Are You Bored Yet? Try Looking at What I Found

I did what I needed to do today so I ventured onto U-Tube and looked at various videos. I came across this one that fascinated me. It took up a few minutes and I enjoyed watching it.

Do you want to see it also? I thought so, so I got the link for you. Enjoy, even the kids will like this, but if they want to try any of the tricks, an adult will be needed for supervision.

I Made A Short Film For

I made a short film for  My film was entered so that there may be more awareness of the illness my brother suffered from.

I thought maybe you would like to see the film.

Printing in 3-D for Body Parts

It always makes me feel a little strange when I read or hear about things that will most likely happen after I am deceased. I was reading this article in yesterday’s newspaper which talked about our future. I wanted to know what your thoughts on this topic were. Not that you will or not be living but the technology of it.

It is titled Printing the Future in 3-D

I have seen puzzles made in 3-D. I am sure if I think hard enough I have seen other things also. Now the scientists are figuring out how to use this knowledge and feed it into medicine. Where would we be without the brains in this world? Maybe not living in the cave days, but most likely not where we are today.

3-D printing is being tested in hundreds of ways the article states.They believe it can heal people. The process could duplicate copies of a damaged arm or leg. It could copy cancer tissues so doctors could figure out the best way to kill it.

Scientists are hoping to someday re-create who organs for people needing a new liver or heart. The 3-D process being used by a computer, receives its commands telling it where to place certain links. One by one, these ink drops create letters or pictures. The materials can be almost anything from plastic, to living cells and even metals. As each layer is built one at a time, the object is built.

Objects can be made in almost any shape. Because the layers are added one at a time this process is called additive manufacturing. With this new and fascinating process being made better and better, artificial body parts, known more as prosthetics is much cheaper.

Right now a prosthetic child’s hand may cost $25,000-$50,000 dollars, and of course as the child grows these parts would need to be replaced over and over. How many of us have these kind of dollars or that excellent of insurance?

With the 3-D process a prosthetic hand may only cost around $5.00. Wow, what a difference in price. Scientists hope to  have this easily available within 10 years. The printer will be able to make precise copies for each person. The body part will work better and last much longer. A part could be built in less than two days.

Already people are using 3-D printed hands, arms, hips, teeth, skulls, knees and ears. Printing live limbs is still many years away they state. The good news is that prosthetic 3-D body parts will move well and be available in a few years.

Isn’t it fantastic news for those who walk with difficulty or have one less arm than we do? Wouldn’t their lives change forever from this new strategy? So what do you think? Do you believe this can actually happen in time? I usually say that I am glad I am the age I am and will not have to see the gross things that will happen in our world; but this is one time I would love to be living and see the wide smiles on those that are made whole again or for the first time. The first photo below is;

The second photo is;

A 3D printer at the university has already built a prototype kidney.

These remarkable images show the groundbreaking advances scientists are making in the field of regenerative medicine, paving the way to print new body parts such as ears and noses.

Here is a video to explain more.

ear 2


40’s, 50’s and 60’s

I decided to have some fun since it is Friday. How about some going back in time to the forties, fifties, and  sixties, relaxing and have some laughs. How about some Folgers coffee?



How about some Alphabets?



How about a Mattel commercial four our bikes?



Let’s go back  one step to the fifties!



How about some old jingles?



How about our earliest commercials from the forties?



Lastly, how about some Harpo  or Three Stooges?



What Once Was

The video I just shared with you is directed to me. Not that I am guilty of being so preoccupied with my own trinkets, but I recognize the words.

I have more than 600 friends on Facebook, but in reality I have one. Getting online and blogging or chatting with cyber friends is a good feeling. Shut down the computer, turn around and get up from the chair, and I see nothing.

You may not understand this but this video I shared with you but it reminds me of the day my brother passed away. For months so many cared, then he died, and within two hours of this terrible moment, his room was cleared of all equipment.

The feelings I had shook  me  up. Was he really here? Had I stood by  his side for so long and yet now, I had to imagine he had been there within the last two hours.

I have had this conversation several times about how lonely I am and maybe you are too. What happened? How many families sit down and eat together as a family? We traded riding bikes to sit in front of a screen.

We don’t notice others, we are so engrossed with what we are doing. I am not talking about all of us, but I am sure there are plenty of you who get what I am saying. It  has become a ME world for the most.

I find, that I have important things to say. I admit I haven’t been healthy lately. I reach out to those but am more aloof as I realize I am not taken seriously. Commitments to this or that prevent the real conversations.

Feelings are surface as people are mentally thinking what is next on the agenda for the day. Is it so hard to sit still for five minutes and really listen? Is it easy for you to place yourself in another heart; trying your best to understand, to comprehend what is in that heart and soul?

Do we take the time to look up, to  hear what they say? I don’t know how many times I have looked forward to spending some quality time with someone and our time is interrupted by cell phone texting and phones ringing.

For me, it makes me feel alone and unimportant. Maybe this is not right, maybe this is not the normal, but what is normal? I was brought up to believe in family, sharing conversations and meals together. Reaching out to help another soul was a good thing. Today, I can’t get anyone to share those times with me. I can stand in the middle of a crowd and feel entirely alone, missing what once was.