My Angel

angels poetryMY ANGEL

When I think of you

I wonder how you are

I stop to feel you near

I can’t help but feel so blue.


When I think back on that day

A blur of emotions

Strangers standing round

All taking my view away.


My heart ached so much

My tears overflowed

I felt widely broken

Please just one more touch.


Nights felt so black

Decisions must be made

Oh God help me through this

I just want him back.


The time ticks by

People continue in motion

I am still standing here

Not a day has gone by.


One night in my sleep

An angel appeared to me

I awoke and rubbed my eyes

Then I began to weep.


There at the edge of my bed

You stood standing all healed

You have brought me a message

That I have instilled in my head.


You smiled at me and I stood up

I walked to you touching the air

Your warmth brought comfort and

Our love began to erupt.


That was a long time ago

When you came to visit me

You showed me you’re always here

My angel, I will always know.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd