Chapter 1

Jane looked into Henry’s eyes with desire, letting him know that the moment was now.

Chevy Belair ´55

The passion building between the two had peaked, although the two knew it was wrong, there was no holding back. Henry pulled his car off to the side of the road, and he put it in park, and opening the door, he went over to Jane’s side and opened her door, and then helped her into the back seat of the car.

He went over to his side and crawled in, scooting as close as he could to her. He pushed her hair back, and whispered in her ear how much he loved her and that one day they were going to be married. Hearing these words, Jane, laid down on the seat, and raised her skirt, then directed  his hands to where she wanted to be touched.

Henry’s hands probed her body, finding and touching areas, that had never been touched before. He reached up and pulled his shirt out of his jeans, and Jane helped him unbutton his shirt. He slipped his shirt off, allowing her to run her fingers over the hair that lay nestled in the middle of his chest, and he grabbed her hair and pulling her head back, he began to kiss her neck and nibble on her tender ears.

He heard moans coming from within her body, nudging him to continue to go further, reaching for her inner soul, begging for release. He kissed her lips hard with passion, and with one hand, he unzipped his pants and brought her hand to his manhood, begging to be fondled.

Her hand had never felt this before and as she hesitated, he guided her hand, commanding performance, raising the intensity of desire between the two. His hand then went back to the warmth of her body, and when he knew the time was perfect, he scooted her farther down on the seat, and he took her virginity.

The screams and moans drove him further into her, and within minutes he was finished, and helped her up and they both placed their clothes back on to where they were originally placed.

He cracked the window and reached over to the front seat and grabbed his pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it, letting the smoke blow out of the side window. He offered her one, but she refused, letting him know that she didn’t smoke. He said,” Was it as good for you babe, as it was for me?” Jane replied,” I have never felt anything like this before. My body feels hot and a little sore, but I liked it, no I loved it!”

Henry told her,” I didn’t mean to hurt you doll, your body just drove me crazy, and I had to have you.”  Jane nodded her head, letting him know that she understood what he was saying. She scooted over a little closer to him, and snuggled her head in his shoulder. He placed his arm around her and giving her a squeeze, he finished his smoke, and looked at his watch, and told her he probably should get her home, so that she didn’t get grounded by her parents.

The two got out of the car and sat back down in the front seat. Henry leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips, and said, ” I love you babe, you were great. One of these days, when I get some money saved up, you and I are getting hitched.” Jane smiled at him and with this, he started the car and pulled back out on the highway, and drove her home.

When they arrived at her house, he reached over her and opened her car door, and giving her another hard kiss on the lips, he told her goodbye and that he would call her. She got out and leaning back into the car, she told him she loved him, and with her hands, blew him a kiss, smiled, then turned around and headed for the door.

He watched her walk up  to her front door and waved to her when she turned back to look at him, and then she went in and he drove to his home, thinking to himself, how lucky he was to have found a girl who loved him, and she didn’t have any trouble proving it to him either.

He pulled up in his parents drive-way, and turning the motor off, he grabbed the keys, and let himself out of the door, and closing the door softly, he walked up to the door and let himself in. He found his mom, Carol, sitting at the kitchen table, bent over in a drunken stooper, and his father, George, was snoring in front of the television, in his easy chair.

He did not want to wake them, so he took the stairs three at a time, arriving quickly at his closed bedroom door. He opened it up and walked in and threw his wallet on the night stand, and sitting on the bed, he took off his loafers and socks, stood up and unzipped his jeans, and taking them off, he pulled back his bed covers and crawled inside, and covering up to his neck, he laid  there, reliving the night’s activities. He sure did love this girl, and he was going to marry her, but it was going to take some time to save money up from working part-time at the grocery store and the bowling alley.

It was summer, and school was out, so Henry and Jane spent every free moment together. They lived near each other, and also were within walking distance of the lake, so the two of them went swimming a lot,and hung out with all of their friends. Days were spent in laughter and evenings were spent in  passion.

This pattern continued on for a few weeks, and then one morning, Jane got up in the morning, but instead of jumping out of bed, like she usually did, she laid back down, because her stomach was churning, and she felt like she was going to throw up.