A day of thanks

A day of food

A day to rest

A day of good


A day to listen

A day to share

A day for all

A day to care


A day to give

A day to pray

A day to think

A day given us today.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. I hope all of you enjoyed the day. I pray we all remembered those without. I had a very nice time last weekend with my boys and their families. I had an enjoyable evening with my daughter and her family. It was so nice, I  spent the night and returned home this morning.

You can tell I was quite relaxed by the photo taken of me Thanksgiving evening.

me and dog 1



Thanksgiving is More than Just Food

It is almost upon us. The day we look forward to all year-long. A day spent with family and friends. Eating those specially prepared foods our mouths haven’t lingered on for 365 days.

Not everyone will be able to take part of this feast, and for this, it is very sad. I want you to do two things for me  since you are taking the time to read this. One, I want you to tell me how you spend your Thanksgiving Day and what you like most and what you don’t like most about it.

Two, please pray for the people less fortunate. They are everywhere. Your neighbors, friends, the lonely, the ones who have lost family and friends. Pray that we each get through this holiday. Pray that no one is forgotten. Pray for comfort and health, just pray.