Daily Prompt; Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

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You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)


Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.

Well I have traveled by car, train, bus and plane. Although planes are quick, for me the going up into the air, the air pockets and ears popping are my least favorite way to travel. airplane-13368 Cars are a nice way to travel. I would love to have a nice sports car that I can roll the top down and put it on cruise, take a nap and when I wake I can see the open land, and hopefully not crash. I can stop and eat when I want, take a cooler of food with me, and go potty when I wish.World's-Most-Expensive-Sports-Cars-Will-Released-In-September

I took a bus trip and was on it for a few days to get to my destination. Talk about all types of people. Old people, young people, screaming kids, whiny kids. And, no one told that the cherry smelling stainless steel toilet would put a hot ring around my poor butt, because it was summer and very hot. I don’t think I would ever take the bus again.toilet.03

Now the train brings back some warm memories for me. I took a very long train ride to get where I was going. As soon as we got seated a good-looking guy came up to me and ask if he could join me.

I took one look at him and said yes. From that minute on we were pals. It was like we had known each other all our lives. We talked about everything under the sun. We walked the train and ate together in the dining car. We kept each other company. We really clicked, almost too good.

I enjoyed the rocking noise of the train hitting the track. It has this soothing noise for me and helps me to super relax. Yes, I enjoy a good train ride. So I guess if I want to meet cool guys, see the scenery and have a great time, I will go by train.train


Chapter 19

Henry took Jane home and made sure she was resting before he took off again.

“Where are you going Henry?”

“I got some errands to run Jane. Don’t you worry about nothing. I got it all under control.”

“You aren’t going to go see that Kurt guy are you?”

“Now what makes you think that doll? Like I said, don’t worry.”

He gave her a peck on the forehead  and then turned around and went to find his mom.

“Mom will you keep an eye out on Jane? She fell out of one of the swings today. She says she isn’t hurt, but I would feel a lot better if you checked in on her while I was gone.”

Carol asked,”When you coming back? I don’t have time to be babysitting her all day.”

“I won’t be gone that long Mom. Just do it for me because you love me.”

He walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smiled at him and said,”Alright, but just for a while.”

“Thanks Mom, you’re the best.”

Henry left, he was on a mission. He was going to find out what in the world this guy Kurt was after. He went back to the lake. He glanced around the parking lot but didn’t see the creep’s car. Upon leaving there he went back into town.

Driving past the garage he saw the car. He slammed on his brakes and backed up, and pulled in. He went inside and didn’t see Kurt at first. His buddies waved and motioned him to come to where they were. A few of them were under one car checking out the brakes.

“Where’s Kurt? I don’t see him anywhere?”

Tom pointed towards the bathroom.”He’s been in there about half an hour. Must be really having some issues this morning.” All the guys laughed and asked Henry, “What ya looking for him for? Did he do something again?”

“What you mean again? Has he been in trouble before?”

“Ya a little but nothing ever came from it. Some high school gal called the cops on him. Saying he tried to force himself on her. He denied it, said he didn’t even know her.”

Kurt came walking up and Fred asked, “Did you spray back there? Smells like a skunk died in here.”

“Very funny and ya I sprayed.”

Henry turned and looked Kurt right in the eyes and before Kurt could say a word, Henry punched him right in the face. Kurt’s head took a right turn and he touched his face. When he looked down at his hands he saw blood.

“Hey, what gives? Why in the hell you hitting me? What did I ever do to you?”

“This is a warning Kurt my friend. Stay the hell a way from my wife. She isn’t yours to glare at or talk to. She belongs to me. If I see you around her again, blood isn’t the worst thing you will see. You will see your head twisted around your ass.”

“I never touched her Henry, I swear. What ever she is telling you, she is lying. These guys here can vouch for me. I never touched her.”

“Well, don’t even be looking her way, got it? Just stay a way from her. This is your one and only warning.”

Kurt walked a way with his tail between his legs. He got in his car and sped off.

“What was that all about buddy? Did Kurt do something to your gal too?”

Henry explained, “Jane said that when she was in here last time with me, Kurt made her feel funny. She said he wouldn’t take his eyes off of her.”

“Yeah, I remember that creep following her all the way to the bathroom. Said he didn’t want her to get lost.

A woman giving a man a kiss on the cheek

Gee, how big is this place anyways?”

Henry and Tom had a good laugh over it but Henry asked Tom, “Can you just keep an eye on that guy? Something about him I just don’t trust.”

“Sure Henry, sure, I got your butt covered.”

Henry continued to watch the guys for a while longer and then he said he was leaving. He went over to the bowling alley to check his schedule. He drove around town for a while just thinking about that guy Kurt. Feeling confident that he had made his point very clear he finally decided to go on home.

Pulling in the drive-way he heard screaming. He ran into the house and found his mom laying on the floor. He raced into his bedroom and there was Kurt, wrestling with Jane.

On and On and On

English: Modern wheelchair

English: Modern wheelchair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another story I am going to write about. I hope you are not getting tired of hearing about my brother.

I received a call today from an office lady. We have been having issues with Al understanding that he can’t take much money when he goes to outings. This is another similar situation. He was going out and wanted to place a car on lay-a-way at Wal-Mart. He needed more money than what I allow him.

She called to  see if I would approve it and I said no. Now don’t think I am being mean and rude. I just put up two long shelves in his bedroom. I filled them with his cars. I have filled every table and dresser I can and two bookshelves with his things. I can not afford any longer to place cars, coca-cola and other odds and ends on his floor because of his instability.

The rest that I had no safe place to put I bagged and placed in his closet. The facility also does not like him having these cars in his room because of theft. So I said no. I was planning on going to see him so went a few minutes early to talk to him.

I explained why he can’t have the car and he went into his adult temper tantrum. He accused me of not caring about him. He even went so far as to say that I thought he was a retard. Wow, that one threw me for a loop.

I won and he was upset. I dissected his issues and think that  part of him was wanting to throw his fit because he wasn’t getting his way. Another part of him really didn’t comprehend why he couldn’t have more cars. Lastly he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have his money now. He thinks the facility stole it from him.

I have to admit I think they charge huge amounts of dollars but beside the point I guess. I told Al that he and I have to pay for him to be there. We would save the bigger cars for Birthdays and Christmas.

Finally he settled enough to eat and then his ride appeared to take him. I took her aside and asked her to please quit taking him to Wal-Mart so often. It stirs things up inside his head. That I would prefer if he went to the day program more often than not. I added that stopping to get a diet coke was not a bad idea either. Just keep him out of toy sections and antique stores. He doesn’t need to visit them every single week. She said alright.

I was getting ready to leave and I saw one of the therapist on my way out. She used to come to the house to do Al’s therapy. I stopped and chatted for a few. I asked her how Al was doing in his wheel chair therapy. She said, “We are almost done. He is refusing to do anymore work on it. I am not wasting my time on someone who refuses to do the work.  He claims it hurts to bad. As far as the transfer from chair to wheelchair, this isn’t going bad at all.”

I said,”What else are you trying to get him to do?”

She came back with “We are trying to keep him walking”.

I explained,”I have been over this many times with you and have had a recent meeting about not trying to fix the broken parts. I don’t want you to work on the walking. Not that I don’t want him to try but it is getting very difficult for him. I would much rather have you work on the wheelchair training. This is what he is going to need worse as you have stated he can barely walk anymore”.

She looked at me and said, “Oh I would think you would want him to keep walking.”

“I sure would like that a lot, if he could. He still walks but just tiny distances. It seems to me the wheelchair is going to play a large part in his life from now on”.

She turned away and went back to what she was doing and I turned and left the front doors. I was thinking,here we go again. Another day of I can’t get my point across. Another day of others thinking they can fix the broken pieces.

Can’t anyone hear me? I would give Al my legs if he would walk again. But the Parkinson’s Disease is bigger than Al and me put together. I have to accept that he is walking less and less and depending on the wheelchair. So let’s just work on that and leave it at that, please????

Exercise That Trunk!!

English: A dumpsters in the rural area of Jordan.

I did it! The sun was shining, the skies are blue, and it is a big 36 degrees outside. I could no longer resist. I put on my heaviest sweat pants and a big bulky sweatshirt. Put my kitty cat hat on so my ears were totally covered and my coat. Slipped on my winter boots and went out and started the lonely car.

I am surprised it started as it is used to having attention paid to it. It started right up so I let it warm up while I went inside and gathered the trash and all the loose rugs. I took the rugs outdoors and let some fresh air sink into them. I got in my car and felt slightly out-of-place. Should I give up my license since I have not driven for so long? LOL.

I put the car in drive and let it lead me to the main dumpster areas and got rid of the trash. Then I visited the mail box at the center of the park. I got the mail. I was afraid to open the mailbox as maybe the mail would fall out onto the ground, but it was cool.

One day earlier this week my neighbor went to get my mail for me, but you know how junk mail can over take a tiny box.

Oh the fresh air. Oh how I let if fill my nostrils. So crisp and clear. I am not well enough to open my mouth and take all of that fresh air into my lungs but I sure wanted to. I didn’t run around or anything. I was good and came straight home.

I patted the dash-board and told my car I would miss her but I would be back soon and then got out and locked the doors. I came back inside and I was a little sweaty. Probably because I have not done much moving around for fear of coughing. As long as I felt good I went ahead and swept my bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

After this I brought in my rugs and put them back in their familiar spots. I had to end up washing up as I was a little clammy by then. I got back in my house coat and slippers. You know this outfit is beginning to feel almost too comfortable.

I am so proud! My house is cleaner than yesterday. I got some fresh air. I visited my car and the mailbox and even the trash dumpsters. See how little it takes to amuse me? I have coughed some but not too bad. That’s it for the day. No more excitement, but I can definitely tell healing is taking place.

Please be careful of whose air you inhale. You don’t want this. It causes every muscle in your trunk area to become exercised and very sore from constant coughing. It does very little for sleeping at nights. I have learned to sleep sitting up and have become quite good at it. I don’t know if this type of weird bronchitis could become fatal but I am so thankful I am not in my seventies and eighties. So take care of yourself and don’t go down the road I have. It is definitely the wrong turn.

Is Winter Gone Yet?

snowy roadsYou should have seen me this morning. I know a lot of you would have been having a good laugh at my expense.

This morning was Al’s swallow test. When I woke up and looked outside the window, I was disappointed. It was snowing. Now don’t get me wrong. I think snow is grandiose, but only when I am inside looking out.

It has been so darn cold here these past couple weeks, but God knew I needed to go to this appointment so a bit higher temperatures were given to me. It was 18 when I took off out of the drive.

When it warms up in increments, you take the chance of having snow. Guess what, it was snowing. My darn car is rear wheel drive. This is not a good thing when you live in a snow belt area. But hey, it didn’t snow in Florida. I just hate to purchase another car and have long-term car payments again. Mine will be paid off next year.

So I warm the car up an elongated amount of time. When I got in it still seemed a little chilly. I took off. Where I live is the biggest hurdle. Getting out of the addition. The main roads were snow-covered and icy in spots. I drove about 20 m.p.h. It didn’t bother me too much since others were driving the same speed.

I finally got there and as I was walking up to the hospital entrance I saw the van that was bringing my brother. I waited and when I saw him I waved through the window. It felt odd to see him in his wheel chair. Only because yesterday he had a better day. She explained that the walk alone inside the corridors would make him so fatigued,  we would have more problems and I understood that perfectly.

The test was very easy and didn’t take that long. They did switch his regular diet to mechanical soft and added PRN a product known as thicket. You can use this poweder  to thicken liquids to honey, pudding or thick consistencies. We used to use it here at home.

I thought the muscles in his throat were not working but this was not the case. Al gets so exhausted from chewing foods, that the effort to swallow becomes more difficult. The doctors are hoping with less effort to chew maybe he would be able to swallow better his drinks. He told me that he could not drink all of his milk at breakfast this morning because 8 oz. was just too much. Hearing him and the professionals I can now understand or get a better picture of what is happening in his mouth. It was fascinating to watch the x-rays as he chewed and swallowed

So I gave him a hug good-bye and told him I loved him. I watched the driver place him back in the van and then went to clean my snow-covered car once again. After sliding in spots I was in no hurry to go back home. But it is crazy to sit in a hospital parking lot waiting for the snow to stop and waiting for the city to clean the streets, so off I went.

I got about a mile from the hospital and my eye started feeling very irritated. It is better today but still not healed. There was something in it. I just knew it, but I was driving on slick streets.

I tried so gently to get what ever was in my eye out, but no luck. For one reason, I was already struggling to see with equal vision with the gel fogging my one eye. Another reason was no matter how I tried, the gel was slippery to my fingers. Darn it. My eye lashes were opening and closing so fast not even a fly would have come near for fear of being batted to death.

I could not pull over. As I drove with one hand, I moved my swollen eye lid around as much as I could until finally it sank to the bottom of my eye lid. I could feel it but at least the fluttering of the eye lashes had simmered down. I had about five miles to go at 20 m.p.h. I took all main streets and tried to keep my eyes as wide open as possible to keep the little pest from coming back into view.

Finally I made it home. I flipped off my boots as quick as I could. I went to the bathroom and got the hand mirror and looked at my glistening eye. It was red and irritated. This is normal though. If you had been pinched over and over your would be red too.

I peeked everywhere I could but I saw nothing. I didn’t dare wipe my eye too much or I would lose the medicine in it and I am only allowed to use it three times per day. The corner of my eye was starting to itch and when I looked very close I saw it. There it was. I ever so carefully inched my fingers as close to my eye without blinding myself and on the third try I got it.

It was about a half-inch size of white fuzz. I took that little bugger and flushed him. Gone out of sight and out of mind. I comforted my eye with words of I will not pick on you anymore. I will let you rest until the next dosage time rolls around. I am so sorry I irritated you to the point you saw red. It’s going to be ok now.

So all in all, Al had some changes, but no puree food yet, just a different texture of foods. I slid in the snow but made it to his appointment and back home. As soon as I parked in my own drive, I thanked God for keeping me and other drivers safe. As I was walking up to the house leaving snowy foot-prints behind me I thought, I hope Al knows how much I love him. He is the only person I would get out in the snow with a messed up eyeball for.

Chapter 12

English: Pin setter boys at a Pittsburgh bowli...

Life looked good from the outside. Henry had two jobs. He bagged groceries through the day for a few hours and then he went to his full-time job in the evenings at the bowling alley. He was ready for the next step.

Tomorrow he was going to get hitched. Jane and him were doing what was right. They were going to have a kid and that kid deserved two parents. He thought about his own parents and how he wished that things were different in some areas but at least he had them both.

After breakfast was finished, he hopped in his car and went over to Jane’s house. She opened the door before he even had a chance to knock. “What you doing doll? You packing up some of your clothes? I wanted to come over and see if you had anything ready that I could take to the house before I went to work”.

Jane led him to her bedroom and he looked at the bags laying on her bed. ” I guess you have been the busy beaver. Look at all this crap. Are you sure you really need all this stuff? Aren’t I enough for you to live on”?

Jane laughed and said, ” I must have clothes silly goose. You don’t want me walking around naked in front of you parents do you”?

Henry snickered as he thought of Jane scampering through the house with a big belly. “Nope, I don’t want you showing yourself to anyone but me baby. Your body is just for me. Besides, I was just playing with you. I guess I will start loading up your precious clothes and then get to work”.

Jane gave him a peck on the forehead and helped him carry the bags to the front door. He loaded them and then kissed her goodbye. They planned to meet after his final shift at the bowling alley. He started to leave and turned back to her and asked,”You do have your blood test right babe? You know the big day is tomorrow”.

“Yes, quit worrying, get to work or you will be late. You got your test, and I got mine. Now get going”. They both laughed and waved at each other and then he took off. It took him longer to get her stuff in the car so he would just take care of it between jobs.

He went to work at the grocery store. He really did like his job, he was thinking. Lot of people coming in and out. Some days good tips for loading up their cars. He was bagging one lady’s  groceries and when he was finished he took them to her car. After making sure the cart was empty he turned to leave and she called out to him.”Hang on there Henry. I got something for you”.

She got in her purse and pulled out a card saying,”I found out you are getting married tomorrow from some of the ladies that work here. Hope you don’t mind them blabbing your news. Anyways, I wanted to give you this card”.  Henry looked at the card and started to place it in his apron and she said, “Wait, don’t leave. Open it now. I want to see your eyes”.

Henry gave her that special grin that showed two dimples. He tore open the card and saw it was a congratulations  card. Inside was a check for one hundred dollars. He started to say something but she interrupted him by saying,” Now don’t you go and say anything Henry. You are a good boy and you work hard. Take this money and use it for something you two can use”.

Henry leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He said,”Gee’s Mrs. T, I just don’t know what to say. All I can think of is thanks”.

“That is all I wanted to hear. Now go back to work before I get you in trouble. Have a good day tomorrow”. She turned and got in her car and he waved to her as she was leaving. He tucked the money into his billfold and went back to work whistling. He knew exactly what he was going to do with this money.

His four-hour shift ended in no time and he punched out and drove home. He took the bags two at a time and took them inside. Placing them on his bed, he opened each of them to just take a peek at what she had brought. Dang do all women need this many clothes? I don’t even have half this much. I better make some space in my closet for her and empty out a couple of drawers.

Henry spent the rest of his free time getting the room all in shape for his new wife. He changed the sheets, rearranged his dresser and closet. After he finished he heard his stomach rumbling so went out to the kitchen

His mom was sitting there working one of those crossword puzzles. ” Got anything good to eat mom? I’m starving”.

“There should be something there Henry, just take a look. I noticed you bringing in all those bags. Are those Jane’s belongings”?

“Yeah mom they are. She sure does have a lot of stuff doesn’t she”?

“I hope that is it. You won’t have any room to sleep if anymore is brought. She can just leave the rest of her stuff at her house. When you two get your own place then you can crowd up your own home”. The two laughed and Henry started pulling out left-over chicken and some of his mom’s home-made potato salad.

“Tomorrow is the big day Henry. Are you sure you want to go through this? Just because she is going to have a baby, doesn’t mean you have to marry her”.

“Mom, I love Jane. I want to marry her. Sure I wasn’t expecting some kid right a way, but I want to do what’s right”. Carol got up and went over and ruffled his wavy hair. The two smiled at each other and then she left him to eat.

Henry cleaned up his mess and then changed clothes and off to his other job he went. Clocking in he went to the back and Carl was waiting for him. “I hear that you’re getting hitched tomorrow Henry. I hope you will be very happy. Here is a card from all of us here at work. Good luck kid, and by the way, I heard you did a really good job last night, keep it up”.

“Thanks boss, and thanks for the card. I am sure we are going to do just fine. When you find a girl like Jane you want to snap her up before someone else turns her head”. With that being said the two laughed and then the boss left him to do his job.

Henry opened up his second card and it was signed by everyone. There was also a fifty dollar bill laying there. Wow, I feel so rich. One hundred and fifty dollars. He tucked it a way with the other money and went to work.

Never Again, If I Can Help It

Racing driver Nigel Mansell driving in the 199...

Racing driver Nigel Mansell driving in the 1993 CART IndyCar World Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well today was real interesting and I have learned one thing for sure. I did not have anyone to do respite care for me today, and I had to drop by the bank, stop and get gas, go get salt for the softener, go to the pharmacy and pick up my medications, and go to Wal-Mart to get Al briefs and bed pads,and a few groceries to tide us over for a few days.

I knew it was going to be a challenge, so I told him that we would eat lunch at his favorite place and that he could get a car at the store. This seemed to work, and our trip for the day went well until we got to Wal-Mart.

When we first went inside the doors, we got Al a hair cut, and then we went to the eye vision section, because with Al’s Parkinson’s, his head his always facing down, so therefore his glasses slide.

He looks better with his hair cut, and they adjusted his glasses a little, but I purchased him one of those thingys that hooks onto the sides of the glasses, so they can not slide? Ya, one of those, bright red like coca cola. They seem to be helping him so far.

By this time, even though he was getting a car, he was tired, but I had to keep going as we needed his specialty items plus his toothpaste, his car, and a few groceries and the odds and ends that we throw in the cart that are not on the list.

He was slowing down on the scooter and bent more forward. I have to blame him for part of the length of time we were in the store as it took him forever to pick out the exact car that he wanted. He had to inspect them each. It was sort of funny to watch from behind him. He is in the scooter and he is bent over as far as he can be without falling into the shelves, eyeballing each one. I bet we were in the toy section a half an hour! He got his choice, and we moved on.

I hurried as much as I could but not too fast, because he his very slow on the scooter. We get up to the cashier and get everything paid for. I swear each time I go to this store, the prices raise 10% from the time before.

We get done and I have my cart and he is in the scooter and we are outside of the doors now. He is crying because he is tired and he is hurting, and I try to pay attention to him, but I need to watch the traffic more importantly, so I took my eyes off of Al, and looked at the cars zooming by. Do they realize there is a pedestrian walk way there? Do they know that they are supposed to stop and let us go through? Only three-fourths realize this and the others speed by.

All of a sudden I am thrown into the speedway of cars coming and going. I am being pushed into my cart and pinned from behind as Al can not control the cart anymore and he is pushing me farther and father into traffic.

I am screaming ouch, you are hurting me! My leg, my ankle, stop the scooter! Stop the scooter, take your hands off of the handles!!!! Cars are starting to honk and I am still being pushed into the midway. I can not get out of my position, being trapped between his scooter and my cart, that I must have been clinging to for dear life. If I would have been thinking I would have let go of my cart, but my conscience knew that my purse was in there, and I wasn’t giving up my purse.

I must be screaming loud enough from my own banged up legs and ankles because finally someone came behind Al and lassoed that cart like a wild stallion. He grabbed Al’s hands off the steering column and turned the animal off. I started crying and I don’t know why.  Probably fear and from some pain. I wailed like a big old baby, but by then, I think the crying was from built up stress for weeks on end. I became a big old jelly ball. I just lost it right there with the cars still going back and forth. Some cars did stop and got out to see if I was alright, and I looked down at myself and did not see any blood, just big red gashes and scrapes.

My mind snaps to it, and I get my cart out-of-the-way, and Al starts to move and then directly in the middle of the speed trap, he quits. His brain is no longer working from being too tired and the realization maybe of what just went down. I did leave the cart at the edge, grabbed my purse and went over and tried to get Al and the cart going, but Al’s brain just wasn’t registering.

Finally a man came by, a guardian angel, and pushed Al’s cart in maybe a neutral position clear over to our car, then he just sat there. I let him rest, cursing under my breath, because I wanted him to magically get up and help load these bags, but I said nothing. I went about placing all the bags in the car, and then helped Al get off of the cart and get him in and buckled up.

I think from the time we left Wal-Mart parking lot until we drove the three miles home, I must have smoked three cigarettes, and I was telling myself, this is it, it is over. No more going out with Al on errand day. I will not go unless I have a caregiver so he can stay at home. He can go when we go out to eat, one place, one evening, then home.

Now to check out my sore legs and do the dishes from supper. What a day! I am pooped and ready for bed and it is only 7:30 in the evening. Al will take his last medications at 11pm and he won’t be in bed until around 12:30am, if I am lucky.

Anything Else?

Close up of a bright red mask (IMG_2815a)

It was a beautiful Sunday, God’s day of rest. Blue skies, a chill in the air. No heat on, but the electric fireplace, and definitely no air conditioning turned on. Windows all shut, and I hate this, because I love fresh air.

We had no plans, since I worked so hard yesterday, cleaning the house. I was going to laze and Al was watching television, when my son came down and invited us both to go to Fort Wayne to a car show, that just happened to be at the restaurant, The Quick Lube. Al loves that place. I posted pics of it a few months back. This place is all about cars and women standing near cars. Most of the women were at the back though, by the male restroom door, go figure. There are also real miniature race cars hanging from the ceilings. Al thinks this is cooler than the cat’s meow!

Although, he has great struggles with moving, his brain was anxious to get his shoes and socks and jacket on and said yes! I want to go, can we go nice sister? Get that, trying to butter me up by calling me nice. LOL I said alright, I know you would love it, so let’s go and save being lazy for another day.

We followed them up there and went to the restaurant parking lot, but there was no car show going on. We parked and my son made some phone calls and discovered it didn’t start until 4pm. He wanted to know what we should do since it was only 1:30. I suggested eating, as Al needs to be on his medication schedule, and they agreed.

We all got out and Al was slow but we all made it. Al just used his cane to go in, as the scooter would not be welcome in this place. As soon as we go in, Al has to use the mens room, and since I had to use the lady’s room, I walked back with him. I went and came out, and Al did not. I waited and waited, still nothing. I kept wondering to myself, should I ask a nice guy going in or coming out to check on him? Men came and went, but no Al.

Slowly, I cracked open the door, and yelled his name, and he answered. Well, he is still standing, I think to myself. I ask him  if he is alright and he says yes, that he is hurrying. Another ten minutes goes by. My son and his family have been seated now about fifteen minutes, and I am hoping they have taken the initiative to go ahead and order.

Finally, Al comes out, and he is just beaming ear to ear. I don’t know what could be so exciting about peeing, and I was not going to ask. I told him to let’s go, the others are waiting. We get to the main entrance where waiters and staffers are heavily trafficking, and all of a sudden, Al stops dead in his tracks. I think, oh no, his legs are frozen again. He says, Terry, guess what, and I look at him still smiling and slowly, with hesitation say what. He says I did it! I say you did what. He says I went poop and he shows me a diagram with his hands that it was definitely a large. He says this  in front of everyone, you don’t need to give me that poop medicine tonight, because I went a whole bunch.

I died, right there I died. I didn’t have to check myself in my compact mirror, I knew my face was burning hot. People around started snickering and laughing out loud. One kid I noticed plugged his nose and was laughing. I took a nice deep breath and smiling at Al, I stated calmly, that is wonderful bub, now let’s go to our seats.

We ordered and I tried not to look at the few tables near us that overheard Al’s exciting story, and our food finally came and we dug in. I never let on to my son what had happened, I just wanted to forget it.

When we got up to leave and everyone was outside, Al’s legs froze. No moving, no marching, no baby steps, no mother may I. He and I struggled for about fifteen minutes, and we were not being very successful. He would take a shuffle, then stop, then try again, then stop.

The car looked like it was ten miles away, and Al was bent over in half, telling me he could not stand up much longer. I begged him to keep standing telling him how cold and hard the cement was. Standing in the background was my son and his girlfriend,  just watching…..

I yelled over at my son and shook my head no, but he seemed like he didn’t get the picture, so I yelled, I need help now!! He walks over and says what, and I say please, please grab his other arm to help me to keep his balance. He says that I need to go get the car, and inside I am thinking uh yep, but how am I going to get it and leave him here with just you. I looked at him and Al and I said to my son, do you think you can hold him up while I run and get the car? I don’t think I waited for an answer, because all I remember is running, ya me run, huffing and puffing at my middle-aged speed. I got the car and raced over to where he was and I mentioned that I needed a wheelchair. My son says you don’t need no stupid wheelchair. I say yes we do, because by the time I get the scooter out of the trunk and all put together, he will have fallen to the ground. The cane is useless now. He is too weak for it.

I get him in the car, and then I light up a cigarette and thank God for helping Al to stand while I got the car. They wanted to go to the Halloween store, and so we followed them there, and this time, I got the scooter out and he rode it through the store, laughing at all the spooky items. After this store, they knew of one more, so I broke down the scooter by myself, and put it in the trunk,, and I had loaded Al already and we went to the other spooky store.

I unload the scooter again by myself, and put it together, and get Al out of the car and into the seat. We go in, and get about a fourth of the way through the store, and I saw this beautiful red, feathery, glitter face mask and I wanted to take a photo shot of it so I could show all of you its beauty. I handed my camera to my daughter-in-law, and she is turning the camera in the right position, and she drops it. It is in slow motion in my mind,as I am standing there watching it fall to the cement floor, lens first. Pieces break and scatter on the floor. My son tries to fix it but it can not be fixed. He was embarrassed I think, and she said that she didn’t mean to do it. I placed the camera back in my purse, and now I do not have a camera. I don’t know if they are going to try to get it fixed, or if I have to go buy a new camera,or maybe my son will try to fix it, I  just don’t know. I should not feel this way, but I felt like I lost one of my close friends.

By then it was getting late afternoon, and I think the camera incident sort of ruined the fun. They decided it was too late to go to the car show and they had to go pick up their son from family’s house, and so Al and I came home. On the way home, Al wanted a coke, so I stopped at a gas station and got some coffee and him a diet coke, and we splurged and each got a small cake doughnut.

As soon as we got home, he headed to his bed, and I am sitting here waiting for him to get up so I can fix supper