When You Hear the Word, Terminal




The last thing anyone wants to hear in their life is they are sick. Worse than that is hearing the simple; but complicated word, terminal.
People go through good and bad times in life but manage to pull out of it and move on. When a person hears their life will not get better, the roller coaster ride begins.
Fear is the first feeling people have in common. Anger comes next. Thoughts may include why me or what did I do to deserve this?
Tears will follow with some screaming at God to help them. Once the words of the illness sink into the brain, a new change appears. Patients want to fix the problem. Many will talk to their family and friends. Tracking down doctors and getting second opinions. Suddenly we are thrown into dealing with the physical part of the illness, the full-time job, doctors visits.
Patients constantly discuss with loved ones options they are offered. Together a plan is set in motion and the patient sets these goals as a high priority.
Although they have heard there is no cure, most patients do not give up hope. Some may turn to their God. They may return to church or start reading their Bible.
As the time passes, patients go through various mood changes. Patients can become depressed as they see their independence slipping away. It is important to have everything right in their lives; just in case their hope is taken away and the battle was lost.

Do you have a story that you remember too well? Would you like to share with me?


Home Skillet

There are a lot of popular shows on TV, that are talk shows. All sorts of topics are discussed such as; depression, movie stars, drug abuse, sex abuse. It doesn’t matter what time or what station, you can usually find one of these shows.

What draws the audience to them? Curiosity, maybe a subject close to home? What about the topic of mental therapy? Is there a therapist that sits behind a desk holding his pad and pen and writing down everything you say; for what ever topic?

When my mother was alive, she used to throw a fit at shows that were on the boob tube back then. I think Sally Rafael and Phil Donahue. She would always say the same thing. “People just don’t want to face the fact they made a mistake. They and the courts want to blame their problems on someone else or mental illness or being unstable”.

What do you think? Are there excuses being made for people who don’t want to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions? Are there times when going to a therapist can actually be helpful?

Give me your thoughts.


Home Skillet

Today is not really a problem solver. Instead it is a day brightner, hopefully, to take away the dreaded days of winter.

The only question you have to give, if you choose to, is do you prefer big, bang-out marriage proposals, or private settings?




Let’s face it, some people are just better at popping the question than others. And after covering awesome proposals for a while now, we have to admit, today’s story might take the wedding cake. Although it comes to us from a couple in freezing Chicago, this one will warm your heart. Rodney brought his girlfriend, Alexa, to see the lights festival at the Lincoln Park Zoo and presented her with a Christmas gift. A flipbook. But not just any flipbook. This was made especially for the proposal, and it features a quick story of a couple at a park in Chicago with a dog. The dog goes to fetch a ball and comes back with a ring box instead. The last few pages of the flipbook feature an engagement ring inside the drawn box. Rodney then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the real ring with the question, “Will you marry me?


Home Skillet

Does sex sell? What about at the movies? How does it make  you feel that the top-rated movies have so many sex scenes, nudity and foul language? The media says,” We put out what people want.”

My question to you is; Will you avoid a movie or go, when you hear it is the best movie in a long time. Or do you go anyways against your better judgement because you have heard it is really good?


Home Skillet

Time, once again, to give me your opinion on the short topic below.


Susie and Norman lived in an average  house. They had average incomes and the normal two kids, one boy, one girl. The parents had always let the kids make decisions for themselves if they could.

The son had longer hair than what the parents believed reasonable; but, hey, he wasn’t hurting anyone and would out grow it. Jeans would show the butt-crack and they did have to remind him to pull them up.

The daughter had lots of friends. She wore what most teens her age wore. Then a day came when a friend of hers and she got into a big fight. From that day on, it was never resolved.

She didn’t feel the same about herself and became aloof. She started dating a guy that her parents thought looked way out there. They didn’t approve. Too long of hair, nose rings, earrings, holy jeans and a motorcycle.

For the first time the parents became concerned about where their daughter was headed. What should they do?


Alright, time for you to tell me your thoughts on this. Answer below in the Reply section. Thanks



talkingThis is the third post I have written thus far for Home Skillet. The way it goes is I give an example in a story and you give me your advice. Sounds pretty fair, don’t you think? Last week it went over quite well, so I am hoping it does again.


Betty and Sue had been good friends from clear back in high school. Now they had children who were grown and some grandchildren to enjoy. Betty’s husband cheated on her so she is living a divorced life today.

Sue’s husband was a good man, but he passed away. Both ladies still remain good friends today. They go to functions and dinner parties and text each other quite a bit.

Sue thought it strange one evening when she was to meet Betty at the club; but Betty never showed up. Phone calls and text made, but no response. Sue went ahead and enjoyed her evening, thinking Betty must not be feeling well.

A couple of days later, Betty called and asked to meet Sue in the park. When they both got out of their cars, Sue gasped out loud yelling, ” What in the world happened to you girl? Who did that to you?”

” Oh this, well, actually, I was trying to carry groceries in the door and I sort of tripped over one of the bags and the door came back and hit me right in the face.”

” Oh my gosh, that must have hurt like crazy.”

” It hurt more than you can imagine.”

The two sat on the bench and Sue talked but Betty barely said a word. Sue nudged her and leaned her head on Betty’s shoulder. Quietly, she asked, ” What’s really wrong? I know somethings wrong.”

Betty started to weep, trying to turn her face away. Sue gently tugged at Betty’s chin forcing her to look at her. Silence filled the air they breathed. Time ticked by too slowly.

” I was robbed last night. Someone broke into my back door. They took all of my cash and that must be about the time I woke up. I sat up on the bed and he saw me. He came in and hit me in the face and then he raped me. Please, please don’t tell a living soul. I just couldn’t face it if anyone knew. I feel so ashamed.”












Home Skillet Advice Column

Today marks the third posting on my new advice column. What you need to do is read the problem and then offer your thoughts.


Mary and Jeff had three children. Their ages were 7,9 and 12. Both parents thought they had a hassle-free family. They were all loved in the community. They attended church regularly on Sunday mornings. The kids got good grades in school.

In fact, Jeff was a school teacher at the two younger kids school. He thought this was so cool that his kids waved to him in the hall and asked dad if he could go on school trips with them.

Mary was home one evening and was doing laundry. She was sorting clothes into different piles and checking pockets for anything that shouldn’t be washed. When she came to the 12 year old’s pockets, she pulled out a beaten up pack of cigarettes.

Her mouth gaped. Totally astounded, she put them in her pants pocket, and after starting a load of clothes she took the pack and showed it to Jeff. He didn’t know what to think. He said nothing for a moment.

Then out of his mouth the words came. ” I don’t think we should make a big deal of this Mary. What would people think if they knew one of our kids was smoking? Let’s just keep quiet and watch and see if we notice any more cigarettes.”

Mary said, ” Absolutely not. We need to nip this in the bud right now. We need to teach our children that smoking is bad for their health. Let’s call our 12 year-old in here right now and get to the bottom of it.”

Friends, what do you think?


Home Skillet

This is the second post for Home Skillet. The title tells you that this is a solve a problem post. I will state a problem and it is your job to give your opinion. Pretty easy. The first post went over well so I am hoping for at least as good if not better on this one.


Alice had been carrying a heavy load most of her adult life. She argued with her self making a point that she was an adult; and was entitled to live as she saw fit. On the flip side she could always hear her parents state how awful it was if people did this.

Should Alice seek an appointment with a therapist?

Should Alice just get toughened up and realize her parents were old-fashioned?

Now is your time to voice your thoughts on this.

What did Alice do that her parents would never approve of?

Answer is;  She smoked.


Home Skillet

Ever since Al passed I have seemed or felt at a loss. Ever feel like that? I see that I am improving on my hurting heart area, but still, there is a sense of I don’t know where I belong. People look at me strange when I say this, but it’s true.

So for the first time tonight I am trying something new. I am adding it to what I already do on WP. You know if you follow me that I have a Quotes, Music for the Soul, and my main here. I will add this only if I see that it goes over well. Don’t worry; I won’t make any decisions until after the new year. I will keep tabs on the likes and comments and then make that decision. Also, if you have any topic that you would like to see me post, comment to me please.

I am going to call this new idea;

Ask Home Skillet

It is a name given to me as of late. It sort of makes me wonder what it really means. It kind of grows on me, so let’s welcome Home Skillet to WordPress. This is how it will work. I will give a short story. It may be true or possibly made up. There will be a question directed to you and you will be responsible for answering it to the best of your ability. Whether the story or example is true or false, you give the answer according to your heart.

I will make a positive effort to do this  twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, and it will always be titled Home Skillet. Everyone understand? Alrighty then, let’s get started with our first story.

Dear Home Skillet

I am the oldest of three kids. I am almost 14 years old. My mom puts a lot of stuff on me to do at home, while my brother and sister lay around and watch TV. I don’t think that is fair. I have tried talking to mom about sharing the load, but she just pats me on the head and says she knows she can count on me. Home Skillet, what do you think of her answer?



Alright friends and followers, it is your time to comment on this scene.