I’m Back

I’m Back

I am like the ghost of past

I left you all but it didn’t last

I did move to downward south

I drove my family mad with my big mouth

Today I moved into my house

No family here, quiet as a mouse

A little fearful I must admit

Have to get used to this just a bit

New neighbors new sights

New routes, what frights

I can find my clothes and a pan or two

I found my plates and even shoes

Moving is something not too fun

I am glad the mess is almost done!

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



#FWF Free Write Friday; Quote Prompt


Always look at each day with a new sun a new leaf being born and a new cloud forming.

Terry Shepherd

This was my day yesterday. Looking at life through new glasses. Not like any glasses of the most expensive kind in a shop, but a magnificent pair of life glasses.

Guaranteed to bring out the brightest, newest, and most hopeful view each time you look through them. When you put them on each morning you will see the sun for the very first time. New birth will be given to the tree of life. Clouds will come in new shapes yet undiscovered from even the most intelligent human life. The sun will shine brightly as it has just been born today.

When you wear these you will see hope in all you see. Life will look lighter and brighter than the day before. You will forget yesterdays’ sorrows and see only today and bright futures.

As I brought my brother home yesterday and laid him gently into his new bed, I had my glasses on. I could see my future and all pasts were erased as if it were a giant etch-a-sketch.

I looked down at him sleeping and thought he is a part of me. He has been away  by the devious mouths of hungry,  money-making people. I failed to see the truth. I looked on the days gone by. My confidence was snatched a way as if I was an infant drinking from my mother’s nipple and suddenly left alone to make decisions bigger than life.

Now I can see fresh vegetables growing from Mother’s earth. Carrot tops sprouting new life. Pumpkin vines spreading their branches ready to soak up any new energy coming within reach. garden

When I look towards the heavens I see new growth on my tree of life. Delicate yet strong leaves pouring life into our spaces providing beauty and comfort.

Life is good, let us not walk blindly through today. Place your glasses on as I do and see your today in a brand new way.