Reader Appreication Award

Lamehousewife nominated me for this very pretty award. I love the flower!

I always feel so special when I am nominated for an award, but today, I feel more than special, I feel needed and admired. This is a truly special day for me and I believe God chose today for me to acknowledge this.

The past couple of days have been heavy laden for me, and I am working through much pain thanks to all of you on here and a dear special friend I have near me.

For me it is very difficult to hear unkind words and accusations that are meant to hurt and are untrue. People are going to believe what they wish to believe, and there is no way for me to stop it, but I have learned these past two days, that God still has faith in me and he still loves me, and he also knows what I have been enduring these past few years, so to receive this today, just helps the healing process.

Thank you so much Lame!!!

There was no rules that I saw to tell about myself, so I am not going to waste your time as you know so much about me already.

For nominations I want to choose all who have stood by my side the past two days, but there is not enough room here on the page, so instead, I will choose a few.











I hope that everyone that I have nominated can understand how important it is to have such wonderful, caring friends. Others that I could not place on the list are forever in my heart, and stamped with a friendship that is held in respect and admiration. I love my blogging friends!!!!