All It Takes Is One Word

He was in a pit. A dark, deep pit. A dying pit. No one came to help him. No one seemed to care. He had screwed up so many times, called Wolf too often. He was a loser. He lay in a filthy alley. His clothes dirty and torn. A needle sticking out of his vein. A dog ventured by and urinated on him. Bums walked by staring at him. One came close and kicked at his legs. With no physical response, the bum went through a search party of the body, looking for something to steal. He let tears flow as the bum walked a way with nothing gained. “Oh God, I have deserted you. You called my name and I turned my back on you. I am a failure. It’s too late now. I am dying, just as I deserve, all alone.” It was a short time later when a young man came along. The youth was in a hurry and instead of taking the usual route home; he took a short cut and stopped when he saw the sight laying in the darkness. Without a word, he reached for his cell and called 911. Soon the EMS came wailing to a halt. They did vitals and a quick check, then quickly lifted him onto the stretcher, whisking him off to the local hospital. When he arrived and was rushed into a small room, he saw the light, a light so bright, all he could do was blink. He stared and made out the form of Jesus. All he could say was in a faint voice; Thank-you Jesus, thank-you for rescuing me. Thank-you for loving me. Thank-you for not turning your back on me as I once did to you.


Terry 2

Always Learning Something New

This evening I watched Dr. Charles Stanley. I think I was supposed to watch it; because it was the topic of me. I am one of the biggest people that looks back in my life and thinks, I should not have done that, or this or that.

It is stupid, because no one can go back and change that moment. We can only change today; this second, with our choices.

I was brought up in a church that believed that once saved by Christ, you could fall over and over, and needed to rededicate your life. This made life a bit more difficult for me, because I knew of so many mistakes I had made.

On Dr. Stanley’s message, he pointed out that I was wrong. He stated that as long as I believed in God, and acknowledged him, along with asking Jesus to forgive my sins, I am saved.

This is a huge relief for me. I may suffer from Parkinson’s, spastic colon, some depression and Diabetes but; I am going to heaven. I used to be so frightened of dying, but these past several weeks I have discovered I am not.

Heaven will be beautiful, with no fighting and no  pain. I will be  healed and smiling. So, I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I am going to be alright, no matter what situation I am in at the present.

me today 3

So Many Questions, One Answer

For you who do not believe in God nor Satan; you may not like my post. For those who do believe; I have to speak my feelings.

I live in northern Indiana; not far from South Bend and Chicago. There isn’t a day that goes by that the local news doesn’t report at least one shooting. The sad thing is, I am not shocked.

What does shock me is; the young ages of children who have guns in their possession and are shooting and sometimes fatally shooting lives. Why do they have these guns? Where are the parents? Why doesn’t the parents know where their children are?

Why does Satan get to run rabid through our country? Why are so many college females getting raped? Why are the rapist not getting the correct course of action served? How can judges  lean left or right in order to save a soul who has good grades, or a sports player?

Why did the Orlando, Florida shooting take place? Was it because the shooter was a crime hater against gays? Was he on drugs? Was he drunk?

Why can’t people get along as God put us here to do? Why do we have to select friends, work places, transportation services, according to color of skin, location of housing? A couple of reasons may be safety or racism.

I can only speak on my own bringing up. I believe Satan has taken over in a lot of areas in our world. I believe God is watching and waiting to rescue those of us who love and believe in him with all our heart and soul.

I am  guilty of not agreeing with all the changes of equal this or that in today’s world. I may not do a 100% job of speaking out about God. I may not step up to the plate as I should. I do believe that shooting, taking someone’s life, fear, someone taking a piece of our body  by force is wrong.

We have all types living among us. I am so sorry for the loss of each life taken and injured in Orlando, along with children, parents, elderly abuse. I agree that no one, no matter what, has the right to do take other people’s lives. This is God’s business, not ours.

I believe that we as believers in God need to stand together, pray for the coming of the Lord, and hold  tight to our faith.

My thoughts are spoken, and my views are shared. Thank-you for reading.


god crying

Time Is Not On Our Side

It is that time of year again. Time to bow our head and say a prayer to the one above. We should be thanking God that we did survive 9/11. Many were taken from loved ones. We watched in horror on our television sets as the disasters happened; feeling hopeless and praying like crazy that those people would remain alive.

Today is a very good day to put into practice where we are at in our own lives. There  have  been rumors floating about the attack coming once again. Whether this is true or not; it does bring to mind what I mentioned above.

No matter where you live or how rich or poor, if an attack happens in our area, are we ready? If we had a half an hour in advance warning that we would not have our homes, our children, our jobs or families or our own lives, what would be the first thing on our minds?

This is nothing like hearing a tornado siren coming.




It wouldn’t be a warning on the television asking you to close all of your windows due to high winds and too much rain. No, this would be a warning that the only one who would be in touch with it would be ourselves.

Maybe our first instinct would be to check and see where our medications are or grab our most important items out of the safe; but let’s face it, does any of that matter when we may be facing our last half hour of our lives?

Now is the time to take warning. Check out where your heart is. Do you know for a fact that you will go to heaven? Is there doubt? Today, September 10, 2-14 we have time. Time to make changes, time to change our priorities, but let’s not fool ourselves. There really isn’t as much time as we believe there is.