What's Different than yesterday?

It’s Saturday morning and this morning is no different than last Saturday morning. I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee and here I sit with the morning news on sipping hot coffee.

I realize it is now 2020 instead of 2019 and when I paid my rent, I had to change the date but other than that, what’s different?

I see some changes ahead of me. In April I will be a year older. This gives me less chances of making a difference in the world and then I have to ask myself what kind of change could a sixty-five year make anyhow?

Not being young anymore, there isn’t kids to run to after school programs now do I have to set the alarm clock for work. I don’t get the weekly paychecks anymore, so what can possibly be different this time?

God only knows. He made it possible for an elderly woman to become pregnant. Jesus walked our earth and then died and came back to life. He made the earth in six days.

I don’t think there is an age discrimination in God’s eyes. I am pretty sure that if he sees fit for me to do something for him, he isn’t going to think, “Gosh, she’s too old now.” He could put me in the presence of a stranger to help make a difference in a life that was pondering on snuffing it out.

He could bring me to someone who is seeking help and needs to see what believing in God can make. He could draw my children and grandchildren closer to God by using me. I am quite a chatterbox. He could place me in a situation where other ears are listening to my words and I could change their day without realizing it.

So although I am sitting here doing really nothing, God can decide to make 2020, the best year ever. I may be walking with stumbles and falls from my Ataxia. I may be disabled and not work outside the home anymore. I may not collect a weekly paycheck, but I am still very much alive today and God will do something awesome with me this year.

We don’t always see the changes coming and when they do, we may not recognize them as they are gradual at first, but believe me, 2020 will be better than a week ago today.

Welcome 2020?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

I can tell you about my memories

I can speak about my tears

I can tell you about my laughter

I can speak about important keys.

I can’t tell you about tomorrow

I can’t speak about my upcoming health

I can’t guess about decisions

I’ll just pray, head up and go.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Nothing stops me from my camera

I really believe in this quote. I used to run. I used to walk well. I do walk today. I do stumble. I will keep trying with the aid of tools for walking.

Still taking my photos. Although I have to sit to photograph; I am proud that I can do it.


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

At a senior ageI can sit backAnd look at my past.I can recall good memoriesAnd also rememberThe days of teaching by others.
Today, there are words heardThat are spoken with easeThat I didn’t hear when I was young.Murder, bullying, gangs to name a fewWere not mentioned in my house.
Was it true that I came from a simple home?Had I been so sheltered from the world?I remember Sunday school, and getting good gradesI was taught to use the golden rulesI was reminded if I didn’t say please and thank-you.
Or is it a fact that few care todayOr are we too busy keeping up with the Jone’sTo take the time to be a good example.How could our teachings become extinct?
How disappointed I becameWhen I had a bed timeOr had to turn my music downOr was told when I could begin dating.I look back now and I smileFor my parents loved me.
I feel for the youth of todayThe lost spirit; waiting to be found.The chaos of trying to fit inThat sometimes was never found.
As I sit here in the quiet of my homeA smile breaks out with easeI am thankful for my age and teachingI am grateful for my imagination.Life has many lessons yet to be learnedBut I do have my foundation and life is good.

Written by,Terry Shepherd

There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.

—F. Scott Fitzgerald

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.

“And then she got older”.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe

She had so many health issues she didn’t know what to do.

Doctors and therapists said there’s nothing wrong

Go home you old lady; I’m tired of hearing your song.

“And then she became angry.”

There was an old lady who screamed out in fear

No one can help me she cried out in tears.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe

She gave up on life and said the hell with all of you.

Then one friend on Facebook who was a true friend

Booked a flight to be with this old lady until the very end.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe

Her friend held her hand and asked what could she do.

“Just sit with me young lady; my fear is to die all alone

Tell me I matter until God takes me home.”

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe

Who went to heaven without feeling blue.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

The Little Things Are What Matter

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies “

Soft grass underneath your feet

Puffy clouds standing over you

A squirrel playing tag

Wind blows gently through the petals

Water lapping at your toes

Two people holding hands

A child’s laughter

A sleeping baby

A child speaking of his day

Dreaming of the weekend

The newlyweds smile

Memories of Grandma’s cookies

The smell of Grandpa’s pipe

The waking to a new dawn

The hope for tomorrow

Thanking God your’e still alive.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Is This Old Age Related???

“Don’t let age get you down. It’s too hard to get back up”

I don’t hear men talking much about their aches and pains so I am assuming the person who said getting older was your golden words was full of crap!

I am kidding about this but in reality; I am asking for your advice.

The one thing that I am having to endure with aging and my symptoms from Ataxia is pain in my hand. I refuse to give up my typing on this keyboard.

I have a knot that has been growing on my index finger and now I have some slight swelling on that finger also. Oh, the burn and the pain. Good old Arthritis has decided to take-up home in my bones.

I am using Ibuprofin and Bio Freeze. Let me tell you something, that Bio-Freeze should work excellent because in my opinion; everyone within a block can tell I just put it on my skin.

There must be something natural to use. I can’t afford herbs and such on my income, so maybe an old-fashioned remedy that you know worked for your grandma? Any thoughts- let me know.



Memorial Day

“Freedom can not be bestowed-it must be achieved”


This land is my land
This land is your land
Then why still all the fighting?
Isn’t it all of our land?

Brave women and men
Fighting for our rights
Let freedom ring
Isn’t this how we sing?

Leaving families behind
Crawling on all ground
Watching with watchful eye
Looking for all evil spies.

Children left in broken homes
Caskets brought back to their land
Others missing; wondering where they are
All done for your and my freedom.

Red, white and blue flags
Flow gently in the breeze
Representation of what was fought
Let’s salute for what they sought.

Arguing, shouting, burning, death
Still roams around the world
A constant battle remains on earth
Seems since the beginning of birth.

For this one day put your hand over your heart
Remember what was done years before
This land is your land
This land is my land
Forever more.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Keeping the House Neat and Tidy

All I can control is myself and just keep having a positive attitude.

It seems that by now reaching that goal of being a true Senior Citizen; I would have all my crap together, but I don’t. The older I have reached the worse I don’t know myself.

I do have some regrets at this point.

A. Not doing enough with my children when they were younger and living at home. We had some real good times but I spent a lot of time making sure the house was neat and tidy and supper was on time.

B. Not fighting harder for what I knew was right inside my heart. There is a lot that goes on when raising a family of three kids. Places to go and errands to run, kids inviting over night guests, groceries to buy and of course; keeping the house neat and tidy.

C. Not spending enough time with my parents. This is something I always knew I should do; but I was always too busy or too tired. I always went to their house on invitation order or for holidays. I’m talking about those times when I really didn’t have much on my agenda and still didn’t go.

Today, I am starting to look backwards and forwards at the same time. I can’t change the past for sure but I can make sure my forward is kept on track to the best of my ability.

I may be older but my heart still gets stomped on. Today, I have to let it go. Yesterday, I would have worried and stressed it out until I was in bed sick to my stomach. I can’t rule or control how others take my words or actions. I can only hope that misunderstandings are resolved and life can move forward with ease.

The one thing I do not like today and I pretty much stand up for myself is backlash. I hear things said to me today about what and why I did what I did or said years ago. Yesterday, I would have sunk emotionally. Today, I stand up for what I know is right for me.

Today, it’s not necessary to keep the house neat and tidy. It is more about being content inside. Spending time with those that make me feel good. Laughing is the main course on my plate. I have to deal with my Ataxia and I have to deal and accept the old-age pains, but letting go of that neat and tidy house is a choice I can make.

Amongst the Storm

She was sitting behind her desk grading papers. School was over for the day and she was so glad. It had been a rough day. Her concentration was low on what she was supposed to be teaching to her third grade students. Instead, her mind was on last evening at home.She and her husband were having another argument. The he said, she said was over the top. This argument had been going on for a few days now, ever since a friend had hinted that Jerry, her husband may be cheating on her.Beth looked into her mirror deeply. Did she look her best? Was she making a real effort to please her husband when they sat down at breakfast?She had built her own wall of unworthy. This in turn made her doubt everything her husband said in his defense to her accusations.
She placed one paper on top of another. Red check marks, grades with circles in it but as she looked at the finished pile she wondered if she had done a good job.
She heard a noise. A noise that sounded like scurrying. Soon the noise got louder and before she could stand, her door was thrown open and two men grabbed her from behind.They gagged her and tied her hands behind her back. They pushed her hard into a closet.She tried kicking at the door to break it open while she listened to chairs being tossed and desks being over turned. Gruff voices directing partners to look here and over there.She was scared and tears streamed quick down her cheeks. She asked herself, “Are they going to kill me? What will they do with me? What about my husband? Will I see him again?”
As she stood there shivering she felt a touch on her shoulder. She looked around her but all she saw was darkness. The touch on her shoulder became firmer. A warmth she had never experienced ran through her body. Her body became firm. She calmed down amongst the storm.The voice said, ” I have placed you in this situation because I want you to know the truth. I made you Beth. I made you just the way you are. You believe in me and I have been guiding you all through your life. Suddenly, you are not listening to me. Instead, you are listening to others who do not know me. I want you to go home and look at your mirror and your husband through the eyes I have given you.”
Suddenly the door opened to the closet. She was no longer restrained. There was no chaos nor noise. She walked over to her desk and saw that her papers were graded and put neatly in a folder for tomorrow’s class.She looked around, grabbed her coat and purse. She walked straight out of the school and got into her car. When she got home, her husband was reading the paper on the couch. She walked over to him with coat and purse still in hand. She laid his newspaper to the side and grabbed him around the neck, whispering, ” I love you so much. Thank-you for being my husband.”
Written by,Terry Shepherd

When you stray from the Lord, anything can happen