My New Pet

It isn’t the best photo. My tablet doesn’t take very good pictures. I still wanted to show you my new pet. A pet that is easy to clean, easy to take care of. A single life, likes quiet times, and yet adores it when I speak to him.

He will keep me company. He won’t hurt my feelings, unless he dies. He won’t argue or question why I do this or think like this or that. He is also beautiful in my eyes. I let my granddaughter pick out this one for me.

It already feels  like a perfect match for me with similar likes. His name? Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that. His name is Buddy Blue. Welcome to my small world Buddy.


Poetry Contest

The cover photo on this page is a picture suggesting that all pets go to heaven (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form ONLY about pet death. Post the poem only. Explanation about your poem is permissible. No other photos. Poems with photos will be deleted. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

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Contest will be from March 31 until April 7, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

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A new prompt will be posted every week. This is the second in the death and dying series for National Poetry Month for April. Other weeks will feature grieving and the afterlife.


A brand new home

Country serene

Beautiful trees

Beautiful greens

Mushrooms in hiding

Swing set in place

A sandbox in waiting

For our feet to place

Then one day arrived

The school bus was stopped

The driver was walking

Where we sat and talked

He said with a gentle voice

He talked with new tears

He said things had changed

Our home was not here

I sat in silence

As I took in what he said

Then I thought of our collie

My Gus, who lay on my bed

I cried and then screamed

As I raced off the bus

I ran towards the crowd

And straight for my Gus

My mom reached out

And took me in arms

She consoled with her words

She did the best with her charm

I lay awake each night for weeks

Remembering the words from Kevin

I miss my best friend

Who is now living in heaven.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Do You Have any Love to Spare?


Look at my eyes

See my needs

See me shiver

I am cold

Fear takes over

For I belong no where

Can you help me

I am all alone

I am hungry

Do you have any food

Can you please hold me

I need love

Do you have

Any love to spare?

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Calling All Dog Lovers Part 2

I am pretty upset and am feeling attacked. I don’t know how else to feel at this moment. First of all, I  have never hit my dog with the fly swatter or my hand or anything. I used the fly swatter to swat the top of the metal cage to show him not to bark at bedtime.

It worked and he never barks when he goes in his cage anymore. In fact, I point to the cage now and he walks in by himself at nights. Now day time is different. He knows I am leaving so he doesn’t want to go in the cage by himself. I have to pick him up and put him in there myself and then I give him a treat.

I love my dog and spend a lot of time. I didn’t get him and then toss him aside and pretend he isn’t here. We take several walks a day. I am training him to walk on the leash. He knows how to sit for a treat.

But he is going to make me fall again.  He gets too close to my feet and I can’t walk without taking baby steps. I just happened to pick up the fly swatter that was laying on the floor. In fact, AJ was trying to play with it, so I don’t think he is scared of it. When I picked it up, he backed up because I had it in my hand. I was able to walk down the hall way without him under my feet.

It is important that he not get under me or too close so I don’t fall. Not only would I be hurt, he may too.

I wanted to write again one more time because I will honestly say my feelings are hurt. I love my dog. He was a lost dog, that I took in and loved from the beginning. All I wanted was some help on training, not made to feel like I was some dog basher and hater.

How could I have possibly taken care of my sick father for a year and then turned around and took care of my brother who died a horrible death and suffered for seven years and then be accused of not having patience or not being able to handle a dog. I don’t understand.


Calling All Dog Lovers, Help Me

I love my little pooch, AJ, but boy, he is getting on my nerves. He is lovable, and we are learning to walk on the leash each day. He loves being with me, and this is where the problem lies.

I can’t go anywhere alone. This isn’t too bad. I can always shut the bedroom and bathroom doors behind me. It is more than that.

I have tried carrying the cane close to me to teach him space, but it isn’t working. If I sit, he is under my feet. If I go to the kitchen he is right beside me. I have to watch closely or trip over him.

I can handle the constant looking at me when I eat. It is the not leaving me walk in my own space. Afraid to take steps, constantly taking baby steps. It makes me just want to scream.

There has to be a way to stop this. I have a fly swatter and one day when I first got him I slapped the fly swatter on the top of his cage and he hushed. If he started to do it again, all I had to do was show him the fly swatter and he became quiet.

I just hate to carry around this fly killer. It makes me feel like I am threatening him plus it makes me feel like some huge bee with a huge stinger. I don’t want AJ to be afraid of me, but I have got to be the boss in my own home.

Give me some help before he trips me again. The last time he made me fall I was lucky enough to fall into the pile of dirty sheets I had just tossed on the floor from making my bed.

AJ at the beauty shop 2AJhappy-dog-tail-wag

So This Was Sunday

It started out I was going to help an elderly man clean his new mobile home. Not that the mobile home is new, but new to him. He is unable to get around well enough so I said yes.

It went from there to cleaning most of the rooms he would use. Next he wanted me to help sell his house for him.trailer 3 Then it advanced to me selling some of his personal items inside his house, which I did tonight, by listing them on FB.

I was rather busy today. Doing a lot and yet nothing it seemed. AJ wanted to go outside a zillion times today. I will always take him out to potty and he gets to go for his walks, but he wants to go out and just play and I don’t do that. I have too much to do.

AJ double shotWhile we were out for the last walk of the evening we saw a disabled guy using his home-made go-cart.go cart I wish I could do what I did today. A little of this and a little of that. It was fun and I am helping someone and taking my photo shots, but darn, it brings me no money to pay the bills.

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Who Had The Last Word?

I just had an experience that made me laugh out loud. I got AJ, my dog for company and to alert me to anyone around the house.

He has been here about a week now and today he provided me with what I wanted, an alert that someone was near.

He doesn’t bark much so to hear him bark nice and clear, I have to admit I was paying attention.


I was placing a chicken in the crock pot along with potatoes and carrots and one apple, cored and chunky. With some added spices the lid was placed and temperature turned down to low.

I washed my hands and wiped them. AJ was still continuing to bark. I peeked outside the kitchen window but saw nothing. I walked to the living room and looked in a different direction. I saw nothing.

Silly dog, tricks are for kids, I thought.

tricks are for kidsHe was still barking so I went to where he was. Standing at attention he was staring at the corner of my bedroom.

I was thinking, is that mouse still in here?

mouseI really didn’t see anything. I have a rocker in the corner and my box fan is sitting in it. I have to sleep with a fan on every night of the year or I don’t sleep much.

I kept asking AJ what he was looking for then I saw it. Behind my fan is a life-size baby doll that the care giver of my brother had gifted me. It spooked AJ and he thought it was real.

I am not sure if he was trying to alert me to protect me or if he was just plain, old scared. I got the baby doll down and he showed his fangs. He barked, then would jump back and lunge at the doll.

dollI started talking in a loving attitude to the doll and AJ was watching but still barking. I continued until AJ slowed his bark and started sniffing the dog.

I placed the doll back in its seat and AJ walked up to it and sniffed its feet. Feeling satisfied that there was no real danger, he barked at it one more time and then followed me out of the room. AJ made sure he had the last word on that topic.