An Orchestra of Nature

Spring is almost over and summer is about to begin. I have lived down south where there is no change in the weather for the most part, and I have lived in southern, central KY, where there is some change.

Here in Indiana there is definitely change. We grow anxious for each season to arrive. I have to admit, I missed these changing seasons when I lived away from here. Have you ever sat outdoors in the evenings during this time of year and really paid attention to the noise surrounding you?

Nature, the sounds of  nature are as beautiful as any orchestrated piece of music. Here where I live is considered definitely city life, but in my back yard I get the small view of country and green leaves and trees. Many trees line my property and I enjoy sitting and listening to the sounds.

The sounds I hear are:

The tree frog, which  can be seen about anywhere around my house. It has suction feet and can sit on my window or the siding of the house. He has even been seen in my gutters. This is what they sound like. green tree frog





Then there is the sound and beautiful birds, the Robins.

robin bird






Another nature critter I enjoy watching is the Lightening Bug. It makes no sound that I no of, but oh boy, do I have the memories of being a kid and making bracelets and rings out of them. Of course mom and dad didn’t teach me that it was wrong to harm these bugs, and I no longer destroy them. I just love to watch them fly at night.

lightening buglighted lightening bugOf course in the day and evening there are the sounds of the crickets. I have used them for fishing bait, but I would rather sit outside at dusk and listen to them chirp.







These are some of my favorite sounds in the Spring and Summer evenings. What do you enjoy listening to?






Medication and Heartburn

Bottle of Antacid tablets

I love Robin Williams

So am watching Hook

It is much better

Than reading a book.

Today I was blessed

With what some would say

Some of my voice is back

I am definitely on my way.

I have never been so sick

And for this long

The house has been quiet

But today I sang a song.

I have taken so many meds

My ability to fight is now down

Now my stomach is irritated

And my smile is now a frown.

I am over half way done

Taking this last set of meds

I can not afford to stop

So now taking antacids.

Just let me make it

A few more days

I promise I will be good

And I will mend my ways.

Let Spring come to visit

Let the sun shine on me

Let the warmth finish healing

Let’s go run you and me.

Terry Shepherd