Memories for all time

I made your photo my cover
There really could be no other

It never fails to amaze me
That your photo drives me crazy.

It’s been five years this March
When you went to the golden arch.

I know you are a happy guy
I don’t even question why.

For God so loved you so
He saw your pain that glowed.

He raised you and stood you up
You drank from his healing cup.

I hope you understand
That I’m still living on this land.

My heart still aches for you so much
I wish I could reach your hand and touch.

You’d say nothing to me I remember
You started this one September.

Multiple System Atrophy
Brought nothing buy agony.

You suffered more than any I know
You deserved your time to go.

I’ll always love you my brother dear
In my heart I keep you very near.

Til the time comes and it’s my turn
Your memories in my heart will burn.

I miss you dear brother Al.
You will be gone five years, March 24th, 2019.
Love you so much,
Your sister, Terry Shepherd




The leaves speak to me
Branches hold me tight
I can tell her all my secrets
I can even spend the night.

Peace feels so surreal
When I walk upon her floor
Pain is released from within my heart
Eyes dry up for ever more.

There’s something about a forest
It breathes in all your fears
It listens without scolding
It wipes away my tears.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Photo taken by me.




Stepping Outside my Box

I am trying something new. A way to use my  photos for more than just my eyes. Check this out! If it is successful; I will build more varieties.

God Hears the Lonely Heart

It was a few years back, in fact, it was about a month after my brother passed away from Multiple System Atrophy, that the biggest void ever; entered my life.

I was suddenly alone. All the caring, love and worrying and praying I had done was over. What was I going to do now with my time?

I prayed for what seemed long, lonely weeks, for something to fill my time, then God answered in the perfect time. He placed the idea of photography in my mind and so the hobby began. Thanks to my best friend; I was able to get a nice camera.

I have improved over the years. I still have lots of improving to do. I am proud of what I have accomplished and am looking forward to what else I can do. Here are the last two photos I took.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

white 20greens 8

Daily Prompt Weekly Photo Challenge


This week, show us something that doesn’t maintain a straight line.