Notice it!

Freedom to say as you wish once you leave your parents home. Freedom to marry whom you choose. Freedom to vote, to plan your marriage and death. Freedom to worship whatever you please.

Freedom to choose what you have for your meals, what kind of car to drive, what side of town you live on. Freedom to decide whether to work or not. Freedom to do as you please.

This is freedom here in America. We take freedom for granted. We need to get on our knees and kiss our ground because there are many areas of the world who have little freedom and there are those inflicted by disease that wish they could kiss the ground.

Happy Fourth of July my friends! Stay safe and have fun



fireworks 2


i went to the Moose tonight, but things happen and had to come home sooner than planned. I stayed outside for awhile, trying to take a few photos and fight off the mosquitoes. I wasn’t out there long until every mosquito thought I was their snack.

I took these photos and just want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. Let freedom ring!!!!



A Day Off or Should I Have Worked?

Wow, a day off and cleaning is the menu for today. Is this right? Is this normal? lol. I usually tidy up every day, but now with leaving the house for a job, I am forced to stay home part of the day. Oh well, life goes on, right?

I spent all morning scrubbing the bathroom, dusting the house, cleaning the kitchen, placing things back in order, gathering trash for the early pick-up date tomorrow because of July 4th. Recycle bin full, and have to empty that and all is well, smelling good and done.

I was getting the trash gathered when I spotted a big, fat Robin out back. Hurrying to grab my camera before she flew away, I managed to capture her standing proud.

Now shower time and off to the lake to meet my daughter-in-law to capture a bit of new memories of my grandchildren. Next to Walgreens to return an item I didn’t care for. The grocery store for a few, hopefully, items I need. I am bad about adding a few more items to the bucket.

Tomorrow at 7am, I will be heading out the door to the Neurologist appointment I have for 7:30. Whoa, that is early. I think I will stop through a drive-thru afterwards and grab breakfast and then off to work I go.

I am off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What shall I do? I have plans to go to the Moose Friday evening. The rest of the weekend I hope to try out my new camera lens I purchased; that is if it arrives tomorrow as scheduled.

Well folks, that is what I did on my day off. What do you do on your days off? Off to the shower to become sparkle clean once again. By the way, several moons ago, this July 4th, I have birth to a beautiful baby boy, what are some of your better memories of this particular  holiday?

robin 5

Independence Day, My Day, Thanking You


Today is July 4th, Independence Day in the United States. How many other countries celebrate along with us?

Just to name some… Most of the European countries celebrate July forth in some way…

How many countries do not celebrate on the day we do; or not at all?

In many countries, Independence Day is a national holiday, just like it is in the United States, celebrated with much vigor. Here are some of the Independence Days of other countries, by order of date:

· Mexico – September 16th, 1810, Mexico declared independence from Spain.

· Argentina – July 9, 1816… independence from Spain.

· Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua – September 15, 1821. All of these countries share the same Independence Day, the day they achieved independence from Spain or Mexico.

· Dominican Republic – February 27, 1844… independence from Haiti.

· Bulgaria – September 22, 1908… independence from the Ottoman Empire.

· Iceland – June 17, 1944… independence from Denmark.

· South Korea – August 15, 1945. This Independence Day, also known as Gwangbokjeol, celebrates
South Korea’s independence from Japan. It also marks the creation of South Korea’s government in 1948, on the same day.

· Belarus – June 3, 1966. This day marks the liberation of Minsk (the capital of Belarus) from Nazi Germany.

· Russia – June 12, 1990. This Russian Independence Day is also known as Russia Day. It was on this date that the Russian parliament formally declared its sovereignty. This is one of the newest Independence Days celebrated by any countries.

· Armenia – September 21, 1991… independence from the Soviet Union.

· Bosnia and Herzegovina – March 1, 1992. This Independence Day celebrates their independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugolsavia.

· Montenegro – June 3, 2006. This recent Independence Day marks Montenegro’s independence from Serbia. They voted to secede on May 21, 2006.

Many countries have Independence Days to celebrate their independence from the United Kingdom, just like we do. Here are just a few of those countries and the dates of their Independence Days… notice how recent some of them are:

· Australia – January 1, 1901

· Afghanistan – August 19, 1919

· Jordan – May 25, 1946

· India – August 15, 1947

· Sri Lanka – February 4, 1948

· Malaysia – August 31, 1957

· The Republic of Cyprus – October 1, 1960

· Jamaica – August 6, 1962

· Trinidad and Tobago – August 31 1962

· Malta – September 21, 1964

· Guyana – May 26, 1966

· Swaziland – September 6, 1968

· Tonga – June 4, 1970

· Bahamas – July 10, 1973

· Zimbabwe – April 18, 1980

· Belize – September 21, 1981



To me, I am nothing but a grain of sand among a beautiful, sky-blue beach. We are all gathered together. Our goal to keep our freedom along with our lives.
Many have fought and too numerous have died to help us be where we are today.
I am not only proud of my fellow Americans, I am proud of you also. Proud to call you my friend. Proud to say your name.
So for today and every day, I stand in front of the American Flag and salute you, each of you, for being a part of my life.








July 4th, a Real Firecracker

On a hot summer day many moons ago, I could hardly breathe. Walking was a struggle. My face was red. I was sweaty. It was only early morning and I already wanted to go back to bed.

I was restless; nothing seemed to satisfy me. I went to visit family and complained most of the time how I felt terrible. It didn’t help when those I complained to agreed with me about how I looked and felt.

It was July 4th. I should have been in a wonderful mood. Fireworks that evening. A planned picnic. I didn’t even want to prepare the foods I was supposed to take. Wow, was I crabby.

I went in the bathroom and looked at the full-length mirror and shuddered at what I saw. What a blimp I was. I looked like an over-sized whale. Maybe I should consider going on a diet; but that sounded like a terrible idea.

Maybe some exercises? Oh my gosh, what would happen once I got on the floor and couldn’t get up? Was the  local crane company going to have to be called to help me off the floor?

I looked pathetic. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I just wish things would change for me. I said a tiny prayer, asking for a miracle to  happen.

Well someone heard my plea. Within one hour, I kid you not, I was at the local hospital, and had given birth to my second son. What a firecracker baby he was. No pain, nothing. A tiny bit of spotting, a call to the ER and a visit produced a fine, healthy baby boy. I smiled.

Happy Birthday Ryan. Mom loves you so much.

firecrackerfirecracker 2American Flag