Daily Prompt; The Excitement Never Ends

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Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EXCITEMENT.

The last time I got excited and butterflies in my stomach I already posted about. The auction I went to. Knowing I had a chance to touch and keep memories of my past was the greatest thing I had done in a long time.

The time before that was when my girlfriend who lives a little over an hour was coming up to visit. This makes me excited. I get butterflies just knowing we are going to spend precious time together.

We always go out to eat somewhere and chat the minutes a way. Then we go to an antique store. She always tells me the same thing every time we go. ” You always seem so sad but when you walk in the doors of an antique store you light up.”

This is probably true. I have antiques in my blood. So does Al, but it is very difficult to take him anymore plus he doesn’t register that he can’t have what ever he wants and this can ruin the entire trip.

I started in my basement. People would stop by and eventually word of mouth spread and I ended up having my own store. I loved it. I breathed it. The first project I ever did was a straight chair. It had ten coats of paint on it. I never dip furniture. I take it off by hand, one layer at a time.indian It was worth every hour I spent refinishing this chair.

The next project I did was refinish an old wooden, oak cabinet.Old-Hoosier-Cabinet-150x150

I bought a lot of pieces and refinished them, placed them in my store and sold them. I added costume jewelry to sell.vintage_rhinestone_costume_jewelry

I didn’t have so many clients that I refinished for as time went by.

I started working at auctions, buying up at anywhere I could find items and reselling them.

I did a piece for my grandmother and another piece for my mother. Those were a joy to do as I knew they meant a lot to them. I did this until I got my divorce.

I won’t rag on my ex although it would be fun and easy. I will just say I made a big mistake and I ended up having to give up my store and go to work at a real job. That is how I ended up in nursing.

So anytime my girlfriend comes up I know we are going to look some place that stirs my heart, makes me smile and turns me on. Talk about getting excited, I sure do.

I Touched My Memories

Yesterday God helped me have help here at home. I wanted to go to a very special auction. An auction that held many memories for me. Years gone by.

When I first walked up to the items listed tears came in my eyes as I missed the dear loved ones who have now passed on.

I was able to go and look over everything. Al was safe with a very nice lady. I had a really good time and although I will never be this close to the property again, I burned everything I saw and did into my memory box. I will miss you both. You were wonderful people.

Here are photos of what I was able to bring home, enjoy and touch when ever I wish.platesvasecandle holderauction bed warmercarnival glassauction blue vaseauction cookbooksauction dishesauction pinsauction silver wareauction stoolauction watch

Daily Prompt; Too Big To Fail

English: Tupperware brand plastic containers 2...

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I always wanted to start something, but I am too shy to let others know. Even writing this makes me humble myself, as insecurities tend to run through me, but way down deep inside, I know I can do it.

I was the regular housewife with kids that sold Tupperware, and Amway. It was fun, but the ones who made the big money were the people who worked well above normal hours. I felt like I was putting too much effort for too little return.

I had an antique store for a few years. I loved it. Antiques were in my blood and still are. If I could do anything I wanted and was guaranteed not to fail; it would be a wonderful day here on earth.

Being able to take care of my brother, deal with life’s ups and downs and still succeed is the closest thing to heaven.

I would love to open up another antique store with an adjoining building for an auction house. I could buy and sell through the auction or have the choice of placing pieces in the store.

The other idea that I have had for years was to open up an agency. A health-care agency. I would utilize all ages. The younger generation would be closely looked at in their backgrounds. The resume would never be required. Instead I would have a timely interview with coffee and donuts and find out what your goals are and what your heart is really like.

You would be going to people’s homes and doing light cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, and fixing meals. You would be required to assist in bathing. There would be one half hour before you did any physical work where you would have to sit down with the patient and chat. Let them know you care. Brighten up their day by reading to them, or let them talk about their past.

For the older generation, have you ever sat and listened to their stories? They have a wonderful past to talk about. These great people have something lonely hearts need and desire, company. This would be on a volunteer basis, with perks included.

I would be handing you coupons for restaurants, or a ticket to a play or musical. Maybe a dinner out with a companion.

There is a  need for this in all areas. As the government programs are being sliced, more and more families are caring for members in their own homes. The added personal touches can make living those last days or weeks more comfortable.

We all need to be able to share a part of ourselves with other humans. With the technology of today, human contact is slipping. Cell phones, texting, computers, emails, even being able to buy stamps online, all make small differences in each others lives.

So this is what I would do if I had a guarantee in life for success. How can I choose over both desires? Maybe I could be successful enough and hire others and have my cake and eat it too and have both businesses at once.

Good Day!



Yesterday, I took my brother to an auction that was being held here locally. It was an antique auction, and in the newspaper, it advertised coca cola items, so Al wanted to go. We got there late, but, I don’t mind that, as they are down to business by the time we walk in.

To my surprise the auction was almost over, and there was no coca cola items at all. I could tell Al was not very happy, but he didn’t throw any fits. We went ahead and stayed as I had eyes for a few minor pieces, and the auction seemed to be running fairly cheap, so I might just get lucky. Here are some photos of the items I bought.

This is a cute little pink atomizer. The next photo down is a Perfection tin box that has different colors for coloring frosting, eggs, etc. I don’t have to explain this one, as it is obvious that it is a comb and brush! LOL. This is a beautiful ladies hat with a very nice brass and rhinestone pin. Can you picture me wearing it today to church? LOL The next photo turned out a tad bit too fuzzy as I was too close, but it is the matching shoulder shawl. It is made out of black satan with hundreds of beads sewn on and long beaded fringe.

I am going to redo my bathroom in this look, for a change.

After we left there, I took him to the big car show that was sponsored by the Boys Club. It helps quite a few local youth here by continuing to have programs for them, and I have always felt it keeps them off the streets and helps them to gain confidence in themselves as they work their way to adulthood.

It was pretty hot, and I think Al had two bottled waters, a diet coke, an ice-ee, and a bowl of ice-cream. We definitely helped the boys club through Al’s donations through foods!

We both came home, and I gave Al a shower, and he slept for a couple of hours. We both had very light suppers, and he watched Pawn Stars and he and Cali, the kitten, played together, Al using the plastic handle on his cane, and Cali, chasing it.

I could barely enjoy myself on the computer, as I had walked too much, placing my diabetic neuropathy feet in pain, and being out in all of that heat. I ended up lying on the couch most of the evening, only checking emails periodically. I was so glad to go to bed, and I don’t think I moved from my original spot all night. I love having days like that. They don’t happen often, so I tuck them in my memory box.