Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Round Up Week 3


Thank you to all who participated in our first week of the Pet Challenge.
For those who are interested in joining in, here is how:
All you need to do is to create a post with pictures/picture of your pets and link back here.
You can post pictures of your pets or even your friends and families pets,
or you can post pictures of animals that you have photographed such as wild life pictures.  
I have feeders in my front garden, and often birds will come and eat the fruit I have left for them –
such pictures are also totally welcome.  Basically, anything to do with animals will be perfect.
Please link back here and head your post as
Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”


Daily Prompt; Menagerie


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Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

female red bird at millersruby-throated-hummingbird-m450.jpggreat_blue_heron_in_golden_gate_park.jpgsquirrelI do have animals in my life but not in my house.

I get great pleasure out of seeing the first Robin in the Spring.

I feed the birds, mainly the Cardinals and the Hummingbirds and Finches.

I feed the squirrels all winter long. Now I am training them to wean off of my peanuts and look to nature for their food until next winter.

I do not have animals in the house. I have tried it but it doesn’t work with my brother here. I almost had another pet and then learned my brother may be coming back home.

I do not want to fall in love with an adorable face and then have to find a new home for the pet. I sometimes wish I had a big old dog that could protect me from evil. But we are not allowed to have over five-pound dogs here where I live.

So I take pleasure in wild life. They have became my pets to me. They count on me to make their days brighter, and I count on them for smiles.

Picture It And Write It Exercise, June 24, 2012

The thunder could be heard around the world. Lightening reached down and touched the soil, sparking the dead. The sun had raced behind the clouds and was not going to shine until ordered to do so.

People were running in all directions. Tripping over each other. Dead were being trampled  on as if they were pieces of broken rocks. Children could be heard screaming. There was one woman who fell, taking her child with her, and once standing back on her feet, she left the child behind.

Some people were unclothed, as when hearing  the noise, had  jumped straight from the bed to the door. Others had a bundle of personal belongings under their arm, as they raced by. Others were found to be sitting on the grounds, smiling and at peace, as if they had been expecting and waiting for this day.

Some could be seen kneeling on the ground, crying and begging for help, looking to the skies. Even the sick were seen dragging their weak bodies, clinging to their walking sticks, so not to stumble. Aged in wheelchairs, seen crying, praising God for rescuing them from their pain and miseries.

Birds could be seen, circling the skies, the chatter deafening to the ear. Dogs, cats, rabbits, were racing to no where. There was fear among the world, following each other, going to unspecified areas, running to hide from the strange ways.

The skies became darker, and it was as if day had become night. Rain began to fall. There was no gentleness in the drops. It came with a vengeance, and as it fell, it stung, like hail, as it touched the living. Piercing its anger, forcing them into memory, of the warnings they had ignored.

The trumpets came out of all four corners of the world. Men on black, brown and white stallions, sounding the announcement of the unexpected visitor. A wild look could be seen in the animals eyes, and steam came pouring from their nostrils, bucking their riders into the air, but  never faltering, continuing to play as instructed.

Soon, the land was still, leaving some for the eye to see, while others were in hiding for no one to find. All signs of animal life had disappeared. The earth became quiet. The rains became still, and the angry thunder left as quickly  as it had come.

The gray skies grew instantly bright. A brightness that had never been cast. The chill from the rains was transformed into heat. A warmth that had never been felt. The waters opened welcoming him and some eyes whether wanting to or not, were turned to view the magnificent, white clothed form, with a brilliant gold crown sitting a top of his head come down from the skies and stood be for them.

Another visitor came from the deep grounds, rising above, riding a black beast, racing to the mountains and caves.

One by one, the chosen were lifted into his arms. Tears were wiped dry, all pains disappeared. Love was breathed into their souls, by a touch of his hand, and they were then lifted into the heavens, where loved ones were reaching out to them to welcome them home.

Others, less fortunate, the ones who chose not to believe, were being stung by the crack of the whip,and as the whip cracked, it picked each one up and they were tossed into the seas, to never be seen again.

This was done swiftly with no thinking, as if all had been planned years before, and in only moments, the earth became barren once again, and a quietness came over the land.


Thank- you for the chance to participate in your writing exercise:


A Moment For Us

A Sciuridae Deutsch: Ein Hörnchen

A Sciuridae Deutsch: Ein Hörnchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He hid behind the tree. Every once in awhile I could see a speck of grey or a little black spot. He watched me. Everywhere I went, his eyes followed. I had to run an errand, and he watched me leave. My heart got a ping in it, as I realized he was waiting for me. He didn’t want me to leave. I told him I would be back real soon. He just stared in my direction. When I returned, I saw no one. None of his friends were there. It was dead silence. I went into the house, and got what I was looking for and took it outside with me. I went over to his favorite spot and stood there for a moment listening for some sound that would let me know he was near by. If you listened very close and almost quit breathing, you could hear very soft whispers, like leaves blowing in the winds. I finished what I was doing, and told him that is was ok to come out now from hiding. He didn’t have to be afraid. I was his friend. I walked back in the house, and put my things back in the cupboard, and walked over to the kitchen window to see if I could see him. Nothing. I went about doing what I was doing and soon heard a rather loud commotion. It was nothing like I had ever heard before. I called my brother to come here! Come here and look at what is happening! My brother came out and just looked at me, like I was nuts. He had looked around and didn’t see any visitors, so what was I talking about. I called him over to the window, and as he came, I whispered, don’t talk, walk softly. Look out the window with me. It gave me the biggest smile I had had on my face all day as I looked at his face and saw a sparkle in his eyes, and that grin was from cheek to cheek. As we both looked out the window, we were both in awe, as we watched the three baby squirrels chasing each other around  the tree. Each one wanting the peanuts all for themselves. One would get up in the box, and stuff his cheeks and look down at the others. You could tell by his face, he was laughing at his siblings, going ha ha, this is mine. I had thrown peanuts and corn on the ground, and the other squirrels were busy hopping from seed to seed. The yard was soon filled with big fat blue jays. It was a moment I will never forget. A memory I will instill in my box of memories I keep in the back of my mind. My brother and I were standing side by side, gazing out the windows, watching the animals, our friends, feasting, and both of us looked at each other, without saying a word, and we each smiled.