Pictures of Al and Me

Every time I have moved, I once again go through the clutter. This time I got serious. If I hadn’t seen or used it since I have been here, it is gone. It actually makes me feel like I am doing that deep cleaning thing.

Going through papers I found some photos of Al and I. Some are of him and me when we were young. One I remember me as a teen. Here they are.

Top Left, Al and me, Top Right, me, Next left, him and me, next right, him,

Next left, him, me, and sister, next right, me in little green dress, Al in red striped shirt,

Next left, Al and his birthday cake, next right, him and me, next left, me and my granddad, next right, Al and little sister, next left, Al and his fish, next right, him and me at Deer Forest.

Hope you enjoy going back in time with Al and me, since you have followed my blog for so long.

Alvin, littleAl little 2

Poetry Contest

nakedThe cover photo on this page is a photo of the nine modern Muses of the Arts, a sculpture by Napolean V. Abueva. The muses are theatre, literature, architecture, painting, dance, music, film, computer, sculpture. (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form but it must be inspired by this picture. Write about one of the muses or just a muse- what or who inspires you. Post the poem only. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem.

Contest will be from February 24 until March 3, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win.

A new prompt will be posted every week

intertwined Minds

I sit here very still

Staring at your face

Winding my wandering eye

Through the curves of your life

I ask myself if I can somehow

Think of words that you will hear

If sometime in our future

Our branches will intertwine

Oh how lovely that would be

Two hearts become one

Arms and legs bound

Minds thinking alike

Love for both to share

I can feel you within me

My soul reaches out to you

Come to me my darling

Let us create the

Art of our love.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Jefferson Davis Memorial Trip

Since I have not been feeling the best, my daughter gave me the best medicine; time. When she and I are together, I can look past the aches and concentrate on her laughter and beauty. I am truly a blessed lady to have three awesome kids. I am also a lucky lady as my daughter has given me permission to use her photos in my post.

Yesterday she took me to a little town called Elkton here in Kentucky. We ate at a quaint little restaurant that looked like total fifties. Elvis and coca-cola adorned the walls. Al sure would have enjoyed this visit.

After that she drove me to Fairview Kentucky because she knows how much I love history and my camera. Between her and I clicking on the camera button, we had many great photos.

Have you ever visited the Memorial site? Here is some history of it and then I follow with my photos she and I took. Of course the beautiful lady with the gorgeous smile, is my daughter.

Fairview, Kentucky

Jefferson Davis was the first-and-only President of the Confederacy, leader of the rebellious South that broke away in 1861 and sparked the Civil War. He never really wanted the job (You can see it in his statues, which always make him look grim), the South lost, and the North viewed him as a traitor — yet his sleepy birthplace is marked by the second tallest obelisk in the world.

Jeff Davis and angel at the obelisk entrance.
Davis guards the gated entrance to his monument. The Angel of Peace protects his back.

Some people are just luckier after they’re dead than when they were alive.

Approaching the Jefferson Davis Birthplace Monument, driving down a quiet two-lane road through farm country, it’s hard not to be impressed by its hugeness. You can see it for miles; it’s 351 feet high. Until the 1970s it was the tallest thing in all of Kentucky (It’s still by far the tallest thing in Fairview). Pam Terry, who was running the elevator on the day that we visited, said that the Davis Monument was built to mimic the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, because Washington, like Davis, was also a first President.

But is it appropriate? “He wouldn’t have wanted this,” said Ron Sydnor, the Birthplace manager and resident Jeff Davis authority. “He was humble. He would have told them no.” Davis, however, had no say in the matter; he had been dead for decades by the time his boosters opened the Monument on June 7, 1924. The South had turned him from a sad loser into a noble statesman worthy of a gargantuan tribute. His actual birthplace, a long-gone log cabin, stood in a spot currently occupied by Fairview’s post office.


The Big Snow in Russellville, KY

Here in Russellville, Ky. we don’t get much snow but it does get rather cold. The weather on the news had been predicting this snow storm for TN and our area. I am an hour from Nashville, so this is where I get my news from.

I decided to go out Friday and do my errands, just in case we were going to get the BIG snow. While I was out I had to snap a photo or two of the train that I was stopped for. I then came home and waited for the storm to arrive.

When I saw the snowflakes falling I thought, well here it is, it is really going to snow here.

It did snow, we got a half an inch. By this afternoon it was gone and the temps had risen to 46. Not a bad storm after all; but to the people who have lived here much longer you would have thought it was going to be just terrible. Up north where I am from is where the snow is. 118 inches of snow for the winter is not surprising so when we got a half an inch, I just smiled, realizing the stores were sold out of milk and toilet paper.

train 4train 5

We Have Snow Today

snow 2snow 3It is about thirty degrees here in Russellville, Kentucky. I looked outside a few minutes ago and it is snowing. Wow, it is sticking to the ground too. Look at this will you? It gets cold down here, but not too much snow, so I had to show this white stuff off!

Camera, Rest Break is Over

Rain, this is what my part of the world looks like. According to the weather, we can expect these warmer, dreary and rainy days for the rest of this week. I don’t mind, as I know it won’t be long until the sun will shine and the heat outdoors will kick into higher mode.

I had to run to Wal-Mart today. When I came out I saw these birds in flight so thought I would give my camera a break from rest. When I returned home I had a box waiting for me.

I had been with my granddaughter last week and probably got caught up in her excitement about wigs and extensions. She ordered a couple which won’t be here for a while and I thought, : what the heck, I will order a cheapie too for me.” Well mine was what was in the box.

I guess it will be fun. I can forget trying to do my hair and throw this on, like an old, familiar hat. So what do you think? Should I let my hair grow out and get this look in my real hair? Or, should I just consider it a fun thing?

seagullseagull 2seagull 3


When I am Bored, This Happens

Can you tell I am bored tonight? No? Well I went through my email spam and discovered that I, Terry, a female was invited to purchase Viagra. LOL

Next, I took photos of my bedroom then sprayed snow on my Christmas tree. Yep, this is the silly things I do when the days darken early, there is a chill in the air, and getting tired of the Christmas movies.

christmas tree 2tree christmasbedroom 3bedrpp, 3bedroom 2bedroom 4

In or Out?

I couldn’t decide whether to stay inside today or get out for a bit. It has been overcast for days. Today it is raining. I looked at my mail and there was a coupon for Arby’s restaurant for a free fry and drink if I ordered a sandwich.

That was enough for me. I got dressed and headed out for lunch and then found a new little shopping center beside Arbys. It was Goodies department store and Tractor Supply along with a restaurant and beauty place. Have you ever been to Goodies? It is nice enough.

Well you know of course I had to take a few camera shots while out, so here they are.

The first photo is some trees standing by a store I was in. You can see the dismal skies. The next one I will call a selfie shot. It is a light shining down on my table at Arbys. So I took the reflection of it on the table in a selfie. The third one is a train that I had to wait on at the tracks.


dark skies 1dark skies 3dark skies 4

A Little Color Added to the Day

A Saturday morning here in Russellville, Ky. A hue of browns outside with a temperature of forty degrees. I waned to see some color; so I took some photo shots from inside and one outside so you can see what adding a little color can add to your day.

featherfeather 2feather 3feather 4feather 5

Light the Night

As you know if you follow my blog, I worked last evening. A 12-hour shift becomes much longer when it is over-night hours. I went outside about 5am this morning to take a break.

It was a clear night, with a slight visible frost on my car windows; but the heavens were clear. The stars twinkled and the full moon was bright. I went back in and grabbed my friendly camera and two quick photos. It was a nice plus to a long night.

moon 8moon 9