40’s, 50’s and 60’s

I decided to have some fun since it is Friday. How about some going back in time to the forties, fifties, and  sixties, relaxing and have some laughs. How about some Folgers coffee?



How about some Alphabets?



How about a Mattel commercial four our bikes?



Let’s go back  one step to the fifties!



How about some old jingles?



How about our earliest commercials from the forties?



Lastly, how about some Harpo  or Three Stooges?



The Beatles & Packing

I have not been a good girl on keeping up with my packing. I busted butt last week and then slacked off thinking, oh well, I got plenty of time. Today it is bugging me because I know the more I slack the more to pack later on; so in order to get on the ball I turned on Al’s radio I found after he passed.

I heard a song playing that suddenly gave me a lift in energy, so off to work I go packing some more. What was that song I heard, that got the body moving?






record player

The Spring in My Chick is Golden

I fell asleep last night too early. I kept waking up throughout the night, ready to get up but forcing myself to go back to sleep. Finally at 7 this morning, I gave myself permission to get out of bed. I made fresh coffee and fried up some bacon.

snatching a few pieces of bacon while I was cleaning and cutting up some cabbage, onion and fresh tomatoes, I finally had it all placed in the crock pot along with my favorite spices and woo-hoo, supper is going to be ready when I am.

I love it when I get up bright and early. My neighbors are either still sleeping or being very quiet and no screaming kids racing up and down the streets. Silence is golden.

I have certainly changed through the years. It used to be the first thing I did was let my feet touch the floor and my fingers turn the music on. I couldn’t get myself going until I heard the beat of the music. There are many times I still feel like I am in my thirties mentally, but there are times I do feel my age.

I have been packing and I can’t believe how painful it is to my joints and how much it drains me. This has to be old age, right? I don’t blame anyone for how I feel, but I do believe one hundred percent that my body went through a hidden work-out that I didn’t recognize when I was caring for Al, and I just never got it back to the way it was seven years ago.

Mental stress, worrying, and the caring for others somehow catches up with a person once that task is completed. I still have many days where I would prefer to sleep late, become too restless to sleep at night so end up being a night owl, and really want nothing to do with anything during the waking hours.

Alas though, there are days like today when I feel like a spring chicken and I have some get up and go juice, ready to attack the world. I still have pain in my gland area. I wont continue to explain about that since I did talk to you last night on the topic. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.

Today is the last day of the garage sale. I will spend some time with the lady actually running it. There is nothing driving me crazy to be home to watch on TV. After all, it is Saturday and we know what Saturday shows bring through the day; cartoons and sports. Blah to both I say. I am not interested in either type.

So I asked God to show me what he gave me another chance to do for him this morning so we shall see if I recognize my task. Other than that, it is a laid back, goof off, pack another box day. Have a great Saturday my friends.






spring chicken

I Stop At No Fear



Sticking to myself

Thinking of nothing else

Looked up and saw

A spider on the crawl

I jumped back

And went splat

I ran into the pole

Does my head now have a hole?

How can a creature so small

Make me shiver and crawl

A tiny thing as he

I felt like calling mommy

I composed myself

And ran like a little elf

I went inside and grabbed

My camera and all I had

I shook as I neared

With all of my gear

I tried not to breathe

As I continued to lean

I snapped the shot

Then took off on a trot

Ran straight in the house

And quivered like a mouse

I looked at at the photo I took

And thought about how I am  hooked

On taking photos  every day

Even if fear gets in my way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



spider 2

I Am Guilty, My Finger Prints Are On The Weapon

Minding my own business today was not a big chore. Being laid back. Making some phone calls and paying one bill didn’t stress me out.

The weather has been acting up for the past several days. Even as I write this, the thunder is booming. The rain barely stops before it gains enough force to bring it on down. Sort of like The Cable Guy, get er done! I swear if I could carry on that attitude of Larry’s, no one would give me crapola the entire days left in my life.

larry the cable guy 020309Some days when my mouth has drooped, and the tears have glued themselves to my cheeks; I will give myself finger burns just channel surfing to find Larry the Cable guy on the big TV. If I can’t find my way out of the bottom of the mud pond, Larry can lift me up without ever laying a hand on me, just like magic.magic

I tried to take a nap today but something or someone wouldn’t let me. I would just get one eye-lid down, and CRACK, no not butt crack, or crack cocaine, I mean crack from the thunder would almost have me sitting straight up in bed.butt crack

No, the other thing that was happening in my bed was I kept hearing something.

Was it a mouse?mouse

Was someone trying to open my door? It did have a sort of strange effect on me because I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first.

My eyes became large and I laid in my bed, barely breathing, just listening.Spinning_eyeball_transparent

I pulled the covers a little tighter around my neck and then I knew in a second what that sound was.

I tried scaring it away, but he thought he was smarter than me.

I tried swatting at the air, but he stood back and mocked me.mocking

I gritted some words but all he did was call in reinforcement. Now I was getting pissed off. All I wanted to do is take a short nap, well maybe a medium nap. After all it’s raining outside, what else is there to do?

Now there were two of them. I couldn’t take it. I let out a big puff of air and threw back the covers. Those two bounced back but only for a short moment. Soon they were following me out to the kitchen. This is starting to make steam roll from my nose.

I had to think, tick tock, tick tock. I got it. I looked around the kitchen but couldn’t find something I could use on these two pests. No one was staying in my home without a proper invitation, and that included these two thugs.

I wasn’t scared anymore. I took my eyebrow pencil and painted war paint on my face. I tossed  my hair back and forth and then sprayed it in place. I came out of the bathroom and spotted them and my weapon.

I walked quietly over to where it sat, not wanting these enemies to be able to read my mind. I grabbed it and squeezed it with my hand so I didn’t lose my grip on it. I turned softly around and stood ever so still, waiting for them to make their position known.

It took patience but I won on that one. They landed on the chair, thinking they were going to get a free ride. CRACK, SLAP AND SMASH. Dead, as a door knob. I killed them. I killed them both with my bare hands and my precious weapon.

I hope no one saw me. I hope no one calls the police. I put my rubber gloves on and picked them up by their backs and opened the trash can and slammed it shut. I felt a smile creep onto my face as I thought about my empty bed, and I believe I heard it calling my name.

Well, by now you probably figured it out what I killed today. If not, take a look at the bottom photo, then you’ll know. Night now, nap time.


Friday Night Delight

You all know how much struggle I go through emotionally when exiting my comfort zone. Sometimes it pays off and I enjoy myself. Other times I run home like a dog with its tail between his legs.

Friday night, I made it through it. I went to the Moose with my new friends and I stayed the entire time. I didn’t realize that it was band night so the place was pretty crowded. I did my best to tune out the size and concentrate on my friends.

I even got up and wiggled my fanny a couple of times, just for the humor in it.kicking

About half-way through I was told that all of them were planning on going to Applebees for appetizers.

I started to freak but prayed like crazy, let me get through this Lord, let me get through this.

They said we were leaving the Moose at 10 and I began to think of every reason why I should go home and not go along with them.

I knew that I can’t see that well at night when driving. I have a cataract in one eye and night driving is just about finished for me unless it is a short distance; so I better go home.

I had made it through the evening, I may not make it through that much more time; I better go home. It is late for me to be out, but then who is waiting on me at home; no one.

Excuse after excuse I mentally made until I had myself about sick at sea. I finally spoke out and thanked them for inviting me when one of the girls said, ” Leave your car here. I will take you there and bring you back.”

How could I back out now? I couldn’t, besides the only real excuse I had going for me was the night blindness. The million other excuses were from being out of my comfort zone.

I did go and I stayed. I got through it and I laughed. A part of the old comical me came shining through. I thought about how strange it may seem to my new friends that they had not seen this laughing hyena’s side so I toned it down a bit.

Here are some photos of my new friends. Amy, Sandy and Sue. Thanks ladies for posing for me and my camera. By the way girls, I am a camera freak, always be prepared for the unexpected.

friday nightfriday night 2Friday night 3friday night 4friday night 5friday night 6

Who Had The Last Word?

I just had an experience that made me laugh out loud. I got AJ, my dog for company and to alert me to anyone around the house.

He has been here about a week now and today he provided me with what I wanted, an alert that someone was near.

He doesn’t bark much so to hear him bark nice and clear, I have to admit I was paying attention.


I was placing a chicken in the crock pot along with potatoes and carrots and one apple, cored and chunky. With some added spices the lid was placed and temperature turned down to low.

I washed my hands and wiped them. AJ was still continuing to bark. I peeked outside the kitchen window but saw nothing. I walked to the living room and looked in a different direction. I saw nothing.

Silly dog, tricks are for kids, I thought.

tricks are for kidsHe was still barking so I went to where he was. Standing at attention he was staring at the corner of my bedroom.

I was thinking, is that mouse still in here?

mouseI really didn’t see anything. I have a rocker in the corner and my box fan is sitting in it. I have to sleep with a fan on every night of the year or I don’t sleep much.

I kept asking AJ what he was looking for then I saw it. Behind my fan is a life-size baby doll that the care giver of my brother had gifted me. It spooked AJ and he thought it was real.

I am not sure if he was trying to alert me to protect me or if he was just plain, old scared. I got the baby doll down and he showed his fangs. He barked, then would jump back and lunge at the doll.

dollI started talking in a loving attitude to the doll and AJ was watching but still barking. I continued until AJ slowed his bark and started sniffing the dog.

I placed the doll back in its seat and AJ walked up to it and sniffed its feet. Feeling satisfied that there was no real danger, he barked at it one more time and then followed me out of the room. AJ made sure he had the last word on that topic.

Those Were The Days My Friend

I was chatting with my friend this morning while waiting for Al to wake up. The conversation came upon the topic of party lines. Some of you may ask, what is a party line? Others may very well remember the term too well.

For me I can remember when I wanted to use the phone I may have to wait my turn. I honestly believe this is where I learned to hate busy signals and the word, impatient. The way it worked was; when you signed up for telephone service you had a choice of paying a higher rate and receiving a private line, or you could do what so many did, share a party line of four, in order to keep the rates down.

You go to make a phone call. Maybe you just wanted to call and chat with your friend. Maybe it was important, you needed to call your doctor. You pick up the phone receiver and instead of pushing redial or entering the numbers, you listened without speaking.

Yes, you had to listen first. Too many times one of the four parties on your line was a gabber. By this I mean they were not speaking for any other reason than to just chat. You were to quietly place the receiver down on its cradle and go back a few minutes later to see if the line was free.

If the line was still busy you repeated your prior steps. If the jabber-box  didn’t hang up and your phone call was of utter importance, you could dial zero and get a live phone operator. You could explain your situation and he/she would listen politely and in that kind voice, would get on your line and let the other party talking know that the line needed to be freed immediately for a very important call.

I sure miss the days where there were live operators to talk to . You know, it sort of made a difference in your day. You could find out what area they were from, ask them about how their weather was that day.

Today I have spent up to twenty minutes or more being transferred from one automated area to the next. Many times I will end up back where I was in the beginning and have to star over or worse yet, hang up the phone and dial back the same number.

Back in those days I did use the operator once in a while as I needed to get through to my own call. But then there were other times that I just turned in to a crabby old woman. I would listen just long enough to hear the other party say, ” Is there someone listening in on my conversation?” I would then quietly place the phone down on its cradle and wait.

Other times I would answer with a yes. I am trying to get through but I could expect to hear well missy, you have to wait your turn. I am on the phone now. Oh this used to burn me up. No wonder I got gray hairs earlier than the normal time.

I also remember being the proud owner of the new six-foot plus phone cords. Easy to use. Each end plugged into the two pieces of phone. This enabled you to take your land line phone with you to several  rooms. But I laugh as I remember that as the new cords wore down, they twisted.

Sometimes I spent several minutes untwisting the mass of curls in order to use the phone. The phones were heavy. They had big plastic phone rings that you inserted your finger in on the appropriate number and then held it in place until the number touched the silver piece letting you know you had done it correctly.

Now today I am not sure if there are party lines still. I know I don’t have to click on that big dial. I don’t have to listen to see if anyone else is talking first. I never slam the phone down in the cradle.

No, today I have to worry more about cell calls being dropped.  Worry about if going over alloted minutes has been  happening. Losing or breaking phones, carrying insurance, having my own personality being as my phone cover. What color and size of cell phone do I want to carry. What am I willing to pay for in order to have the most conveniences.

The world of technology has certainly changed. We never miss a call anymore. We don’t have answering machines. We have voice mail. We even get to pick our own ring tones. Do any of you miss the good old days of live operators and party lines?

oldfashionedphoneold-fashioned-phone2cell phone

Daily Prompt; Something So Strong

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/, DP, Daily Prompt

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

I met my best friend almost forty years ago. She needed a baby sitter. I am not sure how she found me. Possibly I had run an ad in the newspaper. She worked at I believe an insurance company.

She had two adorable kids. Both with brown hair and big eyes along with cute smiles that melted your heart. It has been so long ago that I don’t know how it happened but my mother had an opening at the office where she worked.

My mother worked for a very large gas company and with the little that I knew about my friend I was sure this would be a nice improvement to her life. She did apply and landed the job.

In fact, last year my friend retired from the company. I don’t remember how long I baby sat her kids but I do know that slowly we became more than associates. Our friendship blossomed and soon we were spending time outside of the normal eight to five.

She lived in a big, old farm-house out in the country. I used to go over to her house on the weekends and we would chat and stay up late painting ceramics. The story that still gives us plenty of laughs today is the one night I almost died of fear.

Her porch light was out on the back and it was so black I couldn’t even see where I was walking when I left her house. I think it was near midnight. I stepped cautiously to my car and just as I placed my hand on the door handle I heard a very loud sound.

The sound of galloping. It spooked me and before I could move I felt a hot gush of air on my face and heard a loud snort. Nothing could keep me in my frozen condition. My feet ran as fast as they could back to that porch door.

I frantically tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. I beat on the door screaming to let me in. My friend opened the door and explained that the door wasn’t locked. My fear had so engulfed me I was probably rattling the door more than turning it.

She said my eyes were completely bugged out and that my face was pure white from fear. She laughed at me and I probably didn’t like that at first but in the end we both laughed. The next morning she learned that the neighbor’s horse had broke loose and that was what had galloped past me.

From that day forward our friendship bonded and has never broken. She lives about an hour and a half from me now but when we get together, many times the horse story arises and we still get a good giggle out of it.


So Much For Sleep

It was a crazy weekend for sure. For one, the silence was deafening. Thankfully, my girlfriend calls me nightly. Last night, Sunday, Al was so uncomfortable. He was in pain and no matter what I gave him, it didn’t take it completely away.

He fought a temp all weekend. Even with his fever and pain medications the fever was still there. I didn’t get to go to bed on  time. Al had every right to complain, he is the one feeling it, but boy, did I want to go to bed.

Then during the night I had been asleep about two hours when I must have had a nightmare.    http://www.nightmaresanddreams.com/


nightmareI heard people marching. I mean it was so loud I instantly sat up in bed. I could feel my heart racing. It felt like it was beating in my throat.

I sat frozen in spot, listening. I was first thinking is this the way Al went home? The horses or men or whoever it was had come to get Al, and yet I sat there frightened as a mouse being caught with cheese.

After a spell went by I realized I had been dreaming so I laid back down and went back to sleep. Oh, I should say I did check Al and all was alright. About a half an hour later I was woken up again. This time I was hearing bells. No, not bells like bells in my belfry, lol, but more like chime bells.

I didn’t sit up in fright as it was such a nice chime but laid there listening for more, but nothing. By the time I went back to sleep I was figuring I would get about two more hours of sleep, if I was lucky.

I woke up in time to let the shower girl in and wanted to go back to bed and die from lack of sleep but that didn’t happen either. The phone rang three times. The nurse showed up. The caregiver arrived.

I then remembered it was Monday and I had three bills to pay sitting at the computer. I made the phone calls and paid two of them. On the third one, my cell bill, the automated was messed up.

The empty person’s voice couldn’t detect the information I was putting in. So then it tried to give me a temporary pin number to proceed but of course when I punched those numbers in, it couldn’t hear me.

I was then switched to this, listen to me, a LIVE voice. Yes, a real person. I told her what happened and then she said she was so happy to help me. She asked the usual, name, address etc. Then she asked me for the kind of phone I had.

I told her what it was but she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted the serial number. I explained that my phone is generic and if I pull the back off she would disappear from the conversation.

She told me to look up my account on my bill. With a false smile I explained that I have been on contract with them for nearly two years. I told her that for the first three months of being with them I had called in and reported that I was not receiving any online statement from them.

She was frustrated that I didn’t know crap about my name of my phone and put me on hold for some time. I hadn’t had my medicine for my Diabetes yet. I was hungry. I was tired, and my pet peeve is being put on hold.

After some silence, I didn’t even get the elevator music, gees, she came back online. She verified my home address and said she would start having my bills sent snail mail. Under my breath I whispered, why didn’t you do that a year and a half ago. Wow, a few months before the contract ends, I am going to actually get a bill!

I thanked her for her help and paid my bill. When we finished our lovely conversation I looked at the time I was on the phone with her and it had been thirty-one minutes. Oh my gosh, that long? And all this was over the fact that their automated system didn’t work good today.

So here it is 1pm in the afternoon. The caregiver went to Taco Bell to get lunch and she brought me back some Tacos too. I am still in my pajamas. I haven’t washed my face nor brushed my hair, and she leaves at 3pm.

So much for my Monday. Is it Tuesday yet?