Christmas Is Near

Christmas Is Near


Staring out in space

Winds are blowing

Whirligigs are twirling

Leaves have done their job

Where has summer gone?

Naked trees hide no other

Broken clouds strolling gently

Nippy air yet crisp and clear

Makes me think Christmas is near.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

10/26/2013                                                                                   falling leaves


Ready For A Change

The weather is warm

But the mornings are cool

I can hear the creatures

They ain’t no fools

The air seems crisp

The nights much more so

I can feel fall I’m sure you know

Pumpkins and painted faces

Candy in bags

Orange lights decorated

Costumes made out of rags

I always loved this time of year

When summer exits and fall appears

A relief from the heat

And a new fun begins here.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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