Getting Over You

A new year today
The old slipping away
Put away the stale
Wipe away the days.

Refresh my memory
What is your name again?
Let’s go and have a drink
Let’s dance and remember when.

Clean sheets upon the bed
Blank shadows scream your name
Just place your imprint baby
Let’s play that familiar game.

Your body feels indifferent
I can still remember him
The old year slipping in
I am remembering once again.

I scream his name in vain
As you raise me up above
The hurt you feel; I see
I swear I’m not in love.

You climb out of my bed
You slip your clothes back on
You shut the door so quiet
Now both have come and gone.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd01/05/2016





She is my best friend

You are her beau

You walked by me

Hairs stood up

Breeze blew my hair

We look and then away

She never noticed

Trust, a weak link

We crossed the line

Heavy breathing

Touching hot spots

Lust taking over

Looking down

I knew it was wrong

She was my best friend

You were her beau

Trust now broken

Our lips are sealed.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







Looking out I hear

You whisper to me

See your branches

Draped with velvet fingers

Gently swaying in the wind

Softly calling to me

I walk towards you

Breezes lifting me

Step by step

Then I touch our spot

Where once you

Leaned into me

I trace my fingers

On that special mark

Where we kissed

Then we carved our name

Deep within the bark

I stand here with tears

As memories trickle by

Wishing, wanting once again

To be engulfed with love

I feel a cold wind

Brushing into my skin

Reminding me of never more

When you turned and said

I promise you I’ll be back

I remember standing there

When the letter

Was placed in hand

The words jumped out

M.I.A., oh my love

I will wait forever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



My Dream

My Dream

I dreamed of you last night

A place we’d never been

You were lying next to me

The lights were turned down dim.


I saw you looking at me

I saw desire in your eyes

I felt my body’s desire

There was no asking why.


I felt your kiss so deep

I loved your warm soft hands

I heard music from afar

Playing music from big bands.


I heard my breathing expand

As I guided your hand in me

I felt our bodies rise

Being swept in the love of seas.


When it was over our breathing slowed

Then I opened my eyes and saw

It was not a dream at all

It was you love, answering my call.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



dream 2

Poetry Contest

nakedThe cover photo on this page is a photo of the nine modern Muses of the Arts, a sculpture by Napolean V. Abueva. The muses are theatre, literature, architecture, painting, dance, music, film, computer, sculpture. (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form but it must be inspired by this picture. Write about one of the muses or just a muse- what or who inspires you. Post the poem only. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

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intertwined Minds

I sit here very still

Staring at your face

Winding my wandering eye

Through the curves of your life

I ask myself if I can somehow

Think of words that you will hear

If sometime in our future

Our branches will intertwine

Oh how lovely that would be

Two hearts become one

Arms and legs bound

Minds thinking alike

Love for both to share

I can feel you within me

My soul reaches out to you

Come to me my darling

Let us create the

Art of our love.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


It Hurts So Bad



It Hurts So Bad

It hurts so bad

When you turned a way

My love is torn

My heart did crack

My soul reflects

Through tears of pain

I could never love another

There’s absolutely no way

I will remain here forever

Holding tight to what

Was once a dream

I say a silent prayer

You find what you

Are looking for

And when you see clear

You make your way

Back into my arms

For I will always love you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here

Oh my darling

How I dreamed of you

From the days of young

I have sung a song

Dreaming of a life with you

I gave you all

I tried my best

I couldn’t help

What has happened now

You promised in an oath

To stand by me

Through thick and thin

Now tears flow quick

As I see you at the door

Suitcases packed

You turned your back

I don’t want this cancer

I don’t want to go it alone

I whisper come back to me

As you open and close the door

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry

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Who’s Sorry Now



Who’s Sorry Now

We met on the field

I didn’t yield

You begged me so much

I knew you wanted to touch

After many days gone by

You looked at her with eyes

Leaving me back to myself

Brought more than just wealth

Now weeks later you come to me

You bare your soul hoping I will see

You say you are going to be a dad

And I can see that you’re real mad

I told you so, so don’t have a cow

Deal with it kid, who’s sorry now.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






Don’t leave me

Don’t go away

Stay by my side

Please don’t let me slide


I know you aren’t really here

I can’t see you anywhere

But I can still see our love

In my bed and right above


You left last week

You walked out on me

You said we were through

You wanted someone new


But I can’t let you go

I must feel you by my side

So I cling to memories

In my dreams, our love, you and me


You insisted on walking on

Take your clothes, take it all

But when you turned to leave

I stole our memories.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




We met during hard times

We fell in love

You were called to duty

We hugged tight

I wrote every day

My thoughts always with you

I bore you a son

He looks just like you

I waited for news

A letter or two

Then one day a man

Came bringing me tears

He handed me a letter

You were missing my dear

I love you all days

I hug you at nights

I remember your face

I miss you my darling

I will always remember

I will dream of you forever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd