Chineese Anyone?

Today I was invited to a place called China Palace with my daughter-in-law and a few of my grandchildren. We had a good time especially filling our bellies up on over-load. We then went to Wal-Mart where she needed to get some things in the baby aisle and I needed to get my standbys that I eat every day. Sunflower seeds, sugar-free jello, a loaf of bread, 2 containers of lite cool whip and a dozen eggs, oh and a half-gallon of milk.

Each night I have my jello with cool whip. It is very low-calorie, sweet to my palate and filling. We looked around for a while and then baby Chloe got to fussing because she was hungry. She will be ten weeks old this coming Tuesday. Her brother, Curtis who is 14 and little Hanna who is six were having a good time looking around too; and of course they wanted everything they saw.

Here are three photos I took of my day today with my family. Made some good memories today.

CurtisHanna 3kristen


16 thoughts on “Chineese Anyone?

  1. Terry – Having family around you can be its own blessing. I often wish we had family or someone close by for Tom but that’s simply not the way things are working out. Even if we did have someone close by, he still wants me to be here. Was Al like that? Did he always want you to be the one that was there?
    I’m taking this time, to hopefully be a better blogging friend, to write some new blogs, SLEEP, garden, read, and be with Bailey. He’s such a loving little dog and a real miracle that’s come into my life.

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  2. I think I came from the Era of Leave it to Beaver days. I believe in family . Now that my family has grown and found their own way, I became lost . When my parents and brother passed away . I became a creature I do not recognize . I turned to blogging when Al was quite I’ll as a way to escape the pain he was going through . I had prayed for a while and God told me to write a blog. Back then I didn’t recognize the name blog. Thus was born my creative work in writing my two books and my poetry . AL was very demanding of my time but it made me feel needed, so I liked it. He trusted me and I believe that is why he was so needy.


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