Highest to Lowest

I get so aggravated at doctor’s offices. I have a friend who has health issues with Diabetes. It’s out of control and has been for some time but I won’t go there. Anyone who has this disease realizes that left to ignoring it can in fact suffer huge consequences later on.

This friend has this past year suffered so much pain in all parts of the body. A trip to the doctor led to another doctor and so on and so on. This went on for almost a year and a half. In the end, the last test was the A1C test, which measures the average of your sugar numbers, and is usually done every three to six months.

The doctor said, ” Oh this is the reason for all of your aches and pains.” In my heart I was confident that this would be the results.

My issue is why? Why do these physicians run the most expensive tests first? Why didn’t they just do and A1C test first? It takes time and gas to run out of town to these specialists. It takes money away from work and it leaves huge amounts of deductibles to pay.

The same thing is happening to me right now. I need to find the answer to why when I stand for a period of time, I feel like I will pass out. I went to the specialist two days ago and instead of doing the simple test of checking my blood pressure in a sitting, lying and standing position, he has ordered a Tilt Table test, which is out of town, runs at between five hundred and one thousand dollars and will most likely make me vomit and pass out.

I swear, I am going to quit going to these doctors if it is about my neurological problems. I already know they can not fix me. I guess when I get those episodes, I go into panic mode and reach for the phone. It just seems someone is getting a kick back from going high to low on procedures. I have heard of other patients that go through the same routines. It’s like when you take your car to a mechanic. It’s not uncommon for them to replace the most simple part that fixes the problem until last.

The Good Way

I saw this on my Facebook this morning, and I loved it. Not only because it is the right way to live, but it is also what I, myself practice. I am financially not great, but I consider myself blessed. I have a roof, a car and my bills are paid. I have food, and doctors, and life is still letting me enjoy the beauty. I am probably wealthier today than when I had extra bucks in my pocket because without, you appreciate more.

The words I read this morning on Facebook were;

If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you.

My Country

There once was an old house on a rugged street. She was different than others. She dressed in comfort instead of style. She didn’t attend church and instead read her Bible each morning and night. She talked to God like he was her best friend.
People talked about her a lot. They never said things that she would like to hear but she ignored them and went about her day. She noticed the things going on around her though. She would sit in her old, rickety rocker and discuss the problems with God. She prayed for everyone, including those that ridiculed her.
Instead of getting caught up in the fires of the world, she prayed. Even when she knew people were acting crazy, she stayed away from it. She never halted from her stand when she knew she was following the good book’s rules.

People today are quick to judge, to react and to go against what is right. There is great turmoil in our world. We sometimes can not keep up with life because it changes too much too fast.
We live under one nation, one God with liberty and justice for all. We are not to be divided. We are not allowed to hurt others because they differ in their opinions from us. We are to be loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We are to treat others as we wish to be treated.
I never thought in my life time I would see such chaos and hurtful actions as I did last night. The fact that whether I am republican or democrat isn’t really the problem. It is how people are reacting over someone’s opinion and people not wanting to accept that we won’t always get our way.
I hope that for me, I never see my family or friends act other than the great American they are and that we each continue to remember and thank God for each and ever gift we are given daily. I ask God to please continue to help me behave the way that he wants me to and to remain faithful in his word.Thank-you.

Walking on the Rough Roads

I have a large interest in people who are going through rough waters who have terminal illnesses. I believe I have some empathy for others and along with that, the fact that my brother suffered from a terrible and rare disease, I am where I am today.

At first, when the patient and family learn of a disease that is incurable at this point, there is not only shock but much talk amongst each other. Very few have heard of some diseases and along with chatter comes fear and questions.

How long will the patient last? Exactly what is this disease and how did he/she get it? Do we need to think about death? Do we need to plan funerals and arrangements? The questions begin to roll and before we realize it, the patient is no longer looked at as our loving family or friend; they are the beginning of feelings of pity and sadness.The conversation of the illness is brought up in many a topics but it is talked about in almost a whisper tone.

As the months march on and new symptoms arrive, people fear death more and more. Some people don’t know how to react to this new side of life and so instead begin backing away, hoping the disease will some how disappear. Some others, will chip right in, offering help and running errands as the patient becomes more comfortable in bed.

Usually the patient is the one who is struggling to make the diagnosis real. They feel fine. Oh, of course they have suffered some symptoms, but they are still pretty good at living life.

It is sometimes easier for the patient to struggle through the symptoms or stages than it is for family and friends to watch the changes. It is sad, I agree, but it happens more often than not.

My suggestions for those who are having to deal with things like this in life is to think about what the patient likes; and what were their interests before the illness came along. Whatever your answers may be, make that a highlight. Visit your loved ones and take a magazine that holds interest for the patient, read to them about their favorite topic, take selfies of you and them, talk about things from the past that will bring smiles and laughter. If at all possible, bring a lunch to them to give the caregiver a break, or if you can, offer to pick the patient up and get a pizza and share lunch at the lake or park.

This is a sad time, I agree, but the goal is not to show the sadness at this time. There will be time for that later. Your goal is to make memories, memories for you for the tomorrows. I can’t stress this enough either; while you are visiting the patient, please don’t stand together with others in the room nor outside the bedroom door and talk about the patient like they can’t hear or comprehend, they can. Did you know that our hearing is the last thing to leave after we die? It is. So although these are rough times right now, live for the now and love life and your family, you will never regret it during these months.

Hulu Series and Halloween Treats

I have gotten in the habit of spending my evenings watching McCleouds Daughters. It’s and eight series show that is on Hulu. I am on the fifth series now. It is about a horse farm and the four women who run it. All sorts of things happen on this show, good and sad things.

I love these farm, horse shows. It not only is good and clean watching, it takes up my evenings. Have you ever seen it? If not, maybe you can start watching it. I also love Heartland. It is pretty similar. I just don’t want these series to end.

Next, I am looking forward to watch the holiday shows and movies.

A question I have for you. I am going to be staying home and passing trick or treats to the kids that live out here. They are having a Halloween walk throughout the complex. With the virus still being active, what is a good treat to hand out that keeps all safe and happy?

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McLeod’s Daughters

2001 ‧ Drama ‧ 8 seasons