Happy Easter

Easter Surprise 2007

Are you putting the ham in the oven

Are you peeling the potatoes too

Have you had your first cup of coffee

Did you fix breakfast for you?

Easter morning for mothers

Is a busy time indeed

If you are hosting the dinner

There is no time to sit and read.

You colored the eggs yesterday

With the help of the little ones

Today you must go and hide them

In the warmth of the Spring sun.

Baskets lined up in a row

Candies puffed up to see

Pretty bows adorning the tops

Can’t wait to pass them to my three.

Everything prepped and ready to go

A shower is what I need

Picking out my pretty pink dress

Now I will take the time to breathe.

I hear the doorbell sound its alarm

Familiar voices have entered now

I welcome my family with lots of love

The girls curtsy and the boys do the bow.

Eyes light up as they hold out arms

I give them their baskets and smile

I tell the parents to come and sit

Let’s just chat for a little while.

Finishing the meal is now the plan

Everyone lends a hand

Talk of smells and wanting to taste

My family together is oh so grand.

We sit at the table with candles lit

We hold each others hands

Grandfather says please bow your heads

We shall give thanks for all we have.

Dinner is over and dishes to do

The kids run off to play

My daughter stays near me to help me

To dry and put everything a way.

The men are snoring for afternoon naps

Their belts are loosened and neckties too

The rest of us talk about nothing major

But inside I am thanking God for all of you.

Terry Shepherd