I Got Sleep!!!!!

I got six hours of sleep last night. Everyone clap their hands. Al slept the best last night of the past week.

I got fresh air today. It felt wonderful. I picked up some groceries including those extra things we need for holidays. Example, paper plates, napkins. I am going to be making this one dessert for Thanksgiving, called

Caramel Apple Salad



6 regular size Snickers Candy Bar

6 apples I used Red DeliciousGranny Smith would also be great

1 (5 oz.) package Vanilla Instant Pudding dry, do not prepare

1/2 cup milk

1 (12 oz.) tub cool whip

1/2 cup caramel ice cream topping


Whisk vanilla pudding packet, 1/2 cup milk and cool whip together until well combined.

Chop up apples and Snickers.

Stir chopped apples and Snickers into pudding mixture.

Place in a large bowl and drizzle with caramel ice cream topping.

Chill for at least 1 hour before serving.

It is sooooooo good!!! So I bought the snickers bars today to get them out of the way. Try it! You’ll like it!

I ate lunch out and picked up Al’s medications also. I took my time. I had no meetings with Hospice. Four hours all to myself.

I am starting to feel run down but then again it is almost my sleepy time, remember? 4Pm to 5PM. Our helper will be here tonight. I was told by her boss who called today that she can do light housekeeping so I am going to ask her nicely to dust Al’s room. It is such a mess of coca cola collections, it is always on my have to list that gets saved to the last.

When I got home there was a package waiting for me. Oh how I love surprises! I hurried and opened it up and I was so pleased. Inside was 2 bracelets and 2 T-shirts from the Executive  Director of M.S.A. Oh how proud I am to wear something to show Al and anyone who ask that I am an advocate of M.S.A and a cure. Here are the shirts and bracelets.

Before I close I want to thank the many friends who are requesting Al’s address. This is more than likely Al’s last Christmas, but then again I am not God. To send him a card makes me more joyful probably than he will feel. I just want to see his walls filled with colors of Christmas. Thank-you everyone. If you want to send a card, please email me at


for his address.

MSA shirts

Not A Good Day So Far

For the first time I want to sit down and give up. I think I am just tired from a caregiver’s view. I am not depressed. I feel defeated. Al had terrible nightmares all night long. He woke up screaming I don’t know how many times.

He begged for medicine. I gave it to him. I held his hand until he went back to sleep. About a half hour later he was dreaming again. The process just would not stop. This morning he didn’t want to get up, but he had to at least get washed and brief changed.

The bed was soaked from sweat. He couldn’t sit up good enough. So I either had my hands in water or I was pushing back up. I finally got it all done and changed his bed. He refused any breakfast.

I even gave him his favorite Caramel Apple doughnut and he pushed it aside. He is sleeping now. I am praying that when he wakes up he will feel more rested and maybe want to eat.

I am trying to keep smiling friends, but today I can’t even get my mouth to form in that direction. I called Hospice about him taking his medications when he is not eating. A nurse is on her way.

soul 2

Memories of Fall

Leaves letting go                                                     caiden in leaves

Floating to the ground

Rain  helping

Bring them down

Minds switch from

Summer to fall

Thoughts of pumpkins                                          gords

Replace beach balls

Apples, gourds

Are in all places

Carving pumpkins

Into Jack-o faces

Burning leaves

And wearing jackets

Starts turning our

Thoughts to Christmas racket.

Snowflakes falling                                                snow-falling3

Each unique

Standing inside

And taking a peek

Standing round

The fireplace

Roasting marshmallows                                                          snoopy

The glow bouncing on our face

Seasons come

And they go

Memories are made

Until they over flow.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd