Who I Am

I would think that by the time I reach legal Senior age and past, I would know pretty much who I am, but then something happens and shakes the apple basket.

This is what has happened in my life a couple of weeks ago. I called one of my family members to do a phone chat and check-in and discovered there were health concerns going on.

I wanted to jump in my beater car and head to their home but I knew my car was much too undependable to make the long drive. Of course if an emergency would arise with any of my loved ones, I would do whatever means to reach to their side, well almost any means.

I can remember when my grandmother was alive, she would always make comment to someone younger than herself, stating, she was to die first, because she was older.

I am not saying death lies around the corner by far, but when a health concern arises, the mind can’t help but ponder on such things in my own life.

For the past two weeks, I try hard to check in every couple of days. I know that they and I would very much like to have more answers to the priority questions and hopefully, today some or at least a biggie, will be answered.

I also believe in numbers in prayers, so this is the reason my friends, why I am writing this post.

I ask each of you who believe in the almighty God above, to please stop for a moment and say a prayer for answers and healing for this loved human being.

I thank you in advance because I am sure some of you will do this immediately. Hugs.

Get a Real Job Scammers!!

It seems many of us receive our emails to only discover that spam or scammers have sneaked in there also. I had a friend say this morning that the USPS had sent a scammer letter.

I have to admit, I myself, received one last evening too. I have to be super cautious when I get these emails. Why? because they look so authentic. You can even compare them to a real email and may have to study it at length to find whether it is a fraud or not.

Sometimes it is one, tiny letter turned around or a symbol or even a period that will be the difference between an original email and a scammer’s email. Fortunately, I have not fell into their greedy trap. They have not gotten monies from me as of yet, but it makes it sad, that you can’t enjoy reading your emails without checking things out first.

I did get scammed by a company that you only see at Christmas time. A candy book, which I would not order from in the beginning, being a diabetic. Somehow, somewhere, the business had grown weak on their privacy laws and this allowed someone to make a six hundred dollar purchase on one of my credit cards.

Can you imagine? Making a charge of over six hundred dollars, scamming someone over candy? I laughed aloud at that although it wasn’t really funny. I got a hold of the credit bureau and with their help, it was removed from my file.

I feel very sorry for those who don’t speak our native language and end up falling for these scammers, sometimes losing most of their funds and what about the elderly that have got their hands on their first computer?

Without a family or friend explaining and showing how to check for emails, they have and can lose their entire life savings. I have seen it so many times on TV talk shows where widow ladies and gents will send money over seas to some scammer on the other end of the screen, while he swears his love for her/him, and also spilling his guts on how he needs help to be able to come across the seas to meet his new true love, knowing very well that was never his intention. His intention was to drain a bank account.

Friends, if you have a friend or family member who has some design for use on an internet, please do them a favor and have a chat with them and make sure they know what to look for and to never give their social security numbers or bank account numbers.


September is Wonderful

I do not live in Florida but when I did, this past several weeks has felt like Florida weather. How absolutely heavenly it was to wake-up this morning to fresh air coming in the bedroom window.

I heard my favorite birds, the Sand Cranes and pondered on how many more mornings I would hear them before they take off for warmer weather. I saw the orange-breasted Robin and am glad I still get to see them.

The smell of the bark covering the trees in the woods behind me, draw me closer to nature. I absolutely love nature and that is one thing I love about my camera. What I don’t like is my balance from Parkinson’s and Ataxia. It is slowing down or limiting my ability to get out there and photograph the bugs and flowers. Oh how I miss it so much. I am very thankful for the photos I do get to take but there is nothing better than walking in nature and taking your time to capture that photo and take everything in.

Here are some photos I have taken when life was better.


Days are filled with busy fingers

Minds that don’t wonder

Pain that is less felt

And smiles are welcome.

Then dusk comes and

The mind starts to drift

The fingers are restless

And the body aches

.This is what some go through;

That have raised their families

Come from divorces

And sometimes left alone.

This is our time to

Reach out to others

Sit down and write a letter

Make a friendly phone call.

You just never know

You may have saved

Someone from taking their life

When the day is done, the evening begins

.Written by,Terry Shepherd


A Little Help Here Please

I have always struggled with night time eating. I know, keep busy they say, but I think about it each night until I finally give in. Some evenings I need to eat because my diabetic sugars are too low and I need to keep them up during the night. Other evenings I crave salt so badly, and I think that my body must need salt as I don’t add table salt or use table salt.

I have been placed on every restriction, I swear, by my doctor throughout the years. Low carbs, no salt, no sugar, no wheat flour, watch the potassium because I have had it at a dangerous level, although for the last six months it is back in the normal range. Watch your magnesium, oh yes, have had to and still am taking supplements, which didn’t help too much, so now back to my milk of magnesium, taking one T. every evening before bed.

Gee, I don’t think there is any other restrictions. I try very hard to keep carbs at 25-30 grams per meal and have a snack at bedtime if need be, to no more than 15 carbs. I often wonder since I am a diabetic which is more important to watch, carbs, sugar or calories. I don’t count calories and I know about every food I eat how much carbs and sugars are in them.

Here’s where you come in. If you have any advice, based on your own experience on how to do better, figuring out what goes in my mouth, please share with me and if you can suggest a filling and good night-time snack, please share. Oh, I thought of something I should add. Cholesterol has been an issue for about six months. I exchanged my butter out for a margarine with no cholesterol, boy do I miss the butter flavor, and the other thing is, if I eat fruits at all, I can have only one half of a banana or one small apple. Any other fruit sends my sugars over the roof.

Thank you ahead of time because I know, someone is going to help me out here.

Cyber Hearts

Sometimes the internet was the nicest invention ever. I can remember that not that long ago, it cost money to call someone out of your area. Then cell phones came along and that old theory vanished. We were all able to quit worrying about cost because of Facebook chatting and our pocket phones, we could talk to anyone and even pick our own friends.

I was never the one who went to parties much or social events. I did go to quite a few social gatherings the last few years, but I wasn’t interested in socializing. I was only interested in my camera and finding interesting things and people to photograph. I still try to do what I can but it’s usually from a passenger side of a car.

Having friends is important to me but it isn’t my goal in life. I have one very close friend that has chosen to remain friends with me for over forty years. I hate the thought of either of us not being here on earth. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Facebook Messenger was the coolest thing to me when it began. If I liked postings from a particular person, I would begin a conversation with them. I have friends now, that would be called cyber friends all over the world, probably the same with you.

In fact, some of my cyber friends, I met when my brother was ill and those friends and I have remained friends ever since, so I think that would be eight years now. Not too bad considering most of them and I have never met, not that I wouldn’t love to meet each one.

I have friends in Australia and Italy and within the United Sates along with London too. I am very fond of and proud to call them my friends. I also am able to learn about their culture instead of reading a book about it. First hand is always nice, don’t you think?

I used to have this friend here on my blogging site. Her name was Sandra Callahoun. I loved her as my friend. We wrote back and forth daily at least once. She shared her courage and her love for her family. I got to know her heart. Unfortunately her heart was not in good shape and that eventually took her from me and sent her into God’s arms where he could love and care for her at all times. I miss her still today but one day will see her again.

Another nice thing about the internet is you don’t have to mess with those that you don’t find in your favor. You just click and block. Of course there are always going to be those spammers and there are thousands of ads trying to win your money over, but in general, if you are picky like me, you can find very nice people online, and hey, if you are looking for a partner in your life; I bet you can find him/her in time also.

So what about you? Do you have friends online or in cyber space that you love dearly? Where are they from and how long have you been friends? Did you meet your partner online?

We Are What We Think

There isn’t anymore chances

Our minutes are swiftly gone

We may not realize what’s happening

Until we look back and its been too long.

Yesterday I played with dolls and toys

Before I saw it, I was grown

I took what life had offered me

And made it all my own.

Now it’s up to us and what we do

With info filtering our ears

We can choose to live it or let it go

But it does catch up with our growing years.

Written by,Terry Shepherd


Get That Tail Out From Between Your Legs

I wish, when I was young, that I had a built a boat-load of confidence in life and myself, but I didn’t. I hate it that still today, I strive to be all that I can for others and always forget that I am far from perfect. I have friends on here that seem to have it all.

A good childhood, a positive and productive adult life, courage to admit their wrongs and proud of their rights. I am very proud of my friends that have included me in their lives.

I try, I try to hard to not beat myself up for my flaws, but I fail so often. I talk to God about it, I have sought help in learning to accept myself, and still I fail. I think some days that this is why I try so hard to at least make others smile.

The first word that is spoken to me, that is negative; I run away with my tail between my legs.

I have to stop. I really do. I don’t want to go to my grave with this hanging on my soul, but how do I do this? How do I erase words and feelings from earlier days? I pump myself up so much and then I deflate in a matter of seconds.

My doctor calls this depression and I don’t know; maybe he has something there. All I know, is I want it to stop. I am who I am, but I’m still learning.