Weekend Don’t Go Away

I unexpectedly received a call from my girlfriend whom I had visited last weekend. She invited me to come for an overnight, since her husband had to work. I readily agreed. We didn’t really have anything planned. We watched the movies, Left Behind. They were pretty good and gave a person something to think about.

We ate laid-back meals; which are some of my favorites. I woke this morning thinking Santa Claus had been there overnight. I was making myself a fresh cup of coffee, when I spotted a familiar, white box, that I hadn’t seen in my own home for way too long.

I carefully opened it with filled lungs, ready to take in the aroma. My eyes widened as I looked into a box full of beautiful, colorful donuts. Oh my, how can I resist?

I closed the box, immediately my brain scrambling, trying to work out a way to indulge in one of these with my breakfast. Each of those delicacies were screaming sugar and calories. I could barely resist. I did eat my 2 scrambled eggs and chose a cake donut with clear glaze and then allowed myself half of it. Wow, oh wow, was that ever tasty.

I then came home. I always hate the entrance of my front door. It yells quietness. After spending the weekend with lots of chatter, silence is not always a nice greeting. By now, I am back in my habitat. I have showered for work tomorrow. I have picked out my clothes. I  know what I am packing for my lunch. I am set for the evening and following day.

I took a few photos while I was visiting and I am posting for you to see. My girlfriend was dog sitting for her daughter. The little dark one is my girlfriends. The little light-colored one is her daughters.

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In The Beginning

In The Beginning


What is in a cat

That makes us smile

Or a dog who provides

Us throughout the miles

Or the horse that is ridden

Along the fields

What gives us the feeling

Of contentment, a feeling of healed

What is there about fishing that does

Bring us peace and serenity

What is it about watching an insect crawl

That can bring us down on our knees

Maybe it is our souls that bind us

Maybe it is because we have a link

After all when God created us

He created the creatures and us in sync.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Thought’s In Poetry, (Facebook)




Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


All you need to do is to create a post with pictures of your pets and link back here.  You can post pictures of your pets or even your friends and families pets, or you can post pictures of animals that you have photographed such as wild life pictures.   I have feeders in my front garden, and often birds will come and eat the fruit I have left for them – such pictures are also totally welcome.  Basically, anything to do with animals will be perfect.

green bug 2

Whoa! What is Happening Here…..

A six-week old kitten.

Ever since the morning Al fell, his walking has gone down hill very quickly. I looked him over and saw nothing but a red spot where his head hit the closet door, but no swelling, no blood, but yet my mind keeps wondering did something happen, or is this just coincidence.

Al has come to hate Cali, the kitten. I should have known better, but instead I was innocent. Believing in the laughter seeing her play, the petting of her that can become so relaxing, and just watching her, hoping to take his mind off of his pain at times, but he hates her, and I have to sadly admit, I can see why.

She likes Al. She does everything in her power to show him that she likes him, but the way she goes about it is destroying him. She gets underneath his feet when he is already struggling to walk, and causes his legs to freeze even more.

When you have Parkinson’s you don’t want to have to stop and start, stop and start with walking. Once you get your feet to move, you want to make it to your destination. I don’t think Cali, had anything to do with Al’s fall the other day. I believe he would definitely have told me. She also gets under his bed and he is afraid she will destroy important papers he has placed there, and then he cries.

This morning, he came out of his room and I saw what Cali was doing. Either she was under his feet letting him know she was happy to see him, or she would lie right in front of him on the floor all spread out, saying pet me. He stood there, with his legs bent more than ever, and just started to cry. He said, make her stop, I don’t like her anymore, and then I chased her far away from  him.

Then on top of the cat business, Al is continuing to freeze more and more. I almost feel like I am being forced by some force, that I have no more choices left but to place him. I had already made up my mind, not to place him. Just get more help and we can do this, until I have no more choices to make.

The shower girl was here and she actually had to hold him up because his feet would not move. She asked him if he wanted to wait a few minutes to take his shower until his feet started moving better, and he nodded yes. The two of them came my way and just as they got in front of me, I saw it. His boxers were soaked. I mean drenching soaked.

I immediately said he is going to have to shower now, and told her what I noticed. Why she didn’t notice when she was standing right beside him, or smell the urine, Lord only knows. I asked Al what happened, and he said he had tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom three times last night, and his legs would not let him move, so he had no choice but to pee the bed and his boxers. He started to cry again, and I said why don’t you take the urinal to bed with you, then you won’t have to stand up, you can sit up in bed, and he said alright, that he had not thought of that.

I felt so bad for him. I can only imagine his embarrassment when he had to tell me what happened and that he had peed, but I tried to shrug it off, making him feel that there were other options and it was an accident, but inside, I was thinking, crap, now I have to do a whole bed change. I can be sometimes mean-spirited inside, but will not let him see that it bothered me.

So, in the end, between the kitten making Al’s life more miserable than it was, and the freezing getting worse, and the pee in the bed and on him, I called the lady who gave me the kitten and asked her to please take her back, and she said yes, and will be here this evening to get her. I feel bad, I love Cali, but I love my brother more.

Photo of Nosy









Yesterday, I wrote about our ornery kitten, Cali. I just wanted you to see her curiosity never quits. Here is a photo I took of her last evening, trying to get the last of the milk out of a glass. She should have been named Nosy instead of Cali!





This Is For Tilly


I found a suggestion in my comments from Tilly to write a poem about Cali, our kitten, so I

A six-week old kitten.

will give it a try.


Silence can be so heavy

With only a television box

Hearing my brother’s tears

And darning his old socks.

Aging process moving along

Can create a cloud of gloom

I need some company here for me

In this dismal little room.

I was asked a question today

From a friend who lives near by

If I wanted to adopt this kitty

And take the sadness from her eye.

I jumped right in with an answer

And said oh yes I will

For I prayed to God this question

For my lonely heart to fill.

Cali, the kitty, is her new name

She craves the love I  give

She looks at me with adoring eyes

And has given me reasons to live.

Her dances of play with her toy mice

Has brought me laughter more than once

She kisses my nose to show me love

My prayer was now answered from the one above.

He Needed Love

He sat outside. Rain pouring over his body. He kept moaning but no one was listening.Shivering from the wet and the cold. Hungry. Looking here and there. Wanting to be loved, and yet neglected. Bones showing through.He had been evicted from his home four days ago, and had wandered down the roads. Cars honking, people staring and pointing their fingers at him. He hung his head low and kept walking. Once in awhile he would wander through an alley and stop at a garbage can. He flipped the lid off and went through the can, finding a morsel of food. Once he was going through the trash and another came by and they got in to a fight, with the other one winning. Food was hard to find that day. He got lucky on another day though. A passer by tossed him his left over sandwich. He gobbled it down, barely swallowing. It was the best food he had eaten in a couple of days. He waited near by hoping for some more, but the passer by stood up and got on his bike and left. He sat outside. A dry porch he had found. Hidden from the rain, but not hidden from the person peeking from the inside window. She opened the door and asked him to come in. She offered him a bath, and food. She offered him a seat where he could rest. One day visit turned in to a love affair with the lady and her new dog.