Why Al Won’t Go

Al has spoken off and on today. Sometimes pretty clear. We are having big issues and messes with bladder spasms. So today has not been a great day.

Tonight after only eating a few bites Al told me he is dying. I took his hand and said that I know and I explained how this is the way he has to do things in order to get a new body.

He went on and said one more thing and then he has said nothing more. He told me he is a failure. My heart broke and I cried. I took his hand and told him in no way was he a failure. I told him how lucky he is that he has seen Jesus.

In fact I told him every possible thing I could think of to say. We, or I talked and hopefully he listened. I talked about forgiveness, that anything he knows he has done has been forgiven by all including God.

I talked to him for about an hour. He is no longer speaking but I hope I helped him to see that he can let go, that all will be alright, that he is the most perfect brother in my eyes, and I told him this too.

Alvin and nurse