Ever Wonder Who I Am Looks Like?

Here I am. I am the writer and photographer behind this blog. I live in Warsaw, Indiana. I have three grown children and I think, 11 grandchildren. I was a caregiver and traveled throughout Indiana for many years and then became a private caregiver for elderly and Hospice patients.

Now I have Parkinsonism/Dystonia/Ataxia. I live in a retired community building and spend my time painting, or being the photographer for the social events here. Yesterday, I was nominated for Secretary for the next year. In April I will learn whether I was voted in or not. I really don’t mind if I lose or win; I was thought of.

I am pretty quiet, but at times I can be a real chatterbox. I love to take my scooter or car and go to the lake and take photos. I love campfires, seeing the smiles on my family’s faces and making memories.

I am an Advocate for a rare illness called; Multiple System Atrophy. I have a Facebook page called Multiple System Atrophy through a caregiver’s eyes, where families, patients and caregivers can view postings that hopefully bring a smile. You may chat with me about questions you have about this rare illness.


I have published two books and am writing a third. The first book is called Dahlia. It is an uplifting story about never giving up. The second book is a general based book on Multiple System Atrophy. These two books can be purchased through Amazon or Kindle. The third book I am writing is in no holding back the truth about Multiple System Atrophy. Many readers let me know they wanted to know more. I had held back because it is such a horrifying disease; but in this third book, I will be spilling my guts. I think the name of it will be, A Hell of a Disease. We shall see if that sticks.Al_his_life_and_MSA_Cover_for_Kindle

Well, that about does it. If you have questions about who I am, talk to me.


Envelope Pushers


When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?


The last thing I did that was outside the box of what I do normally is write two books and publish them. The first book I wrote, called Dahlia, is an inspiring story. I thought it so well related to today’s living. Problems arise and we can make one of two choices. We can stand tall and break through the rocky road, or we can give up and move towards something else. This is what this book is about. I have had quite a few compliments on this book which made me feel pretty good.


The second book was written while my brother Al was going through the struggles of MSA. I finished the book soon after his death. This is full of Al’s story of his life and how we dealt with the horrible disease, which is quite rare. I wrote this book in hope that other families and caregivers would not be in such fear as they walked with their loved ones through the different stages.

Both of these books can be purchased through Create Space or at Amazon.

I am disappointed with my second book. The book is alright. It is the hope that I lost from writing the book. My hope continued to the point where I hoped to teach others through a class or have professionals want to read it. I feel like I have not carried on Al’s name by helping others.

There is so little known about this terrible illness, but the ones who are familiar with it; the ones living through it, I wanted so much to be able to help them.

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How To Purchase My Books Dahlia and Al his life and MSA

I just wanted to update you, my friends. My new book titled, Al his life and MSA is available now through Create Space and Amazon. In a few weeks it will be available in the UK also.

If you would like to purchase it through me directly and have it signed by me, I won’t be ordering any until I get moved so the books will come to my correct home address. If you buy either of my books, the one I mentioned here or Dahlia through me you will be purchasing it through PayPal.

The new book has a trickle effect. It starts here in US and trickles to outer countries. I hope this helps calm any confusion on why you can not order it from me right away.

Thanks my friends. You can order Dahlia through me immediately as I have some copies with me now. Dahlia is about a young lady who wants to be a dancer. Like so many of us she runs into snags and has to decide whether to give up or keep going in order to make her dream come true.


For Al his life and MSA, here is the link to purchase it



For the book Dahlia, here is the link to purchase it.



For Dahlia through Amazon, here is the link.



For Al his life and MSA through Amazon, here is the link.





Dahlia front cover

book 2

Who Says I Have To?



When will it begin

How will it happen

Why did this come upon me

What am I going to do?


Ever feel this way? I know it has to me. The four words, When, How, Why and What. Powerful words when used in sentences, don’t you think?


Why are some of us placed in suck jobs

How did I think I would ever love it

When is something better going to come along

What am I going to do?


Every day we are faced with decisions. The path we decide isn’t determined just by a what about me thought, like our youth tend to think it is.


What benefits will I see

How will we deal with these terrible hours

When am I going to have the real job I want

What am I going to do?


We think about how family and friends will be affected by our decisions. We wonder if we can really handle that big of a change and will it truly benefit my life and those around me. Will I have to have a babysitter. Will I be happy in a new location.

Change can be scary can’t it? The future, although many of us worry about something that hasn’t happened yet can be frightening. I believe that having money in our pocket is important when we first start out working for that paycheck.

Then we move on to have to work all the hours we can to feed the family and pay the bills. Next new thought could happen after a number of years when you realize you may not be an asset but a door mat; or you realize you are working out of habit, never considering a change.

At my age, I am in this category. Medical issues, age, lack of hiring power, I tend to lean more on the thought; what can I do the rest of my working days that I actually love? Where I can come home smiling and actually want to go back. What can I do where both parties feel challenged and yet rewarded.

I want so much more out of life yet and I am getting older. Writing is my love but it doesn’t pay the bills. Speaking of writing, I want to thank Susan and Jean for purchasing Dahlia from me today. It makes me feel good that someone thinks I am writing words worthy of reading.

Writing allows me to speak my thoughts, to dream, and think of  happy endings. I would still love to teach about MSA.  Some days I dream about my phone ringing off the hook with calls asking me to do a photo shoot.

I don’t know my future, but at my age I will keep my eyes open to new doors of opportunities. There is no law that says I have to do the same job that I have done for so many years. God makes all kind of miracles happen. I can be one of those too if I just ask him to show me an open door with my name on it.

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Am I Losing My Marbles?

I wore a lighthearted post a few minutes ago. Now I will be a little more serious. I don’t know what is happening to me. I am not terribly scared over it; but I am becoming alarmed.

Dropping things constantly. Items just fall away from my fingers. Forgetting things and being anxious or confused. Today, for example.

I had to take AJ to the beauty salon at 11 am to drop him off. From there I had to get a baby shower gift for my daughter-n-law. We are going to be having another addition to the family in about a  month. A big, baby girl, bundle of joy.

I also had to mail my book, Dahlia to four bloggers that had requested it. I also mailed my daughter’s birthday gift out. Her birthday is the 15th and I doubt she will be up here for that.

After that I had to go to the bank, then went to meet a  lady to pick-up an item I wanted. Finally, I stopped by Taco Bell and grabbed some lunch, then off to pick-up AJ.

Not really a terrible list of things. All in general area of driving. While at the bank I forgot to place the disability tag on my mirror. When I came out of the bank ten minutes later there was a yellow paper on my window.

Looking at it I was surprised. I had been ticketed $50.00 for parking in a handicapped area with no tag. I almost broke down in tears. I had never received a ticket in my life. I got in the car and cursed myself for forgetting to place the tag in view.

I didn’t know what to do. Fifty dollar is a lot of money that I didn’t really have to spend. I drove down to the police station and went through the double doors. A nice looking lady was sitting behind the glass shield.

I started to explain my temporary sanity I seem to have anymore and then I broke down into tears. I explained about my brother passing away recently, and then she offered me some tissue and said she would ask the officer if these charges could be dropped.

She said someone would call me. Knowing I have heard those words before I didn’t think too much about it. I concentrated more on  how I was going to get that money. While picking out the baby shower gift my cell phone rang.

It was the officer. He explained he had been told my circumstances and waived the charge and dropped the ticket. I told him thank-you for being so understanding and then hung up.

I thanked God for saving me, but I am concerned on why I seem such a ditz anymore. People tell me things and then later will bring it up and I have no idea what they are talking about.

They try to rattle my brain by reminding me of when and where they told me, but I don’t remember. The dropping of things, and constant marbles in my head are making me begin to wonder if I am getting Parkinson’s Disease like my father, his mother, and her sister had.

I hope not, I pray I don’t, for I live alone and I would not be able to do that forever. I am almost too afraid to pray about it; for fear Satan will get a hold of it and toy with me.





I Made it in the Newspaper

There is an online newspaper here in our local area. I was fortunate enough to be talked to about MSA and my newly published book, Dahlia.

I am excited and happy and I wanted to share it with you.

Here are the two links. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


















A Better Afternoon

After the meeting I didn’t want to attend, I had another place I really didn’t want to go. At least it is a common place and I am not afraid of the man in the white jacket. No, not that kind of white jacket. Not a white jacket for me, for heaven’s sake, don’t you know me better than that by now? LOL

No the white jacket was worn by the good-looking man with the nice smile; my doctor. Every three months I have to go in to get lab work done for my diabetes. Every time I have to go in a week later and hear what he has to say.

I didn’t hear anything bad this time really. Usually he brings up  my smoking but he didn’t. He looked through my newly published book, Dahlia. He asked me if I was writing a new book and I told him yes, that it was going to be about Al and his MSA.

He said all my numbers on the lab work were good. He even said my sugars were lower than last time on the A-1C test, a test for diabetics to see how they are doing on an average.

You would think they don’t trust us to eat right all the time so they have to push this special test on us. Me, not eat right all the time? Would I ever consider eating more properly the week before going in for labs? I guess I will let you ponder on that one.

On the way and back I snapped a few photos. It seems that when I use my camera, I forget about the world. I don’t think about money, or Al or even my mood swings. No, I just think about what can I take a photo of so I can share it with my friends.

So here are the finished product. I always hope to get better each time. Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. I guess the one taking the photo is the worst critic of all.

doctor's officeflagsremodelingweeping willow

Amazon and My Book, Dahlia

You can now purchase my book through Amazon. I decided to take a peek and see if it was there yet, and it was. So for any of you who were waiting for it to be included at this site, now it is.




Dahlia front coverDahlia back cover

Dahlia, My Book is Here

Dahlia front coverDahlia back coverI am so proud and happy to announce that my book is now available for sale. It is now on Create Space and will be out within a week on Amazon.

I stand here proud as I have completed the one task that I have wanted to do for so  many years. I wanted to leave my children a legacy. A slice of who I am and what I represent in life; and now I have finished it.

I want to thank Diane Stephenson for the many hours and time she spent helping me with my project. In the Acknowledgements I thanked each of you, my blogging friends.

I just had to let you be the first to know about this exciting news in my life. Now on with my other two books I am writing on. Thank-you for all of your support.