Continuing Story Part 25

Dahlia felt so good inside that the teacher had asked her to be a tutor for a new student.


She wondered who it was and where the child lived. She forgot those thoughts quickly as she was remembering all the positive things that the teacher had said about her.

Once she got home from school, chores were done, and supper preparations were beginning. The other boarders came to her, and they all wanted to hear the news from the horse’s mouth. They had heard through others that there was going to be a wedding.

They stopped what they were doing and all gathered around the table, making Dahlia sit down and spill it all. Dahlia had no problems sharing her news with them, and told them that she and Drake were planning on being married the day after graduation. All the ladies congratulated her in unison, and clapped their hands for her. They all decided that they were going to throw her a bridal shower party, and they couldn’t wait to start the plans.

All through the dinner preparations talk was on nothing else but the wedding and bridal shower. For the evening meal, tonight there was going to be meatloaf, baked potatoes, tossed salad, green beans, and cherry pie for dessert. As they were preparing and setting the table, others came home and soon all were talking about the upcoming wedding. As they all sat down at the table together, holding hands, they said a prayer of thanks, and also thanked God for bringing  these two, Drake and Dahlia, together.

Drew was sitting at the end of the table, and he even partook in the prayers. He glanced at Drake and their eyes locked. No smiles were exchanged but hope was in Drake’s heart that his brother would be healed of his behaviors. Drew lowered his head once again, and said an extra prayer to himself for himself.

Supper over, and the evening held nothing major, so each was doing their own thing. Drake was grading papers in his room, but his mind was wandering, thinking of Dahlia, and Dahlia was in the back yard, practicing harder than ever at the dance bar. Others were on the porch singing, and others were studying their school work.

Ralph and Rachel found Drew on the back porch steps. He was just sitting there looking out over the property. They both sat beside him and explained that the doctor’s appointment was tomorrow after the school day was over, and they would meet him outside the school doors and would accompany him to the doctor. Drew nodded his head up and down, barely getting the word, thank you out. He was struggling with what he had done and he didn’t really feel that well tonight. He just sort of felt achy all over but his head was throbbing. He thanked his parents for their help and excused himself to go to his room and retire for the night. They patted him on the back and said their good nights, and all departed.

The next morning, everyone got up and got ready for school and classes. Drake walked Dahlia to school, and as they stepped outside the front door of their home, he stole a quick kiss and told her he loved her, and that he had thought of her all evening long. She smiled up at his face, and whispered she loved him also.

It was midterm in school and each of Dahlia’s teachers stopped the regular class teachings and went over with the class of how each student was progressing so far. There were some claps and whistles and happy times, as the news was that each student was working very hard and it was showing in their grades. The entire school administration was proud of this years students, as the marks were very high for their academics.  At the end of the school day, there was a small party in the dance gymnasium, with refreshments served, for a reward of their good works.

Drew did not partake of the festivities, but instead found himself walking out alone through  the front doors of the school. As promised his parents were waiting at the curb, ready to drive him to the doctor. No words were exchanged between the three as they drove to the doctor’s office and parked the car and then went in and announced their arrival. In a short time, Drew’s name was called and they all went behind closed doors.

The doctor asked many questions, and wrote all of the answers down. He decided that they needed to run some tests. They would start with a CBC, and then they would run a Cat Scan and see if anything was happening that would show any changes from those years before.

Drew went down the hall to the lab and had his blood drawn, and then went to the Radiology room, and had his scan performed. When all was finished, the doctor came back to them and said it would a few days before the results were in, and that the receptionist would give them a call and set a time for them to come back, and with that, the doctor disappeared, going to see his next patient.

Drew, and his parents got up and made their way out the door and headed for home. Excitement was over flowing in the kitchen as everyone was talking about the party that had been given to them. They decided to celebrate here at home also, by having a pizza party. They made hand-made pizzas with all the works. The pizzas were so heavy laden with goodies, they were hard to get into the oven, but it was done, and soon the aromas were filling the room with yummy smells.

After everyone had stuffed themselves with pizza and sodas, they cleaned up and all went to the porch and sang songs of joy. Ralph played his guitar, and they all sung for a good hour. The skies were being overtaken with clouds, so each got up and made their way into the house, and Ralph went with Rachel to the back yard and helped take clothes off of the clothes line that had been hanging to dry all day. The two of them took this private moment to ponder on the doctors visit. Ralph asked Rachel if she thought everything was going to be alright, and Rachel said she did not know, but she did notice that Drew looked pale tonight at supper. Ralph nodded because he had also noticed too. They decided that prayers would be lifted to God tonight when they retired to their bedroom.