Cold-Hearted Miss Priss

“You know Ann, my Mother-In-Law is just one big pain in the ass”

Blah, blah, blah

” She just wants attention, so she bugs the hell out of us. She sits in that wheelchair and ask for anything she can think of. Honey can you get me my handkerchief? Honey, can you get me a cold glass of water? Honey, can you get me out of this hard chair and into something more comfortable. My tailbone is starting to hurt.”

Blah, blah, blah.

“You know Ann. She is just asking for pity. She better ask Marge to be her slave next time there is a party going on. Why, I could hardly mingle at the party. I didn’t go there to wait on someone who can turn those wheels herself.”

My brother had a doctor‘s appointment today. As usual we sat and Al slept in his chair. A woman with a matching outfit and purse plus jewelry walked in for her appointment. She was talking on her hot-pink cell phone and went on with her talk after announcing she had arrived.

I don’t consider it eavesdropping since she didn’t even lower  her voice. I was ashamed of her. A woman with her social status, speaking like this.

At one point she looked at me and gave me one of those fake smiles and then glanced at Al. Her glance stayed on him as she chattered like a Barbie Doll. I leaned over to her and asked. ” Is something on my brother’s face?”

She looked at me and said, “no honey, I don’t see anything, why?”

“Oh I just noticed you watching him so intently, I thought he had a bloody nose or something. He is here to  for an appointment also. I wouldn’t want to take him in if he looked less than presentable.”

She looked at me with that pasted smile and then went back to her conversation.

Soon the nurse came out to the lobby. She called Al’s name. I waited and Al didn’t move. The nurse called him again. Then I got up and pushed him to his room.  I mentioned to the doctor that it was very difficult to get him into doctor’s appointments on my own. I asked him if he made house calls.

He laughed like Santa Clause, “Oh no, I don’t have enough time to make house calls. I believe that went out years ago.”

” Do you know anyone who may consider my request?”


I found it odd that people can be so cold. It isn’t that I expected this doctor to actually make a house call. It is the fact that he had no compassion for our circumstances and laughed me off.snoot

The lady out in the waiting room, Miss Priss? I hope to God that when it is my turn to need help I don’t get any of her relatives as my caregiver.

Daily Prompt; All About Me/The Daily Post


Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My blog title. Hmm interesting. When I started this blog it was the first time I ever had written for a blog of any kind. I wrote and scribbled through my years. I never let anyone see it. I didn’t think it was good enough to show others. I didn’t want to be laughed at for being such an emotional clutz.

I have always been a shy person when I first meet a new person. I have always been the wallflower when in big gatherings. It takes me awhile to warm up but then watch out. I can be full of laughter with plenty of jokes.

Well that is the way I used to be anyways. Al being sick and the caregiver in me being tested daily has saddened me around the edges. I was thinking last night as I was picking out the clothes I would wear today to go see Al how quiet it has been here the past two weeks.

You all know I have suffered from bronchitis. I had two phone calls in two weeks from friends. Other phone calls were telemarketing or Al’s facility. There was a period of time that I was afraid. Afraid because I was not getting better. Afraid I would die here at home and wondering how many days it would take someone to find me.

I guess I am still a little bit of a wallflower. I am not aggressive when I go out into public. I smile a lot. It is a nice cover-up for feeling awkward in starting a conversation. I worry too much about my looks. I don’t have the Barbie doll figure, but I never did. I think too often that men want those skinnie Minnie girls so I shy away.

Through a program of Medicare called Ticket to Work, I may be able to go back to work part-time. I have started the process and am waiting for more information. This would be good for me. The  problem is that the place I may be able to work for will place me right back into care giver, and right up there on top with the mentally challenged and disabled.

Can I do it? Yes, but emotionally, I wonder. I have been through so much with Al I just am not sure if I can continue on with other cases, plus stay in close connection with Al at his facility. Keep up with his needs and care plan meetings and visits.

Sometimes I just want a fun job. One where people are laughing and talking and the work is on the light side instead of the emotional roller coaster ride. Wow, I have side-tracked here. So sorry about that.

Returning back to the prompt, I named my main WP site Terry1954. I wanted people to know that I had a name. I was real. Many times people do not know whether I am male or female because of the spelling of my name, but I guarantee I am female. I added the year of my birth, so you all had an idea of what age group my thoughts were coming from.

Tuning It Out

Christmas is over. The specials are gone. A sadness is present as we tear down our


English: Madonna barbie, crafted after the bri...

English: Madonna Barbie, crafted after the bridal look of The Virgin Tour and the 1984 MTV Video Music Award performance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


pretties for the holidays and place a way until another time nears. Now we are bombarded with New Year’s resolutions.


It tends to make me question myself as I hear and see these ads. We are not the weight we should be. We can stand to lose another thirty pounds. We do not look like Jessica Simpson.


We don’t eat healthy. We do not buy our foods and have them delivered to our front door. We don’t stuff enough raw veggies down our guts. We don’t exercise enough. Some of us don’t exercise at all.


It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the voices speak to our conscience. It is on the news of becoming the new you. Billions of dollars are spent on campaigns. It is almost as bad as the campaigns for President. Companies hoping they can hit you beneath the belt, making you feel bad about yourself. You will end up thinking so little of your looks and bodies, that you will pour out hundreds of dollars to improve the old you.


Are we so miserable in our own skins that we fall prey to these ads? Do we really think we are not good enough or glamorous enough to walk this earth. Do you like being told you need constant improvement?


It is no wonder that I do not get excited over New Year’s Eve. I don’t think I have ever been invited to a party. Don’t feel bad, I can’t miss what I have not experienced. I do tend to realize though that each year as it comes to an end, I tend to get a little tiny down and depressed.


I am not a Barbie doll type. I have a gut, no Botox tucked in hidden areas. I walk with no tattoos. I have not had surgery to make me instantly small. I hardly wear make-up. I don’t wear false eye lashes.


I don’t always buy healthy. It isn’t that I would not love to, but, when veggies are out of season, it does get a little pricey. I tend to buy more foods that are on the sale list. I want to eat for the next seven days. I choose not to starve for two of the days because I felt ashamed that I was not keeping up with the health trends.


I wear comfy clothes. I don’t have to have brand name labels. After all, how many people in the mall are going to come up to you and ask to see your label? As I get older, I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have to impress people here on earth.


Anyways, ads play on our guilt. When we fall for it, the companies gain billions of dollars from us. I will be so glad when New Year’s Day is here and gone. Television ads will back off a little bit more. After a six or seven week span has gone by and many of us have failed our resolutions, the companies seep into the woodwork.


It makes me so tired when I think about all the things that are wrong with me. Talk shows and doctor shows constantly trying to convince me of this way or that way will help me live longer. Get a test done now to see what you may die of later. No thanks, I pass.


God made me who I am. If he wanted me to look like a Barbie doll, he would have done that in planting me. If he wanted me to have a different shape, he would have made sure I had it.


I am getting old and I can tell. The things that used to be so important to me just don’t matter anymore. Now I tend to think about where I am going once I leave this world. Hopefully I have several years before I leave, but I want to make darn sure that now I am headed on the right track.


These are just my thoughts and not all of you are going to agree with me. But for me, I am going to shut out the ads that bring me down and make me feel guilt. I am going to work harder on listening to uplifting music and writing more blogs.


Happy New Year’s to all of you. May you stay safe, sober and still smiling on New Year’s Day.



The Best Is Not Always Expensive

I wanted to share a blog with you


I thought she was talking about myself. I am not a fancy person. I don’t own fancy houses, or have lots of money in the bank. I am who God hath made. I do not have injections of Botox, nor implants of any kind. I am definitely not a Barbie doll figure type. I have no fancy yards. I do have my brother, God, a nice fire-pit for campfires, a picnic table to share with loved ones who stop by. I do have pretty flowers, and lots of trees. I do have food, so when you stop over you will not go home hungry. I can be great company. I am a good listener. This isn’t very much to others, but to me, it is a lot. It is all of who I am, and I will share with you, a piece of my heart, mind, and soul.

Please copy and paste the above link, and hopefully you will enjoy it also.