Where are You?

This snow looks beautiful inside looking out, but I need to get out and back into the world. I will be glad when all the roads are passable once again. We got a foot of snow and plenty of ice, but it’s past, so I am ready to see friendly stores clerks again.

I remember years and years ago we had a blizzard. We were totally shut in for at least a week. A snowmobile had to bring diapers to the house, and my husband at that time opened a window and dug an igloo.

It took him hours but he did it and he was then able to remove snow from the front door. I loved my family, but I needed to see what I may have been missing out there! It felt good to get out again.

Have you ever been snowed in for more than a day? What did you do?


ice 9

Out and About

Well my friends. This blizzard of 2015 for TN and KY was something else. I stayed at my daughter’s home the first part of the week then I came home because of predicted ice forming. My chances of moving the car on ice were slim according to my son-in-law.

I just can’t rave enough about him. No matter what he always looks out for me. Don’t you wish all son-in-laws were so awesome? From Tuesday evening until today, Saturday, I have been trapped within my house.

Well, trapped may not be the appropriate word. Maybe it is just common sense that kept me in. A driveway filled with snow, and more snowing, then freezing rain and today it is finally above freezing and pure rain.

We can’t have it all can we? I stayed in side for the reasons above. I went out today to get the essentials but came straight back home. From the ice melting it produces slush. Slush as you well know can be slippery. Along with the rain and the ground not deeply frozen as up north,  everything is thawing out quick.

Flood warnings are posted for TN and KY. I wasn’t worried about flooding at my house, but when I left my mushy driveway, I saw a nice, big pool of water at the corner of my house. Oh no, I sure hope it doesn’t try to seep inside the walls.

It has been a real riot this winter here in Kentucky. This week has reminded me much of my home up north. I am content though. I am dry, warm, I have food and water, so I can say nothing more for now. Oh wait, I can think of one thing I want to say. SPRING, ARE YOU REALLY COMING?


Cold Has Entered the South

It is so cold here in Russellville, Kentucky, I woke up to no water in my kitchen. My son-in-law was kind enough to come over and look and confirmed my suspicions. I have just called the landlord and I could tell in his voice he was not happy about having to come over.

The other faucets are working, but in this area there are many older homes that are not insulated or barely insulated because of the mild temperatures down here. This is going to be one of those rare times. The weather is not going to be normal.



  • 29° 19° Today
  • 22° 10° Tomorrow
  • 32° Tuesday
  • 20° -10° Wednesday
  • 20° Thursday


  • Feels Like
  • Visibility 10mi
  • Humidity 28%
  • UV Index 4 (Low)

Tonight – Cloudy with snow developing after midnight. Low around 20 °F (-6.7 °C). Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph (8.0 to 16.1 kph). Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

Today – Overcast. High 29 °F (-1.7 °C). Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph (8.0 to 16.1 kph).

How’s Your Weather?

Good afternoon. Today in Russellville, Kentucky it is not bad in temps right now. It is about 38. It is supposed to drop to freezing and below for the next 24-48 hours here. There is snow expected. For our area we are predicting a few inches.

It is windy and gray. I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather now and go get some groceries. When I got to the grocery store it was packed to the max. I heard so many chat about the big storm coming.

I know it is little compared to up north where I am from. A few inches? That is nothing, but I understand it here. We have only had about an inch total this winter so a few inches sets the town up for shut-down.

I got four comments on how much someone liked my purse. Every where I go a person makes a comment. It is a fact, if you know me, I like bling, the more the better. I decided to take a photo of it and place it here. It feels good to hear the words. Maybe sometimes I do have good taste.

After leaving the grocery store I stopped at the video store. If we are going to be indoors for a few days I will be lonely but have food and warmth and of course movies to watch. Instead of getting new releases that are good for over-night; I chose five-night movie rentals. Surely the weather will be back to normal by next Thursday?

My choices were movies I have previously seen and enjoyed. Five movies, five dollars, five nights. What a deal. I chose;

1. Sister’s Keeper

2.La Bamba

3. Lean on Me

4. First Wives Club

5. For Richer or Poorer

6. A Few Good Men

I forgot I had a credit on my account, so I got six instead of five.

Well, folks, what is it doing in your area? Snowing, cold, blowing winds? Let me know and I will keep you updated on our weather here in Kentucky

A photo of my purse.

pink purse

The Big Snow in Russellville, KY

Here in Russellville, Ky. we don’t get much snow but it does get rather cold. The weather on the news had been predicting this snow storm for TN and our area. I am an hour from Nashville, so this is where I get my news from.

I decided to go out Friday and do my errands, just in case we were going to get the BIG snow. While I was out I had to snap a photo or two of the train that I was stopped for. I then came home and waited for the storm to arrive.

When I saw the snowflakes falling I thought, well here it is, it is really going to snow here.

It did snow, we got a half an inch. By this afternoon it was gone and the temps had risen to 46. Not a bad storm after all; but to the people who have lived here much longer you would have thought it was going to be just terrible. Up north where I am from is where the snow is. 118 inches of snow for the winter is not surprising so when we got a half an inch, I just smiled, realizing the stores were sold out of milk and toilet paper.

train 4train 5

We Have Snow Today

snow 2snow 3It is about thirty degrees here in Russellville, Kentucky. I looked outside a few minutes ago and it is snowing. Wow, it is sticking to the ground too. Look at this will you? It gets cold down here, but not too much snow, so I had to show this white stuff off!

A Litte Snow Is Enough For Me

Here in southern-central Kentucky, we have felt the impact of the cold from up north. I was a little excited, not much, but a little to see the white on the ground this morning. From what I hear it is early for this amount of cold here and the snow.

Last year the temperatures were so below freezing for most of the winter I don’t think it will be very soon that I forget that particular winter. I am also glad to know that after tomorrow the temps go back up to almost fifty here.

I did snap a photo of the dusting I have in my side yard. How does your yard look compared to mine? Do you have snow or green palms and grass?