Let’s Party And Get Down And Boogie

First off, I want to thank Natalie, Mia and Spirit for the adorable card you sent Al. He loved the bear and asked, “do you think she has seen it yet?” He was fascinated by your bear story.

I want to also thank my best friend Lez, for a beautiful card that you sent to me. I was so surprised. I was getting ready to hand it to Al when I took a second look and noticed his name was not on the card.  This was a real treat, a Christmas package in mid August, per say. I love you and appreciate you just being you, and here for me day or night.

I took Al to the scheduled eye doctor appointment. It was pretty much good news. I was so relieved. His slanted and hanging head is causing him to not be able to focus. The double vision is coming from him not holding his head right so he is seeing  through the line of the bifocal.Bifocal d section

In fact, he no longer needs to wear his glasses except when watching TV. He couldn’t read because the glasses were being used, and now he can take them off. I am going to show him the cards you all have sent him when he wakes up. Maybe he can read them by himself again.

The small downfall was his vision is 20/40 and will never get better. His eye muscles are weak. And at this point there will be no new glasses ordered.

We celebrated by him purchasing a green 1957 Chevy Bel Air, and buying some No Sugar Added Strawberry Ice-cream for his treat later tonight. He was exhausted from our little trip. He had not had any pain medication, other than the normal ones he takes until now. The trip just makes him hurt. I told him it would be a long, long time before he had to go back to the eye doctor and he was glad.chevy

So release the balloons, let’s party and get down and boogie for some good news.boogieballoons