A Lazy Afternoon


Ever have a day where you think others don’t seem to realize you exist? Those days where all is quiet, like a little mouse in your house. You hear the tiny crackles of the roof as the freeze leaves and the sun warms the shingles.



You turn the television on and surf through the channels; hoping for a show that will hold your interest for more than a few minutes.

You have everything done for the day. I am sure there is something to be found to do, but you really don’t feel much like doing more.

You gaze out the windows, a wintry day of listless colors in tans and browns. No one seems to be stirring in other houses near you. It is definitely a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You hear the buzzer of the dryer going off. You get up off your duff and go out to fold and put away the last load of clothes. As you fold you glance out the two back windows and discover you are not alone at all.


The trees are whispering

As  breeze flows through empty branches

Birds hopping from branch to branch

A squirrel playing on the fence post

A cat sits at the edge of your porch

Looking at what you are doing

You smile, as you see life still moves forward

You are the only one inside standing still.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





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