to cook over the flames. He taught them that it was their duty to respect each grown male; that some day they may become the princess in a new bed.

And tonight, he had fought a mighty war. A stranger passing through the valley. He watched the enemy as he sneaked behind one of the bushes and watched the women. When Black Hawk could no longer see the dark shadow he took out his knife and met the darkness and cut his head off. Scalping and hanging the black hair over his door he once again proved his power and mightiness. Another battle won, a new moon rising, a red glow of victory, he sat smoking his pipe, waiting for sleep to come.


FWF, Free Write Friday; Special Edition




Prompt #1: I am reaching out with a special request. As mentioned in my post recently, my nephew Khole, who only just joined us in the world a couple of weeks ago, is currently receiving care at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville for a heart defect. I plan to pay another visit to see him a week from today. I would like to bring your words with me to offer as a gift to Khole, his mommy and daddy, in a picture/poetry book. The book will be made/financed on my own and will not receive any profit whatsoever. Only one copy will be made unless another immediate family member wishes to receive one, in which again, I will finance the print cost and charge nothing in return. I ask you to please, only write if you feel led to do so. You may include special messages as well, if you wish. Thank you in advance. I will post pics of the book/gift giving for you all to see. Here is the link for this prompt: Team Khole on Facebook Please use whatever speaks to you


God‘s Little Angel

You were made out of love

My precious little one

You are so perfect

Formed from the one above

And now you have crossed

Your fist pebble in the road

But don’t worry my darling

You will not carry alone this load

For mommy and daddy love you so

The touch of your fingers

The softness of your face

In our mind always lingers

Little  Khole, so many prayers

Are being said for you

Now dear Father in heaven

Do all that you can do.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


I am keeping all of you in my prayers. Terry



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