Shooting Forty Minutes From Me

I live about forty minutes from where this shooting took place. I don’t give a rat’s ass why someone shot someone. I only care about why is this being allowed to happen and where in the world are the brains of these shooters?

I know there is a God; but like others, I have questions. Why isn’t he fixing this? Why are innocent by standers getting hurt? Why so many losses of children?

Are they homeless and want a roof over their head? Do they want to be on the front newspapers? Did they lack attention when they were young?

Why? Is it a good idea that we let these shooters blame their bringing up? Even if they had the most blemished childhood; aren’t they adults now and able to turn their life around making different decisions? Wouldn’t you think they would want a better adult life than they had as a child?

Is our times getting so bad that we can’t go out in public any longer for fear of being shot or too close to a shooting? What is going on? I know Satan is alive and well, but can’t God stop him at something?



Living in Today’s World

My mind wanders back to the day of 9/11, 16 years ago. What was I doing? Where was I? I was going through my own hell on that day. I had split up with my ex. I was living on my own on minimum wages. I had lost my mother a year prior. I was lonely, miserable and sad, angry at everyone; including myself.

I remember having slept a restless night, probably from worrying too much, instead of leaving it in God’s hands. I woke up later than my normal time. I got my coffee made, sat down to drink it and flipped the television on.

Oh my gosh! What! What in the world is going on?

I listened and learned our country had been hit by mean and hateful people. Lives had been lost. Quickly, I forgot about my problems and thought about how my mother wasn’t here to see this.

I sat glued to the television. I didn’t get much accomplished that day. I grew quieter in thought and just watched the TV. Hour after hour, my heart sank. Before I knew it, I was beginning to pray.

I had been brought up in church. I did the weekly church thing, but this moment, I found myself drawing nearer to our God. I felt tears dripping as my heart tore more open from this world tragedy.

From that day forward, God and I became closer friends. He helped me get through my father’s illness and death. He helped keep me strong for my brother’s seven-year illness and his death.

He showed me I could make it on my own in almost any situation. He helped me draw closer to my children and to understand I was not only their mother, but I could let loose of the trying to guide them in their own lives, and just plain enjoy knowing they love me, no matter what.

Today, I thank God for awakening my need for him. I pray for all those lost in the terrible 9/11. I continue to pray for our world of disasters today; other countries in turmoil and hate, tornadoes, fires and hurricanes. I pray for our Congress and President Trump.

No matter what my opinions are of any goings on, the fact is; God is in charge and knows exactly what to do. Now, today, I am fighting my own health concerns. I try to give more to God and enjoy the little things in life; like waking up.

I try and succeed most times, to find the good in the negative in people and in my surrounding situations. God is good. I don’t know why he doesn’t stop some things from happening; but I know he has his reasons. Maybe, he wants us all to draw near to him, lean on him.

So many of us feel we are in charge of our lives. We have to make the decisions. We must make sure our children are happy, our spouses and partners are happy. Our job performances are noticed, our paychecks bigger each year.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter, none of it. God brought us into this world out of ashes. He will take us out of this world in a blink of an eye, and I promise, nothing is going with us, nothing.

All that matters is; we love God, praise his name, give thanks for everything we do  have, continue to love him when things don’t go right, and the biggest to me, is TRUST HIM, and don’t worry about what others are thinking or saying. We are God’s child. He made us perfect in his vision. He has us right where he wants us, each moment, each day, each year.

God bless our country. God bless our military. God bless you.


September 11th Terrorist Attacks

Our Babies, We Loved You So Much

Hello friends. Do you have a topic that you have interest in, that you would like to see in a poem or short story vision?
I am looking for new ideas to write about. Please take note that what I write will be made public to the world. I also will credit your name for idea creation.
Silver Blatt ;Another proud parent Relationship between a parent and adult child. Love, companionship, friendship. When that Parent looks back and doesn’t realize when that relationship changed, yet as all parents know, they are always our babies.
Growing up in a rural area is a good thing if you want to have a good chance of raising kids who appreciate our earth, but for some kids, this isn’t so cool.
This is what happened to Jill and Jason, a set of twins.
As kids; they were taught how to milk a cow, hoe the weeds, clean their rooms and not sass their elders. Life seemed good all around until the twins reached their teen years.
High school introduced Jill and her brother to different cultures.Their lives seemed so much more fun than what they were used to.
The twins parents noticed the changes immediately. Attitudes changed. The parents heard some words they had not heard before. They tried getting their children involved more with church; but the kids bucked at the idea.
Many a night, if you were a fly on the wall, you could see the tears flowing and hear the words being prayed. This set of parents wanted children so bad. They were never fortunate enough to have their own; so they sought out adoption, and that is how Jason and Jill came to live with the Owens family.
It was the twins 18th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Owens had planned a small party of intimate friends and close family. Mom made the cake and together, mom and dad, had colorful envelopes filled with cash birthday gifts.
The party was at 3:00. The clock ticked at 2 and the twins has still not arrived home for their own party. 3 o’clock arrived and went. People were beginning to whisper. Some looked at their watches and wondered if they should leave or stay.
It was almost 4 p.m. when the knock came at the front door. Mr. Owens opened it to see a tall, thin man dressed in a navy blue uniform. On his shirt was a shiny, gold badge, which read police.
He let the cop in and everyone became quiet. All were staring at the officer.” Could we talk in the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Owens?”
The two showed him to a chair at the table. The officer took Mrs. Owens hands in his. “I’m sorry to have to come here on business; but I need to inform you that there was a terrible accident on Route 33. Your son and daughter were killed instantly.”
You could hear a pin drop. Not a word was said. The officer took back his hand and showed himself to the door after asking if he could be of any help. The two shook their heads.
The funeral was planned. Visitation was open. Flowers were delivered. The cars followed one another to the grave site. Everyone softly chatted at the funeral dinner. The rooms emptied. The silence was astounding.
Two weeks later, the parents went to their children’s grave site. So many flowers still sat, but wilting. Dad put his arm around his wife. The two wept. They looked at the tombstone which had been already placed.
It read; Our Babies, We Loved You So Much.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd
Silver Blatt
Photo taken by,
Terry Shepherd
art 2

My Prayer of Hope

My Prayer of Faith.


Lord, you know of my health
And only you know when it will end.
You placed me here for a reason.
I am just sometimes so scared.
I can follow the crowd,
Or I can lean on you.
You, almighty one
Know what you
Are going to do with me.
While I am here
Visiting on earth,
Please allow me
To share what
Gifts you have given me.
Thank-you for listening God.

Written by my feelings,
Terry Shepherd







god 2

Where’s The Answers?

Where’s The Answers?

What is this game called?
Life you say? Do I get some say
In the decisions made about me?
Or is today; not my day.

Tired of my control
Taken out of my hand
Some say life is hard
Some say it’s grand.

For me, the pain
Of waking up
Is definitely not fun
Nor a buttercup.

Doctors scratch their heads
Questions go in space
Feel like quitting
What a waste.

But there’s a big part
Of me that cares
I will keep searching

There are answers
From some doctor’s voice
I want the freedom
To hear all choice.

For those of us
Who live with pain
Although we are tired
We have much to gain.

We shall search
And we shall try
We will keep asking
And find out why.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


Terry 2

Cling Together

Cling Together


Shootings, rapists
Killers too
We’re in trouble
Me and you.
Terrorists here
And everywhere
Willing to snuff
Your life out bare.
We, the people
Can’t be afraid
Let’s join together
Form a strong parade.
Don’t care what tongue
You speak from me
Let’s hold our hands
Praying fervently.
Let our words
Go to heaven above
Show God sincerity,
Our strength, our love.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd