Russellville, Kentucy, Christmas Season With Music

I went into town tonight. A nice, crisp evening. Chilly but not too cold. I thought as long as I was out, I should make myself useful, so went to the circle of our little town. I got out of my car and strolled to the middle, taking in the clean air.

This town may be small but they are displaying a very pretty arena of light displays. I knew that I wanted to share this view with you, my friends also.





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Does Christmas Equal Santa Clause, Gifts, God or all of the Above?

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t sit down with us anytime throughout the Christmas season and read the story of Jesus and how he was born. There were prayers at meal time on Christmas Day; but we had prayer at every supper hour, so this was no special day for me as far as prayers went.

It is odd how I grew up going to church. Mom and dad never missed a Sunday unless they were ill or on vacation, and we kids of course were taken too. Not until I grew up and went to visit my parents did I see that Mom read nightly in her Bible. After her passing I viewed many high-lighted chapters. I never saw my dad reading his Bible. I do know he went to church regularly after many prayers and hours spent from Mom. When dad became ill he did not miss one afternoon of opening his Bible and reading it.

I think about my own life and how much my parents thought of God and yet it was more about the gifts and whose house we were going to for dinner and presents that I remember from old conversations.

I tend to be the same way as my parents until I read something that wakes me up. I get wrapped up in the gift giving and how much money it cost. Suddenly after reading a post or listening to something on TV, I realize I am placing too much concern on the material of Christmas and stop and ask God for forgiveness for over-looking him. I also have a special time of day that I try very  hard to read my Bible. I talk to him anytime I wish to thank him or ask him for something or as I stated, ask for forgiveness.

Many of us celebrate Christmas for various reasons. Some don’t celebrate it at all. Add all the different religions in and we  have a mixed variety of Christmas celebrations. To put a lighter topic to end this post do you know how many different versions of the words Santa Clause there are?

Here is what I discovered. If you have some to add, please comment. I would like to know also.

Brazil – Papai Noel

Chile Chile – Viejo Pascuero (Old Man Christmas)

China China – Dun Che Lao Ren (Christmas Old Man)

Denmark Denmark – Julemanden

Finland Finland – Joulupukki

France France – Père Noël

Germany Germany – Weihnachtsmann (Christmas Man)

Greece Greek – Άγιος Βασίλης

Hungary Hungary – Mikulas (St. Nicholas)

Italy Italy – Babbo Natale

Japan Japan – Hoteiosho (A god or priest bearing gifts)

Norway Norway – Julenissen (Christmas gnome)

Poland Polish –  Święty Mikołaj

Portugal Portugal – Pai Natal

Spain Spain – Papa Noel

Romania Romania – Mos Craciun

Russia Russia – Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)

Turkey Turkey – Noel Baba





When I am Bored, This Happens

Can you tell I am bored tonight? No? Well I went through my email spam and discovered that I, Terry, a female was invited to purchase Viagra. LOL

Next, I took photos of my bedroom then sprayed snow on my Christmas tree. Yep, this is the silly things I do when the days darken early, there is a chill in the air, and getting tired of the Christmas movies.

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Decorated With Love

My son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter came over today. They took me to get a Christmas tree and then stayed to help decorate it. I was happy when I saw it all together. I wasn’t sure how I would really feel, since Christmas just isn’t the same this year, but I am happy. It is beautiful in my eyes, decorated with love. Of course I have to show it off to you!



christmas tree 2

Christmas and Our Loved Ones

I am sure some of you can relate to my post today. Christmas and our loved ones.

Christmas this year is certainly different for me. A new area to live in, strangers living all around me. The biggest thing though for me personally is Al, my brother is not here this year.

Last year he was there but he wasn’t. Mentally he wasn’t with me. Drugs were keeping him going. The lungs moved, the eyes fluttered, but he wasn’t there.

The selfish part of me wants that back. I could still go in his bedroom and hold his hand. I could read the Bible to him. I could decorate his room with his Christmas coke items. I could sit and watch TV with him. I could chatter away mindlessly. I could take care of every need he had.

This year, I have none of that. I have tried working with other patients but I just can’t do it. My insides want to roar from pain. I want to run in a corner and hide. I don’t want to deal with those volcano feelings, so caring for other patients isn’t for me, nor may it ever be again.

When I spent eight years either caring for my father or my brother, it is so hard to look at someone else and try to pretend your heart is in it.

My two sons and their families live back home in Indiana. My grandchildren are mainly back there also. I have a daughter here in town where I live now and along with her husband and their daughter, they help keep my smiles alive.

I told my daughter a couple of weeks ago there was no way I was going to be decorating this year. My heart is not into it. My son-in-law, who is so good to me piped up with some words, that I basically ignored; but the next time I went over to their home to visit, there were those words hanging on their living room wall. Those words were something to the tune of let the spirit of Christmas live within you. I have a pretty smart son-in-law. He knew what I needed, even though I didn’t get it at first.

I looked at it and my heart felt stabbed from the loss of Al. The words were beautiful, but my inner soul was not. Memories of my brother’s passing almost eight months ago come flooding back at Christmas.

No matter how hard I try to push them down, they rise to meet the tears in my eyes. Time marches on and for those of us who have lost loved ones, pain comes along with holidays.

I knew in my heart that although I miss my brother and my parents so much, I have, not had, I have children. Children with their own children. Giggles and smiles, babies taking their first crawl, proud parents, accomplishments that parents show by the gleam in their eye.

Living must continue. If for no other reason, then for my grown kids. I owe it to them. Life can’t stand still, which it has for me these past several months. The ache in my heart as I write this post is fresh, but I will get through this. I will laugh at the grandkids when they laugh.

I will listen to what my children and their children say. I will use my camera and make my own memories. I have to, what choice do I really have? I can sit here inside my home and cry and become more depressed, or I can live in the moment, in the season, and I know in my heart, Al will be in heaven smiling down upon me, for the fact I am trying to move on.

So for the end of this post I will show you that I am really trying. I drug my Christmas boxes out. I decorated my fireplace mantle. I stood back and looked at what I had done, and I quietly asked Al what he thought. I felt a peace inside. I know that I am doing the right thing for me, for Al and for my family.



What does the word Starting with C mean to you?

Christmas, the word, how does it make you feel when you first hear it? Does it make you anxious, thinking of the money you will spend on it? Does it remind you of Jesus’s birthday?

Family gatherings and lots of food? No matter what store I visit, I see trees decorated to the max. Christmas music can be heard from some stores. Bright lights, glittery reindeer, all sizes of Santas.

When I was a kid, I would get excited, like every other kid I suppose. Dreaming of what that one gift under the tree would bring that only Santa carried on his sleigh. Yes, we received a few more gifts but not many.

Christmas in our home wasn’t so much about how many gifts we received. It was the day Jesus was born. A day to go to Grandma’s house and see all of our cousins we hadn’t seen for so long. A day to eat and over eat, run inside, try our new pajamas on.

Christmas day was filled with so much pleasure. In those days I didn’t give a thought nor would I have understood what goes on for the mom’s in our lives. Stress, shopping, spending money, getting everything just right.

This year at Christmas for me, I probably won’t put a tree up. My daughter believes I should, maybe even a live one. Wow, I haven’t smelled a live pine tree inside my home for years.

I am so looking forward to spending the day with my kids and grandkids. I can’t help bring to the front, the thoughts of Al, and my parents. The grandparents that used to form such wonderful memories in my mind.

I wish over and over that some things in life didn’t have to change. There will be a large void in my life this year at Christmas. I am going to try real hard to make new memories without my life back home. I am going to count each day I awake as a new blessing I was given.

I am not going to be spending so much time in the stores shopping but instead treasure each word and each face on the day I go home to visit. I have only been gone a month, but you know me well enough to know I miss those grandkids back home and my other kids.

Mean while, I am going to lay my head back and take a ride of my new Christmas this year. No getting all psyched out and stressed over nothing that matters anyway. My kids, my family, that is what matters. Can I get an AMEN to this?





lights 1 2014

The Beatles & Packing

I have not been a good girl on keeping up with my packing. I busted butt last week and then slacked off thinking, oh well, I got plenty of time. Today it is bugging me because I know the more I slack the more to pack later on; so in order to get on the ball I turned on Al’s radio I found after he passed.

I heard a song playing that suddenly gave me a lift in energy, so off to work I go packing some more. What was that song I heard, that got the body moving?






record player

A Day Out With My Family

hanna and flowershanna and babyHanna in tubhanna and curtis

I went to a restaurant today for lunch when my daughter-in-law and the three kids invited me. It was great holding the tiny one. It was nice watching the middle one do all sorts of silly things that made me laugh. It was amazing to see how quick babies turn into teens as I marveled at the growth of the oldest one.

As usual the two older ones picked on each other. No bullying, just being ornery, brother and sister. It takes my mind off of Al for a while and this is something I really appreciate. I just wish I would quit fighting it.

Yes, I still fight at every invite I get. I mentally argue that I should remain home where it is safe and quiet. If I should burst into tears I would be in my own home. I haven’t left an event for a couple of weeks, so I know I am making progress.

The two older kids ate very well. Every time mom went to take a bite, baby must have had a sixth sense and let her presence be known. Mom and I took turns holding the tiny one so we could both eat

I didn’t think nothing of it. Babies get tired of sitting too. At that age there isn’t much variety. They either sit or lay, or the best, we could snuggle them in our arms.

After a delicious brunch of a cheddar cheese and mushroom omelette, we ventured over to Lowes. I am so happy for my daughter-in-law and my son. They are able to remodel and do some things to their home they have wanted to do for some time.

A little touch of this and a change of that and it is almost like living in a brand new home again.  Sometimes things happen in life that make me smile and this is one of those times. To see the two work together, compare prices, agree on something and enjoy it all.

Here are a few photos I was able to capture of those cute grandkids.

Floating Ideas but no Ship to Sail

Well I don’t know anymore about me than I did yesterday; but the brain is ticking. I joined

I was able to place a profile and search and apply for jobs for a fee. I put my titles as house keeper and care giver. I have applied for one opening already.

I don’t know if this is what will work for me or not, but having some work in an area I have experience in will benefit me.

My dream job of course is to be a spokesman for MSA or to be recognized for my published book, but dreams do not always come true.

I am a great organizer. I did learn that about myself as I spent quite a bit of time last night on my bed going back in time at my qualities. You would not believe how hard it is to remember what it is about me that works.

I have not thought about me for almost eight years, and now I have to. I like being in charge. This doesn’t mean I thrive on being boss. I do know that I like to be a big part of making a difference, or getting a new project off the ground. My mind is always ticking.

I know that I love to speak. I love to teach. I love to help those who are searching for answers. If I was techy at building web sites, I would have a web page that would be available to anyone searching for answers about MSA.

I seem to have a knack for decorating. Many compliments have been tossed my way about how I can take nothing and make it into something cozy and cute. I looked into building a web site and found out I don’t know squat and the price to build is taller than my own height.

So all these ideas, floating around in my head and yet too unqualified to put anything together, so for now, I guess I will see if I can land a job on this new site for me,