Tomorrow is Sunday. A day of rest for some, a day to worship, sing and gather together. Some will sleep in. Others will wish to go to a church but may be afraid.

Some are home attending to loved ones with terrible illnesses. Some may be catching up on housework or running errands.  It is not my place to say you should or not go to church. I am not able to judge as I am not God. I have gone to church since I have moved down here but still haven’t found the one that I feel is a good fit for me.

Because it is Sunday tomorrow, I will share one of my most favorite hymns with all of you.

gospel miracles



I thank you Lord

That you forgive me of my sins

For I have many, too many to count

I don’t deserve your love

And how you over look me is a wonder

I thank you Lord that I woke up this morning

I thank you that I was able to see, smell and make decisions

I thank you for giving me one more chance to help others

I want to be a blessing to someone who needs me Lord

Guide me and help any others who are feeling lost

Down, stricken in health, suffering in poverty

Lacking work, help the broken families

Call the suffering children to your bosom

I praise your name dear Lord

For I don’t deserve your splendor

Your love and your forgiveness.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



EASY!… Banana Pudding Dessert

looks to yummy not to share and easy too!

MKG- Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts

I sometimes bake or cookwhen stressed…

Today I made a dessert I read about…

but… I have to make it Simple and still keep it’s deliciousness!…

I read about Banana Poke Cake…

Similar to Banana Pudding…

I decided to use these Banana Twins for my base… NO BAKING!…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5 – two packs of cakes come in the box…(total of 10 cakes)…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI unwrapped them and placed them in the bottom of a 8″ X 8″ glass baking dish…

flat sides down... (just enough)… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then poked holes in cakes with handle of a wooden spoon…

Mix Banana Cream Instant Pudding (3.4 oz.) with a whisk or spoon with 2 cups of milk…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpoon mixture over cakes to edges of dish…

(You could slice a couple of bananas on top of cake before this step if you wanted)…

I didn’t… and it tastes wonderful!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpoon a whole container of Whipped Topping over…

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Parmasean Meatloaf


I had seen this recipe on my Facebook page. I took it and placed it on my page I created many months ago called; It May Not Be Healthy, But It’s Darn Good n Easy.


I decided to make it tonight for supper. After putting all the ingredients together, my kitchen smelled so good from all the spices. I could barely wait to bake it. This recipe has lots of spices mixed with ground beef and turkey. I used spaghetti sauce from Hunts and shredded cheddar cheese for the topping.

I am telling you my mouth was watering as it baked; it smelled so good, and the taste? I had to control myself, seriously, I could have eaten much more of it. With this I served myself fresh, steamed, cut-up zucchini, carrots and green pepper. I had not used all of the spaghetti sauce so I mixed some of that in with my veggies. Add one baked potato and my supper was divine.

meat loaf

4 Ingredient Nutritionally Packed Fresh Juice

good idea for a health drink

Caramelize Life

I just love the feeling I get when I choose to make a juice. I know it’s good for me as well as super fresh. The vegetables are crisp and packed full of nutrients. This is my go to drink when I need a little boost. The light earthy aroma that fills the kitchen brings me back to when I worked at a juice bar in my 20’s. That was a great job and I think I drank my paycheck in juice.

Carrot Apple Ginger Beet Juice

Ingredient #1: carrots. Carrots rule, they are easy to grow in the garden or stand alone pots, they store well so you can always have a bunch in the refrigerator or cellar. Kids will eat them and the best part is they have a great history.

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Dish Premiers New Sling TV For Cord-Cutters

cheaper way to watch TV through Dish

Smart Discount Shop


People categorized as cord-cutters prefer low-cost television channel subscriptions over expensive cable.   Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV are broadcasting services popular among cord-cutters.   The advantages to cord-cutting are limited advertisements and saving money on the reduced prices.  The major disadvantages to cord-cutting are the limited channels, bandwidth, and video streaming issues.  Convergence Consulting Group estimated about 2.65 million U.S. citizens cancelled their cable TV subscriptions between 2008 and 2011 opting for low-cost internet video streaming and other free video platforms.  The cable industry recorded a reduction in subscriptions since 2012 and there is no question television viewership trends are drastically changing.  To capitalize on the changing trend Dish TV will offer another product aimed for cord-cutters called Dish Sling TV.

Dish Sling TV is an internet TV service available to customers nationwide in the first quarter of 2015.   The service initially is only available in the US.  Sling TV offers…

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Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry

easy and healthy recipe for dinner

A Little Bit Of Lagniappe

It’s the season of Winter, which can only mean ONE thing..You feel like you have gained weight and have been eating too much comfort food. The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and you are ready to make a change in the kitchen. You just don’t really know where to begin, but I am here to tell you to try this easy and delicious stir-fry.

Can you really ask for a quicker meal..15 minutes? I think you can put aside that amount of time for a quick and healthy meal. It beats running through a drive-thru on your way home from work. Just do it and you will be proud.

Some health nuts might laugh and laugh, but I am calling this dish healthy. It’s healthy for my husband and I anyway and we feel better about ourselves.

Cast of Characters: squash, zucchini, red bell pepper, carrot, chicken…

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The Changing Fast Food Industry

Can McDonalds go healthy?

Smart Discount Shop


Fast food is popular among many because they are quick meal solutions to make everyone’s lives easier.  American’s enjoy their fast food and emerging markets are no exception because they are one of the fastest growing in the industry.  However, fast food restaurants are feeling increased pressure because of the rising food costs and health conscious consumers particularly Millennials.  Millennials are the last segment of the population that came to maturity around the year 2000.  They are the children of the post-WWII baby boomer generation that are known to enjoy fresh ingredients and watch what they eat.  Companies such as Panera, Chipotle, and Starbucks are doing well with the healthy trend while longtime fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s have reported a decline in revenue resulting from millennials.  Statistics over the years indicate high-income millennials and low-income millennials have declined in the consumption of greasy fast…

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Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables

a tasty and easy meal!

A Little Bit Of Lagniappe

There’s not a lot of dinners much simpler than roasting a chicken. Am I right, or am I right? To me, it is one of the easiest and delicious meals out there. It’s good for when you have a lot to do around the house and need something easy for dinner, it is easy for Sunday lunch, and it is even easy if you just want to eat it because it’s delicious.

You can use this recipe and change it however you’d like: different spices, herbs, and vegetables..they pretty much all taste great.

The Cast of Characters: whole chicken, sweet potato, russet potato, carrots, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, worcestershire, liquid smoke , rosemary, and basil.

Roasted Chicken 1

To begin, go ahead rinse, pat dry, pull the bag out of the cavity and butterfly your whole chicken by cutting the backbone out. If you don’t know exactly how to butterfly a chicken, you…

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Honey Mustard Glazed Pork Chop with Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Sweetcorn

yummy pork chops


I saw a recipe online recently – I don’t remember where – which featured pork chop served with mac ‘n’ cheese on the side. Whenever I make macaroni cheese, I serve it as a main dish by itself (throwing a few veggies in there too to make it a bit healthier – see here). I think this is because the way I usually make it, it takes quite a long time and so I don’t want to over complicate matters.

I’ve changed the recipe this time, and I’ve used cream rather than making a bechamel which, although not particularly good for you, is quick, easy and delicious and is surely fine every now and then as a treat.

The pork chops are coated in a delicious sweet and spicy marinade which cuts through the mac ‘n’ cheese and, taking inspiration from the USA as this dish does, I decided…

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Chicken Casserole with Parsley Dumplings

a great meal for cold weather


Today, the weather has been atrocious. I spent the 30 minutes walking home from work getting drenched – it was too windy for me to put my umbrella up – and I got home feeling miserable and cold.

I soon cheered up, because I remembered this was on the menu tonight! Mmm, a nourishing chicken casserole packed full of veg, as good for the soul as a classic chicken soup, and topped with soft, pillowy dumplings. What’s not to like!

As has been the case with the rest of my recipes this week, this is sort of healthy – in that it is healthier than a beef stew with dumplings, and if you really wanted to, you could leave off the dumplings and just eat a gorgeous chicken casserole. I don’t understand why anyone would do this though, the dumplings are the best part.

This is part 4 of…

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